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Nirvana - "Sliver" Live. Vi får väl hoppas att Hion Martell helt enkelt upptäckts av andra genom att läsa den här recensionen. With Butch Vig's production, the songs moved away from the murky sounds of previous efforts and into a more polished wall-of-guitars sheen. The songs are sung in English with no trace of an accent. Here's everything you need to know before, during and after your visit! The four-chord intro is among rock's most familiar progressions and in just over five minutes redefined any previous notion of what could be a bona fide rock hit. Sången är precis så där cool som Gibonsbröderna i ZZ Topp kan få till det.

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The rather simple CD liner is quite fun too - you gotta love those antique nude pictures courtesy of the Erotic Museum of Stockholm God - we were so innocent in the old days!

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10 Essential Nirvana Songs

Though, the solo did blow me away. Nirvana - "Sliver" Live. The stark verse arrangement is punctuated with Cobain's chilling lyrics, including the line "I wish I could eat your cancer when you turn black" — a declaration of love as only Cobain could muster — while the chorus explodes in a wash of melodic noise. With its video gaining extensive MTV airplay — the iconography of which came to be as memorable as the naked baby boy floating on  Nevermind 's cover — and Cobain's garbled verses and tortured screams, audiences around the globe discovered a new sound and a new voice to guide them. The band had yet to bring Grohl into the fold, so Chad Channing handles drums on most of  Bleachincluding "Blew.

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