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Back when the New Jersey online casino industry first launched in November 2013, online gamblers were all but forced to do their gambling behind desktops and bulky laptops.

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That’s certainly no longer the case, as each and every one of the industry’s 14 online casino sites now embrace mobile apps.

Best nj casino apps list

Today’s NJ casino apps feature many, if not all, of the same quality-of-life features as their PC and Mac equivalents. Not only that, but mobile game libraries are rapidly gaining in size, with new titles being added on what seems like a weekly basis.

Here’s a list of the best NJ online casino mobile apps in 2019, complete with a rundown of each app’s top features and how you can get your hands on some free bonus cash to play there: 1. Caesars Casino & Sports. The Caesars Casino & Sports mobile app has become the gold standard for NJ mobile casino apps in 2019. NJ Casino Apps Promo Code. The NJ Casino Apps offer a large variety of promo codes and bonus offers to both new and recurring users. Some of the options available to new users are welcome offers ranging from free money upon initial account creation, to match bonuses of up to $300 upon first deposit.

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Sprinkle in a slew of account management features, and there’s hardly any differentiation between mobile and desktop — at least on most sites.

Below, find the answers to a few of the most common questions new NJ mobile casino players have.

What’s it like playing on NJ casino apps?

On sites like and the mobile experience on iOS (iPhone and iPad tablets) and Android devices largely parallel that of a desktop. But there are a few distinctions.

  • Convenience: This is probably the biggestadvantage of playing on mobile apps. Mobile affords players a level of convenience that can’t even be found on PC or Mac. In so long as players have a steady 4G LTE or Wifi connection, there’s really nothing stopping them from logging on anywhere in New Jersey.
  • Tap, and swipe: Instead of using a mouse, players will use a mobile-specific interface to control the action. In many cases these controls are even more intuitive than the ones mouse on desktop.
  • Game library size: NJ casino app game libraries are smaller than they are on the main site. However, there are a good number of sites that now feature more than half of the titles found on desktop. Given recent trends, we expect the gap to close even further over time.

NJ casino apps may not have as many games as desktop, but the games they do support tend to be the most popular and the odds & rewards are the exact same. Slots dominate app libraries — just as they do on the desktop — but most sites also support a number of blackjack,roulette, and videopoker titles.

Otherwise, playing on a NJ casino app is essentially the same as playing on desktop. Players can register, make deposits, check their promotions, and change their account details from nearly every app.

How does the quality differ from one NJ casino app to another?

Most NJ casino apps are a strong representation of the main site’s software. So if an app’s game library tends toward the weaker side, it’s primarily because the desktop client does as well.

Best Nj Casino Apps

For instance, Golden Nugget Casino features approximately 400 games on its main client. So the fact that it offers over200 on mobile comes as little surprise.

The much smaller TropicanaCasino only boasts 160 or so games on its main site, and 75+ on mobile. Notice that both sites feature about half their games on mobile, but Golden Nugget wins out because its overall library is much bigger.

There are other factors that determine the overall quality of an app, including:

  • Response times: Most NJ casino apps hum along, but a few are prone to lag and even the occasional disconnect.
  • Download size: More often than not, an app’s download size is a reflection of its game library. Sometimes it isn’t. The good news is that there really isn’t a single case where an app will eat up too much storage space.
  • Pre-loaded games: There are occasions where players may have to download individual mobile games before playing. It’s not too common, but when it occurs, it’s a slight hassle.
  • Other quirks: Account management pages that exist on external web pages, misleading links, and poor controls can all detract from the mobile gaming experience. These issues aren’t as prevalent as they once were, but minor instances still occur.
  • Location data: You will need give the apps access to your location which allows them to verify that you are in New Jersey while playing.

With some exception, the general rule is that if players enjoy the quality of a NJ online casino’s main site, they’ll also enjoy its mobile counterpart.

What kind of devices are NJ casino apps compatible with?

All NJ online casino apps are compatible with Android powered devices, and all but two with iPhones and iPads.

No other devices are supported, but that shouldn’t matter too much, as Android and iOS combine for over 99 percent of the mobile market.

Generally speaking, there are only a few minor differences between an iOS and Android powered NJ casino app:

  • Download method: Both Android and iOS apps can be downloaded from a NJ online casino’s main site on mobile. However, iOS apps can also be downloaded from iTunes. By contrast, Google does not allow real-money gambling apps on its Play Store.
  • Settings: In order to download an Android app, users must first allow downloads from unknown sources. Typically this is as simple as navigating to one’s settings and enabling a button. And in most instances, NJ online casinos will lead players to the page during the installation process.
  • Controls and aesthetics: Vary slightly from Android to iOS.
  • Game libraries: Occasionally, an Android-powered app may feature more games than its iOS sister, or vice versa. Not common.

Best Nj Casino Apps To Play

Also worth noting, Android NJ casino apps tend to be a little smaller than iOS apps. Android app sizes range from 5 – 45 megs, while iOS runs from 5 – 71 megs.

As far as versions, currently, iOS users will need version iOS 7.0 or better to run most apps, and at least 9.0 to run all of them.

Top Nj Casino Apps

These requirements change all the time, but the greater point is that players who have a semi-modern device should be fine.