Are Old Casino Chips Worth Anything

Casino chip collectors are always looking for old Las Vegas casino chip. The casino chips from Vegas date back to the earliest that can be found anywhere in the country. Nevada state had legalized gambling in the year 1931 and since then Las Vegas became the casino capital of the world as dozens of world class casinos opened up in the city which even today millions of tourists from all over the world. Once chips had been introduced in table games, every casino in the city began issuing their own chips with unique designs and their logos imprinted on them.

The Basics of Casino Chip Collecting - A 'cheat-sheet' for the newbie. The Casino Chip and Gaming Token Collectors Club, Inc. (CCGTCC) - THE place to go for info including Chip Condition, Glossary, Buyer's Guides to Casino Collectibles, Cleaning Chips, more! Casino Chip Museum - Over 10,000 Las Vegas chips on display. A chip that is worth more than $5,000 is rarely available at the public in casinos, because high-stakes games are mostly held privately. At these events, casinos sometimes use rectangular plaques that are around the same size as playing cards. Every now and then casino's will redesign their chips, making the old ones worthless. They usually have a 60 - 90 day exchange period. This generally happens mainly to the high denomination chips when theft/fraud/counterfeits are suspected or confirmed (think the Bellagio bandit). Originally, I began collecting chips from any casino where I played poker, but that constraint proved to be more trouble than it was worth. I realized many casinos don’t even offer a poker room, and in the case of Las Vegas mainstays like Monte Carlo, the Luxor, and Hard Rock, venues have closed their poker rooms down in recent years.

Although the chips are only worth the denomination that is printed on them when they have been issued, today several Las Vegas casino chips are sold by collectors for thousands of dollars. Any collector who is interested in collecting old Las Vegas chips should first understand how to determine the age of the chip since the older the chip is, the more valuable it will be.



Are Old Casino Chips Worth Anything Now

The guide given below and the tips will help collectors determine the age of old chips in a couple of moments:

Are Old Casino Chips Worth Anything 2019

Are Old Casino Chips Worth AnythingAnything

Are Old Casino Chips Worth Anything

  • The first thing to do when an old Las Vegas casino chip is found is to check the inlay of the chip. The inlay on a chip is a picture or design which is set and fixed at the center of the chip. The inlays of chips will have logos or pictures or signs which are associated with the casino where it had been used. With the name of the casino determined it is not very difficult to determine the age of the chip.
  • There are several websites which have a list of rare chips along with their names and prices on the internet. If you have the name of the casino where the chip had been used, you can check it in that list. There had been several casinos in Las Vegas which had only been operating for a few months in the city. For example from the Bonanza casino there are only two or three chips remaining worth $25 today so these will be very valuable.
  • Check the chip for the mold. Compare the mold's design to the images of other Las Vegas chips. On the raised edge of chips the pattern or the design which can be found is known as the mold. Several manufacturers had their own distinctive designs. For example the US Playing Card Company which is quite famous had manufactured chips from the year 1907 till 1939 and the Burt Company had manufactured them from 1940 till around 1985. With the name of the manufacturer, it is possible to find out the age of the chip.
  • Check the edge spots. These generally look like small spots of paint which are distributed along the edges of the chips. These had been used to authenticate the denomination of the chips. With the help of these it is possible to compare them with the present day chips to determine their age.
  • Check the texture of the chip and determine the material from which they were made. The earliest chips were made from ivory and mother of pearl and after that they had been made from clay composition. If the chip is sealed with polyurethane it was made after 1940.