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BRITISH AIRWAYS 747 RETIREMENTS. LUXURY ON SALE: BRITISH AIRWAYS. Load More Sign up to receive the latest News stories. The latest tweets from @britishairways. British Airways axes 13 long-haul flight routes for summer 2021. British Airways 10th for flights in Europe, with even fewer than DHL. The latest tweets from @britishairways. British Airways (BA) is the UK flag carrier and the biggest airlines in the country. A founding member of the oneworld alliance, the airline flies to more than 180 destinations, including six cities within the United Kingdom, as well airports across Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, South America and Oceania.

It’s an exciting time to be at British Airways. We’re growing our global route network, investing in our fleet and transforming the experience we offer customers. We’re people who care – about safety and style, comfort and calm, warm scones and Wi-Fi. Wherever you join us, you’ll feel proud to play a part in our future as we go further to be the airline of choice.

A place to show your best

We are a 24-hour business, operating 365 days of the year, all around the world. It’s a dynamic, fast-paced environment that will bring out the best in you – if you’re ready to embrace responsibility and step up to any challenge. Whatever your role, your warmth, positivity, commitment and adaptability can truly come to the fore, making you a trusted ambassador of the British Airways brand.

Investing in tomorrow

Our lovely, talented people make us what we are, delivering the unique British Airways service to keep us in the hearts of customers around the world. We’ll continue to invest in their skills and potential, but also in our fleet and customer experience – to the tune of £6.5 billion over the next five years.

We’ll be adding even more new routes to connect even more destinations within our global network. We’re taking delivery of 73 new aircraft, refurbishing our long-haul fleet with new cabins, redesigning our lounges and introducing new dining, bedding and amenity kits. Every aircraft will have the best-quality Wi-Fi on board and every seat will have access to power. We’ll also be trialling fully autonomous robots to carry out simple aircraft tasks, allowing our brilliant humans to deal with more complex customer enquiries. It’s the latest in our string of innovations in smarter technology and automation.

And there are many other ideas, big and small, in the pipeline that will make customer journeys smoother and more memorable. Our people are already stepping up together to make the most of this investment and make us the airline of choice. Just imagine being part of it.

Embracing the best of Britain

Customers love us when we’re true to who we are. They come to us for a unique British Airways service, instilled with the style and charm our nation’s known for in every corner of the globe (if you believe a globe can have corners). You’ll feel at home here if you embrace timeless British values and modern Britain’s strengths: knowhow, creativity, energy, diversity and open-mindedness – and a sense of respect, responsibility, fair play and knowing whose turn it is to make the tea.

Doing things the British Airways way takes a certain state of mind. It’s not about where you’re from. It’s about how you’re made. We’re privileged to serve customers from countless nationalities, backgrounds and cultures. We’re proud to employ a team who reflect that diversity in all its forms. Find out more about our inclusive, welcoming business and how we’re building a team that reflects everything we love about Britain today.

And the winner is…

We’re proud to have been named the Best Airline Staff in Europe at the Skytrax 2019 World Airline Awards, especially as it’s based on the votes of customers. Our Cabin Crew and airport colleagues were praised for their friendliness, efficiency and consistently excellent service.

But that’s not it. We’ve now been named Airline of the Year at the prestigious CAPA (Centre for Aviation) Global Aviation Awards for Excellence. Praise indeed since CAPA is one of the most trusted sources of market intelligence for our industry.

You get a taste for these things. Perhaps you could help us achieve another gong next year?

Rewards and Benefits

Our people are proud to work for us. They give their all for our customers and each other. So, it’s important to us that everyone feels valued for playing their part. That’s why our rewards go far beyond a competitive salary. You can look forward to a Total Reward Package featuring an attractive pension and discounted shopping. And yes, there are some rather good travel benefits.

See how you could Earn, Live and Save

  • Pay. You’ll receive a market-competitive salary that reflects the role that you do.
  • Bonus. Share in our success. Individual bonuses are given in line with our financial, operational, customer and personal performance.
  • Flexible Benefits Scheme. Our new flexible benefits scheme is available to colleagues and will offer a range of benefits to choose from including a market-leading defined contribution (DC) pension, helping you save for the future. The scheme gives colleagues choice and more control over your benefits and how you spend the contributions that you will receive from British Airways. The range of benefits to choose from include - critical illness cover, childcare vouchers, cycle to work, additional life insurance cover, private medical insurance, dental plan and healthcare cash plan.
  • Fly the World (Staff Travel). From day one, you can purchase discounted commercial tickets, known as ‘Hotline’ tickets, for your own use or for friends and family. After a qualifying period, you’ll be eligible for unlimited standby and premium standby fares, for you and your nominees, on the full British Airways network and other partner airlines. After five years, you’ll be eligible to one concession per year for you and your nominees to use on any eligible route on our network. Taxes and charges apply.
  • Cargo Concession. After six months, you’ll be entitled to an annual cargo concession of up to 250kg to transport personal property on our network – you only have to pay 10% of the applicable Air Cargo Tariff.
  • Well-Being. Wellbeing sponsors and advisers across British Airways promote a number of wellbeing and inclusion initiatives. We also offer a variety of other benefits to help you develop as a professional, and stay healthy and productive.
  • Flexible Working. Line managers consider all submitted requests for part-time working, job sharing or working from home in line with business and operational requirements.
  • Discounts. You can enjoy special discounts and savings on a range of products such as hotels and phones to tie in with your staff travel trip.
  • Season Ticket Loans. Public transport season tickets offer considerable cost savings and convenience, although a substantial initial outlay is required. We offer interest-free loans to purchase season tickets.
  • Heathrow Express. Whether you are commuting to Heathrow, or heading off on holiday you’ll be entitled to buy Express Saver Tickets with a 75% discount.
  • Car Parking. At our Westbase site near Heathrow, you can park for free for up to two weeks when you go on holiday – a big saving! Also, most of our work locations around the UK offer free parking (subject to space) for colleagues while at work.
  • BA Clubs. Provide a wide variety of sports and leisure facilities, with free membership in your first year. Get involved in anything from athletics to yachting, angling to yoga.
  • Restaurants. Many of our offices have subsidised restaurant facilities. Waterside Corporate and Support Functions has a wide range of cafes and restaurants on the “indoor” street.

Learning and Development

Every role at British Airways comes with the scope to learn and grow. Of course, your specific training and development opportunities will depend very much on your role (we don’t teach everyone how to fly a plane just yet, sadly). We can guarantee you a personal development programme that offers every opportunity to gain experience and learn new skills.

The learning here is constant, because our business and industry change so fast. We’re continually innovating and evolving our training. It’s important for everyone to get ahead of the curve, in terms of knowledge, skills and expertise.

In many teams, there is a structured career path to follow if you demonstrate the ability and ambition. In others, there is flexibility in the way your career could progress. Depending on your skills and goals, there’s potential for lateral moves too. If you have your eye on leadership, our high-performance culture will help you fulfil your full potential.

Doing the right thing

A better future for our planet

We have a team of over 170 dedicated War on Waste Cabin Crew champions who play a key role in promoting best practice among the team. They help us identify new initiatives that can improve recycling and waste reduction. We already pledged to remove a quarter of a billion items of single-use plastics from flights by the end of 2020. That’s over 700 tonnes, equivalent to more than 30,000 suitcases full of the stuff. Working closely with our suppliers, we’ve made changes like swapping plastic stirrers with bamboo alternatives. And replacing plastic wrapping with paper for blankets and headsets. But that’s just the beginning. This unwavering commitment to reducing our environmental impact is something we all share. In October 2019 we committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050. You can help us achieve that aim. Bring your passion for a healthier planet and help us build a more sustainable future for aviation.

Wellbeing matters

We want our colleagues to feel and perform at their best, even on a cold February evening when most people are tucked up at home in front of the telly. That’s why we have a dedicated wellbeing team who are our champions of mental and physical health awareness. They’re on hand with preventative advice and tools, and offer access to wide-ranging support services when colleagues need help. And we all need a little help sometimes.

Giving back at home and abroad

As a British business with a global presence, we understand our responsibility to others at home and abroad. We want to set the standard for responsible flying while delivering our commitment to improve lives and livelihoods in the communities we serve and impact on.

Flying Start is our main charity partnership with Comic Relief, which has already raised more than £20 million (read more here). Through our support for the Disasters & Emergency Committee, we also provide flights, excess baggage and cargo space to support relief efforts in overseas crises.

There’s always lots going on across our teams. How can you get involved? Maybe as a Flying Start fundraiser. Perhaps by sharing your experience with local students on our Inspire employability programme. Or by donating to a charity of your choice through tax-efficient payroll giving.

Kindness travels

In a crisis, there’s nothing more powerful than an act of kindness. On World Kindness Day 2019, we launched a partnership with the British Red Cross to support communities across the UK in times of crisis. The British Red Cross responds to an emergency every four hours in the UK, helping thousands of people every year by setting up rest centres, providing life’s essentials and offering first aid or emotional support. Our funding will help recruit, train and support teams across the UK so they can continue to do their vital work.

We’re also encouraging our people to sign up as a community reserve volunteer to help the British Red Cross provide practical assistance during times of crisis.

The flag carrier airline from UK is explained in Facts about British Airways. If you check the airline based on the international flights, fleet size and international destination, it is considered as the largest airline. People often call British Airways as BA. Let’s find out other detail information about BA below:

Facts about British Airways 1: the passengers

If you check British Airways based on the passengers carried by this fleet, it is still behind easyJet. It takes the second place.


Facts about British Airways 2: the base

Can you guess the base of British Airways? This airline company is headquartered in Waterside. The location is close to the primary hub of British Airways at London Heathrow Airport.

British Airways Facts

Facts about British Airways 3: the establishment of British Airways

In 1972, UK government formed British Airways Board. The main aim was to manage British European Airways and British Overseas Airways Corporation. Both were the two nationalized airline corporations. The board also had the job to manage the Northeast Airlines from Newcastle upon Tyne and Cambrian Airways from Cardiff. Both were the smaller regional airlines. Those four companies eventually combined into British Airways on 31 March 1974.

Facts about British Airways 4: the state or private company

British Airways had been a state company for 13 years. In February 1987, it was privatized.

Facts about British Airways 5: the expansion

In 1987, British Caledonian was acquired by British Airways to expand the company. Other acquisitions occurred in 1992 and 2012 when the company acquired Dan-Air and British Midland International.

Facts about British Airways 6: the founding member

Do you know that British airways is a founding member along with other airlines such as Canadian Airlines, Qantas, Cathay Pacific, and American Airlines to form Oneworld airline alliance? Check airport security facts here.

Facts about British Airways 7: the third largest alliance

Oneworld airline alliance is considered as the third largest alliance in the world. The first and second places are taken by SkyTeam and Star Alliance.

Facts about British Airways 8: merger

On 21 January 2011, British Airways and Iberia merged to create IAG or International Airlines Group. It becomes the second largest group in Europe and the third largest one in the world based on the annual revenue.

British Airways Pic

Facts about British Airways 9: the aircrafts

British Airways is a long time customer of Boeing. In August 1998, the company began to use Airbus. Get facts about airplanes here.

Facts about British Airways 10: destinations

There are around 160 destinations served by British Airways. This airline develops partnership and codeshare agreement with other airlines such as American Airlines, Air Berlin, Finnair, Malaysia Airlines, US Airways and many more.

Do you like reading facts about British Airways?

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