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From the short glances I've taken the stat weighs look good. However, I'm surprised there's no tab for 8/8 t2, that shit is literally the best. On fights where you need maximum hps and your other healers aren't inefficient sniping baboons full t2 yields by far the most hps (fights like Sapph or Loatheb). I plan on rolling dwarf priest for the upcoming re-release of retail WoW Classic and play as a Holy main. The way I see it there are several combinations to choose from as far as professions are concerned: - Herbalism + Skinning, dropping Skinning in favor of Alchemy at lvl 60 so I can craft my own consumables. Welcome to Wowhead's Best in Slot Gear List from Ahn'Qiraj for Priest Healing in WoW Classic. This Classic guide will list the recommended gear that Priests progressing through AQ40 should aim for. These suggestions aren't limited only to Ahn'Qiraj loot, as in Classic WoW, many BiS pieces can be obtained through different sources like earlier. Molten Core Best in Slot List for Holy and Discipline Priests Molten Core and Onyxia are part of the first Tier of Classic and will likely be your next step in gearing after the pre-raid setup. You can find out the best items to get from these 2 raids in our dedicated page below. Priest Healer Molten Core / Onyxia's Lair Gear Guide.

Generally speaking, there is less pressure for healers to obtain world buffs and use full consumables but this depends on your guild and whether raids are on progression or farm status.

Below I’ve listed some common consumables. There are others out there of course, but this should do you for the most part.

Major Mana Potion, Demonic Rune (MUST haves)

Major Mana Potions should be regularly available on AH for a reasonable price or you can loot them from the chest sometimes at the end of DM North (Tribute) runs.

Demonic Runes can be farmed in northern Felwood—make friends with a DPS who’ll help you do this.

You should stock up on both of these for every raid and use them early on in boss fights so that they cool down and you can use them again if needed.

As you get more experienced, you’ll get better at knowing how long fights last and how much mana you’re going to burn.

Other useful consumables – listed alphabetically

Brilliant Mana Oil (+12 mp5)
Flask of Distilled Wisdom (+2000 mana)
Greater Fire/Frost/Nature/Shadow Protection Potions
Kreeg’s Stout Beatdown (+25 spirit, -5 intellect)
Nightfin Soup (+9 mp5)

I highly recommend checking out Taladril’s Complete Consumables List, which also details which ones stack.

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