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On September 20th, 2016 I read an article on Yahoo's fiance pages about AT&T's latest foray into transmitting high-speed data over conventional electric transmission lines. The Yahoo article goes on to say that AT&T has 'developed a new technology it calls AirGig, which links up to standard power lines and uses a special transmitter to deliver super-fast gigabit internet wirelessly.' As many of you probably know this is not AT&T's first attempt to bring BPL to the masses. The ARRL published a news article on it's website on September 21st, 2016 which reminds us of the previous efforts to establish BPL and the previous ARRL opposition to that technology.

This time the ARRL seems to be taking a less hostile approach to the technology ,claiming that the new millimeter wave based technology, operating in the 30 to 300 GHZ range should cause little interference to Amateur Radio. The ARRL article states 'that it is not likely that the AT&T technology will even use Amateur Radio bands, so there is little reason for concern even among those amateurs who use spectrum above 24 GHz.'

I'm sure that there will be lots of discussions about the pros and cons of BPL reignited by this newest incarnation of BPL but what struck me as I was reading the articles was where were the hams in the development of this technology?

If this is an RF technology, shouldn't we be the champions of it while we protect our interests at the same time? Or is the reality such that we are we no longer at the forefront of technology? If this is true, why and who can we blame?

Lastly, shouldn't we be concerned about all potential sources of pollution to the radio spectrum and not dismiss those sources simply because they are outside of our bands? I can't think of a better way to demonstrate our professionalism and service oriented nature then by preserving our threatened natural resource.

I'd like to hear the opinions about this. Please feel free to comment.

The Yahoo article can be found here,

Blackjack Bk8000

The ARRL article can be found here,


Deluxe High-Powered Dual Pump Re-Work Soldering and De-Soldering Station

With Soldering Iron, DeSoldering Gun & Hot Air Gun with Mechanical Arm

The BK8000 includes a soldering iron, a desoldering gun and a hot air gun, with an attached mechanical arm to hold your work. This is our most versatile and most powerful solder and re-work system, yet it’s still extremely affordable.

The BlackJack SolderWerks BK8000 Advanced Repair System is a digital multipurpose rework system equiped with a powerful dual port, dual pump design. This dual port, dual pump system allows seamless work flow as the hot air gun, soldering iron and de-soldering gun can be operated simultaneously. This design feature differs from many hot air rework systems that are designed to share the same pump requiring the de-soldering gun and the hot air gun to share the same port. With the BK8000 system, the entire rework process can be started and finished without any loss of time due to tool switching, wait times for tools to heat up to operating temperature or loss of functionality due to the limitations of lesser single pump designs. Even ambitious protoyping is a snap with the BK8000.

Blackjack Solderwerks Bk8000

Each of the tools in the BK8000 is designed to let you work quickly and efficiently. The multipurpose hot air gun is equipped with the BlackJack SolderWerks hot-air triple protection system which provides rapid system cool down, automatic system sleep and constant protection from overheating. The soldering iron is compatible with standard both standard solder and lead free solder and its power provides fast heat up and thermal recovery to ensure quick and easy soldering at any temperature setting. The de-soldering pistol also features fast heat up and an upgrded plunger type diaphragm pump that has four times the suction power of any previous model.