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This is a discussion on Bluffer within the online poker forums, in the General Poker section; When you are playing at a table of 9 players as you discover the bluffers, realize some ruse or just.


Comment Bluffer Au Poker are available for depositing players including 90 Bonus Spins and a 100% match bonus worth up to €/$300! Get 50 No Deposit Spins! Available to new players only NOT UK or Sweden. Bonus funds are 100% up to €300. Bonus Spins are valid on Book of Dead only. Minimum Comment Bluffer Au Poker deposit of €20 or more. Knowing how to bluff in poker is one of the key tricks all serious players need to learn. However, it isn’t as easy as it might seem. A poker bluff isn’t just about what you say or do. It’s also about what you don’t say and what you don’t do. Poker proves that there is a time and a place for lying (or bluffing, as they like to call it). To know how to bluff, however, you must first be able to spot when those around you are bluffing (and, of course, when they aren’t).

How to spot a bluffer at cards.

First published in ScienceDaily

Poker Face Busted? Our Eye Position Betrays the Numbers We Have in Mind, New Study Concludes

It will be harder to lie about your age or your poker hand after new research by the University of Melbourne, Australia has revealed that our eye position betrays the numbers we are thinking about.

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In the study, participants were asked to state a series of random numbers. By measuring their vertical and horizontal eye position, researchers were able to predict with reliable confidence the next chosen number -- before it was spoken.

Specifically, a leftward and downward change in eye position announced that the next number would be smaller than the last. Correspondingly, if the eyes changed position to the right and upward, it forecast that the next number would be larger. The degree of eye movement reflected the size of the numerical shift.


Comment Bluffer Au Poker

The paper was published online in the journal Current Biology.

First author, Dr Tobias Loetscher of the University of Melbourne's School of Behavioural Sciences and previously of the Department of Neurology, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland says the research demonstrates how the eyes and their position give insight into the nature of the systematic choices made by the brain's random number generator.

'When we think of numbers we automatically code them in space, with smaller number falling to the left and larger numbers to the right. That is, we think of them along a left-to-right oriented mental number line -- often without even noticing this number-space association ourselves.'

'This study shows that shifts along the mental number line are accompanied by systematic eye movements. We suggest that when we navigate through mental representations -- as for example numbers -- we re-use brain processes that primarily evolved for interacting and navigating in the outside world.'

Dr Michael Nicholls also of the School of Behavioural Sciences adds, 'Clearly, the eyes not only allow us to see the world around us, but they also present a window to the working of our mind, as this study shows.'

'This study will hopefully provide a template to investigate how the human mind works via a connection with the space and world around us,' he says.

The study involved asking twelve right-handed men to select from a set of random numbers. Paced by an electronic metronome they named 40 numbers between 1 and 30 in a sequence as random as possible. For each number, the researchers measured the average eye position during the 500 millisecond interval before the numbers were stated.

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When it comes to playing poker, whether it be with your family and friends or in an actual tournament, one of the biggest skills you can learn and develop is the ability to read whether any of your opponents are bluffing. Now, when you are sat at a table with your opponents, it is sometimes quite easy to pick up a tell, something which they do every time they bluff, giving you that advantage
It is easier to recognize a bluff when you are on the table than online. However, you can still recognize these bluffs online, by paying attention to your opponents betting pattern of the game at hand. A bluffer has an erratic way of betting; placing huge wagers on average cards which are being played. You can thus know this when a bluffer initially calls a pre-flop and places a huge wager immediately after the flop. This trick is very common and gets other players into folding.
Apart from observing the betting pattern, you should always pay attention to the board during a poker game since it discloses the winning combination and gives you a better idea about the odds of your cards winning the hand.. You can also recognize someone is not a bluffer when you can't beat them completely since they have a huge hand. You will lose every time you play with him, as he only plays his strong hands.
This process is not easy, it takes some times to recognize the bluffer on the table. You have to dedicate at least an hour playing with him so as to know if he is a bluffer. If you have a huge hand, you can tighten your game to trap them so that they won't bluff.