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The company was founded in 2007 by four men. They are Mark Pincus, Scott Sale, Kyle Stewart and John Doerr. They get funding for business development of several companies, led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. A fee of US $ 29 million was used to develop the game company.

The name itself was chosen Mark Pincus Zynga as the company name. He was inspired by a bulldog hers. That's why Zynga is the symbol of a red bulldog. Two years of operation, precisely in December 2009, Zynga has been in demand by 60 million active users playing it.

This online game business is getting a good reception in the community. Three years ago since it was first established, Zynga has managed to have more than 1000 employees and is planning to open a new office. On February 17, 2010, Zynga's first new office which is outside US territory located in India. Then followed the next office development plans in Ireland on March 18, 2010.

Buy Zynga Poker Chips Online India

Buy Zynga Poker Chips Online India Free

Zynga and Development Cooperation with the Zynga online gaming companies continue to occur. After buying YoVille is a virtual network of the largest gaming, Zynga has cooperated with Facebook. Problems ensued, the cooperation that exists between Facebook with Zynga threatened.

On May 7, 2010, Michael Arrington of TechCrunch a news portal says that Zynga threatens to leave Facebook and cut cooperation with him. Negotiations were carried out by both sides. Knowing that Facebook has also decided to stop cooperating with Zynga. Several Zynga games 'frozen' by Facebook, including one of which is Farmville.

Zynga finally develop independently. They set up a gaming network Zynga Zynga Live. Facebook again offered to cooperate with Zynga. Sheryl Sandberg as COO of Facebook to be optimistic about the cooperation forged with Zynga. Agreement was obtained.

Zynga continues to grow. Cooperation is not only the case with Facebook. After being acquired by Dextore, Zynga from Europe has opened 13 studios across the country. Among them, Los Gatos, Los Angeles, Boston, Beijing and Tokyo.

The cooperation Zynga continues to make it grow more rapidly. On October 5, 2010 and, in collaboration with the Zynga Bonfire Studios. Zynga also got an extra name behind it become Zynga Dallas. Thanks to the cooperation, too, for 1300 Zynga employees spread across various countries.

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Cooperation with phenomenal singer Lady Gaga also performed Zynga. The collaboration resulted in an increase in income of $ 500 million with a valuation will reach $ 10 billion.

Not only is busy developing its business, Zynga is also concerned about the victims. The human side of a large company looks here. Zynga virtual game revenue donated to victims of the earthquake Tohoko, Japan in 2011.

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