Best Poker Coaching Courses

If you want to get good at poker, you surely know that you need to train. A lot. Never underestimate that part. You can’t sit at a table with poker pros and hope to win if you don’t know the basics.

  • I think BPC is one of the best poker coaching sites one can join. Especially to get from limits to higher. They have the best step-by-step approach and a course that you can follow easily. The coaches are also great and take time to make sure every student gets his problems solved.
  • There’s also a 60-day money-back guarantee that makes Raise Your Edge one of the best poker training sites online. Run It Once Ran by the legendary Phil Galfond and with over 100 world-class coaches in its roster, Run It Once is a great poker training site.
  • The table below includes a listing of some of the best poker training courses on the market today, with numerous new additions and updates for 2020. Outfits that offer poker training courses include the venerable Upswing Poker and Red Chip Poker.

If you’re not serious about poker, then stay off the tournaments. If you are, however, you’ll be glad to know that there are many poker training sites online.

Among the best poker training sites in 2020 are some recommended by poker pros. But, how do you choose the right one? Not all of these sites are equal – some have better programs, while others are not that great. Luckily for you, we’ve picked the top-rated sites so you don’t have to.

This is how my best poker training course “ Formula for poker success ” was born. In this course, you will find strategies for most essential parts of the game, such as preflop ranges and adjustments, blinds play, 3-bet pots, c-betting, bluffing and bluff catching, bet sizing and much more.

Best Poker Coaching Courses

Why Should I Enroll?

That’s a simple question with a simple answer – poker essentials. As mentioned, the game of poker requires a lot of training and these sites provide that part.

Poker training will help you become a better player. Once you know the basics by heart, you will learn how to use strategies to beat everyone at the table.

Of course, the best poker training sites will also let you in on helpful tips & tricks that you can’t learn elsewhere.

Top-Rated Online Poker Training Sites

Raise Your Edge

Created by BenCB, a real poker tournament legend, this training site offers all the classes you’ll ever need on the game. The apprentice class includes all the basics such as preflop theory, GTO theory, 3-bet pots, and post-flop strategies that will surely come in handy.

The expert class has additional features and is highly recommended if you want to really get good at poker. There’s also a 60-day money-back guarantee that makes Raise Your Edge one of the best poker training sites online.

Run It Once

Ran by the legendary Phil Galfond and with over 100 world-class coaches in its roster, Run It Once is a great poker training site. The list of instructors includes Ben Sulky and Jason Koon among others, so you know that you’re getting premium service.

There are three packages to pick from – Basic, Essential (Low-stakes), and Elite (High-stakes). Run It Once also has an app making it easily accessible on mobile devices. If you want to learn from the best, RIO is a no-brainer.

Online Poker Coaching


The best poker training sites are run by professional poker players and PokerNerve is no exception. It’s owned by Kelvin Beatie who has earned over $3 mil. during his illustrious career.

At this site, you’ll learn the basics of MTTs and develop your skills. You will take things one at a time – no moving forward until you learn a skill properly.

There is a 7-day free trial novice player will definitely like and the cheerful content makes the site plenty of fun. The course specializes in softest games meaning it’s very beginner-friendly.

If you’re such a player who hits the low-stakes tables, PokerNerve is one of the best poker training sites in2020 for you.

Do you want poker coaching from some of the best poker coaches in the world? Then you have come to the right place. See our list of available poker coaches below.

John ‘JBradley/WhatA298’ Bradley

  • 13 Year Poker Professional with a wide variety of experience
  • Consistent long-term winner with over $700k in online profits
  • Over $1M in online tournament cashes since transitioning from cash games 4 years ago
  • Population analysis and psychological specialist

Poker experience

  • I’ve played over 8 million hands online
  • I’ve played over 14k MTTs online at $85 ABI
  • My biggest online scores are $99k (2nd in the Sunday Million) and $65k (2nd in the Super Tuesday) alongside a variety of other five figure scores
  • I have made a steady and consistent living from 6-max cash games and MTTs across many sites over 13 years, regularly playing in cash games up to $1KNL and MTTs up to $1k but also having a great deal of experience grinding lower stakes when needed.
  • I’ve put in volume on many different sites both regulated and unregulated and I have a keen knowledge of the industry as a whole and how to traverse it to achieve the goals you seek.
  • I have a deep understanding of how populations tend to play, the psychological reasons why and what we can do to exploit these tendencies.
  • I am adept in the mental game of poker, bankroll management and the meta-skills required to make poker a solid long-term career or side income. As a family man I also know how best to balance poker with other aspects of life.

Pocket Fives profile:

My journey as a poker player

I started playing poker in 2007 and through the training site Cardrunners and some 1-to-1 coaching I quickly built a bankroll and a living for myself playing 6-max cash games. I was at the time a law student and when it became time to start training as a solicitor I decided to instead go all-in on poker and see if I could make it. I continued to improve through many other training sites and my own ‘lab work’ with any training program I could get my hands on. As the games got harder I got better and poker was now supporting me in travelling the world and starting a family.

The games continued to get harder and I continued to grow through the regular channels but now also with the help of an NLP solution-focused trainer who helped me discover my mental blocks and showed me the importance of psychology in poker. I had many upswings and many downswings and each time I learned something about myself, my game and the game as a whole. I gained a deeper understanding of variance, the mindset of all the different player types and how to achieve a sustainable long-term income from poker. All the while honing the craft of decision-making which is essentially what poker boils down to.

I pride myself on the fact that I was able to maintain a consistent salary while the poker industry declined and most pros fell by the wayside. This taught me a great deal about myself and although it’s great that poker is now having a resurgence, I know that I’ll be able to survive and thrive no matter the landscape and this is a skill I hope to teach you. I believe we should ‘reach for the stars’ but also that we should make sure we are always on solid ground. I’ve learnt that bankroll management is an art as well as a science and that we can do anything we set our minds to.

Eventually I started to branch out into other forms of poker and settled primarily in the realm of tournament poker which is now my main game. Tournament poker helped me grow further as there are far more variables than in cash poker and there is more longevity in it compared to cash games. I still play both but where possible I like to engage with the tournament world.

Best Poker Coaching Courses Near Me

I have more recently realised that what I’ve learnt on my journey can be of massive benefit to others and I feel that success is best when shared and therefore I have been focusing some attention on giving back. I started coaching and have found that I have a natural aptitude for it. I inherently care about people and want the best for them, am a great listener and am able to get to the heart of an issue so we can get you where you want to be as efficiently as possible.

Poker coaching experience

I have found a great deal of enjoyment in helping others follow their poker dreams and succeed and have a great desire to support you in any way that I can – your goals will become my goals.

I can help in a wide variety of ways. I believe everybody needs something different and it is my job to find out what you need the most and how to get it to you as efficiently as possible. I have many tools at my disposal to help with this; training tools such as Flopzilla, PIO Solver and Equilab, filters for scouring through your database and perhaps just my experience and instincts when looking into your game.

Sessions can take many different forms depending on your goals and preferences. They can involve database analysis, the use of training tools, hand history analysis, live play; whatever is needed we will do.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you to achieve your goals!


$350 for 5 sessions

$650 for 10 sessions

Rate: $75 / hour

Poker coach Bobby “BJP” James

Hey, I’m Bobby ‘The BJP’ James, a professional poker player and coach for more than 5 years now. I have written over 75 articles for Bluff Europe Poker Magazine.

I’ve been in podcasts with Bencb789, Jonathan ‘Apestyles’ Van Fleet, Bryan Rast and the legends Dara O’Kearney and David K Lappin of ‘The Chip Race’.

I’m also a Poker Ambassador for Betsafe who are part of the MPN family, playing live and online representing the brand. I have my own stream on Twitch that I host 4 nights a week Mon/Tue/Thur/Sun – 7PM GMT Weekdays and 5PM GMT Sunday till late. I stream MTT’s and provide in-depth analysis and entertainment essentially giving lots of free information out on how to beat small field MTT’s and exploit other players weaknesses.

I have final tabled the Sunday Million on Stars and finished 5th for just under $40,000. I think my greatest success has come from Betsafe/MPN where my graph is rather exceptional for the stakes and volume i’ve put in.

Best Poker Coaching Courses For Beginners

Poker Coach – Anders “Petter85” Holm

“Petter85” – SNG and MTT specialist

The poker player Anders “Petter85” Holm started playing online over a decade ago and soon became one of the most fearful players at Sit and go’s at Pokerstars. He soon also developed his MTT skills and have merits such as win at Pokerstars big tournies such as Sunday Warmup, several wins in Sunday 100 rebuy, WCCOP final tables and much much more.

Best Poker Coaching Courses Online

Best Poker Coaching Courses

Poker Coach – Johan “HOMERos” Strid

Tournament and cashgame specialist

The poker player “HOMERos” started, just as Petter, playing poker 2004 well before the poker boom. He soon develop his SNG and MTT skills and was one of the players with the absolute best win rate at Pokerstars during the “SNG-era”. His win rate well succeded top pros such as Elky, Dariomineri and Rainkhan. Below you can see some of his top scores at MTT at Pokerstars.

Top MTT Cashes

  • 2 Sunday Warmup wins (4 way chop both times)
  • 8th place Sunday Million
  • Scoop Final table both 2013 and 2014, where the last one was a 1000$ event.
  • 4th place in the Swedish National Championchip Live 2014. (1500$ buyin)

Cashgames – Over 70 000$ in cashgame winnings. Mostly NL1000$ at Full Tilt.

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