Best Strategy To Win At Roulette

More about the Best Winning Roulette Strategies. The best winning Roulette strategies were invented by Ri Chang, he comes from China and is a veritable genius at both math and strategies. He came up with the best winning Roulette strategy during his free time while he worked for the government in China, his research on roulette was very extensive. The Martingale Strategy. This popular strategy relies on a gambler doubling their bets after a loss. The theory behind this roulette strategy is a player will eventually win and regain all their losses but does require a large bankroll to execute effectively. The Best Roulette Strategies Find the best roulette strategies all in one place. Below we’ve covered some of the best roulette strategies to beat the wheel, including a run-through of the.

Are you bored with the classic roulette games and looking for something to light up your world? Then, Evolution Gaming has a remedy for you. Its latest invention shifts the renowned European Roulette to a game that’s so electrifying. A game that has gamblers craving to have a taste of, if not a win from it – the Live Lightning Roulette.

The Silver Tiger Roulette Strategy is among the most popular of roulette strategies due to its prevailing win-loss ratio. This strategy involves betting a specific way while keeping in mind that this is the only casino game where multiple bets can be placed without one bet offsetting another.

Unlike the traditional roulette game, Lightning Roulette incorporates special rewarding features to it. With the correct lightning roulette strategy and some luck, these features could win you up to a 500x multiplier per round. But, how do you get there? Read through our extensive review of the game rules, features, and tips plus tricks to find out how.

What is Lightning Roulette?

Lightning Roulette is a variant of the traditional European Roulette game but with a tweak of some interesting developments. First, the live lightning setup doesn’t take after the standard roulette live casino but rather looks like a TV show with a dealer who’s also the host. Even so, all the classic elements of the game including the roulette wheel, and the set of roulette bets are available.

The studio’s theme has black, green, and red colours with a golden frame appearing during the selection of the lucky numbers. The video quality is HD with synchronized audio and excellent RNG gameplay. But, in case your internet connection is somewhat weak, you can manually change the video quality using the game’s control panel.

Live Lightning Roulette Rules

The game rules are simple and straightforward to follow. As with European Roulette, you can bet on a group of colours, individual numbers, or a set of numbers. After placing stakes and spinning the wheel, the dealer pulls a lever. As a result, lightning strikes any winning number between 1 to 5. In case you win any straight up bets with any of the lucky numbers, your win multiplies by 50x to 500x depending on the selected quantity.

For the 5 lucky numbers to appear at once is rather rare. But, don’t freak out since two or three winning numbers will usually appear. Additionally, the payouts received in Lightning Roulette are different and may vary than those in a typical roulette game.

Lightning Roulette RTP?

Best Strategy To Win At Roulette

The game attracts a theoretical RTP of 97.30% which is outstanding. Therefore, for all players, it means that their winning chances are high. For instance, for every 100 Pounds, the anticipated returns would be £97.390.

As if that’s not enough, there is a statistics option for players who’d love to use a lighting roulette strategy to view the last winning numbers. There’s also a live chat option whereby a player not only shifts their video view but also communicates with the other players and the host (dealer).

Live Lightning Roulette Strategies

Like all other live casino games, live Lightning Roulette UK is not based on luck alone. Instead, there are some roulette tricks that you could use to boost your winning streaks. You should also note that a regular roulette strategy won’t stand you a chance here. With that said, what then is the right Lightning Roulette strategy that works?

Remember the lucky payouts in live lighting roulette? They only qualify when playing straight-up bets. So, your first roulette trick for winning could as well be staking on every number in the game. However, to avoid tragic losses, you should refrain from compensating your losses by doubling your bets.

With that said, bet on sections of the wheel (French bets). They include:

  • Le tiers du cylindre (Tiers) -Represents 12 wheel numbers (27, 13, 36, 33, 16, 8, 11, 30, 10, 5, 23, and 24).
  • Voisins du zero (Voisins) – Comprises of 17 wheel numbers (25, 22, 2, 18, 21, 29, 4, 7, 28, 19, 32, 35, 12, 15, 0, 3, and 26).
  • Orphelins – Includes 8 numbers (1, 9, 17, 31, 6, 34, 20, and 14).

Another strategy is to use random numbers on the board to place a bet or betting on a whole column or columns of numbers. Alternatively, you can bet on all even/odd numbers or numbers with matching colours. Simply, the coverage you go with will dictate the number of chances you score a winning number.

You ought to be aware that the aforementioned strategic bets, won’t necessarily guarantee wins should you decide to use them. If you don’t gamble responsibly you could see your account balance reading zero within a few placed bets.


Tips for Playing Lightning Roulette

Even if Lightning Roulette presents a thrilling opportunity to earn rewarding multipliers, don’t consider it a regular income earner. Instead of blindly chasing a strategy, you should follow tips that apply to almost every casino game.

Best Strategy To Win At Roulette Party

  • Stay keen on common and petty pitfalls.

Yes, losing while gambling is a trainwreck – it pains! And, there’s always that hope that the next round will be better; that the next few bets will earn all your money back. Thus, some players tend to place more bets hoping that the next bet will somehow become a win and everything will be back to normal or even better. But, they end up chasing their losses and keep on losing more than they receive. Therefore, take note that going after that winning streak will not be tragic if you know when to exercise restrain.

  • Bet with and stick to a budget.

Best Strategy To Win At Roulette Night

Before any gambling spree, configure your funds and decide what amount you’ll not mind losing. Even if no one gambles with the intent of losing money, it, unfortunately, happens to potentially anyone; it can happen to you too. Therefore, while you’re dreaming of winning loads of cash, remember to manage your bankroll. If unluckily the casino swallows your planned budget for that particular gambling session, do yourself some justice by walking away. After all, there’s always another time.

  • Take wise advantage of bonuses and freebies

Throughout the iGaming scene, you’ll oftentimes run into lucrative bonuses that offer to give you profits. While there’s nothing wrong in taking such an offer, ensure that it’s a legitimate and good one. If you’re up to bagging the 500x multiplier win, you might need more than your budget could stretch. That’s where bonuses come in. However, you need to find out about the attached requirements. For instance, are the wagering conditions fair and attainable? Can you meet them by wagering the Lightning Roulette game?

  • Where to bet Lightning Roulette?

When you feel satisfied with your Lightning Roulette strategy, the next step is to find the perfect casino to bet from. Considering its popularity within the online gambling industry, the majority of casinos partnering with Evolution Gaming won’t lack this game. Some of the casinos will prove to be trustworthy than others, offer better deals with faster withdrawal options, and more fun to bet at. Take these as some of your criteria of choice.

Best strategy to win at roulette game

Why is Lightning Roulette Special?

A special fact about this game is that its bets pay 29:1 unlike the typical 35:1. Thanks to the winning numbers that can score up to 499:1! Are you wondering how it works? Here’s how…

Behind the wheel, there are black, red, and green numbered panels representing possible outcomes of a spin. After placing the bets and the ball starts circling on the wheel, the dealer pulls a lever which causes the numbered panels to disappear with 1, 2, and 3 panels appearing. Then, randomly picked 0 to 36 numbers with 50x to 500x multipliers fill these special panels. If the winning numbers chance to be among the lucky chosen for that particular spin, the bets multiply by either 50x, 100x, 150x, 200x, or 500x.

Our Final Verdict

Play Lightning Roulette by Evolution gaming and experience the most innovative and modern roulette ever developed. And, there is a reason why it’s popularity keeps on surging. It shifts the traditional feel of the game into a thrilling experience with the potentials to win mega rewards.


Best Strategy To Playing Roulette

  • Very catchy interface with some gold art.
  • A whopping multiplier worth up to 500x!
  • An intriguing background that makes playing more fun.
  • An interactive and professional dealer.


Best Strategy To Win Online Roulette

  • It rewards less than the regular roulette tables with standard bets. Other roulette tables give out 35:1 for a standard bet but this game offers 29:1.