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The Diamond Casino Heist is a new heist job in GTA Online's Diamond Casino and Resort update. The casino heist is by far the most complicated heist GTA Online players have seen, but it offers some good ways to make a lot of money along the way.

Casino Heist Silent & Sneaky Top Tips and Guide - Elite Challenge and Most Money GTAForums does NOT endorse or allow any kind of GTA Online modding, mod menus, tools or account selling/hacking. Do NOT post them here or advertise them, as per the forum rules. I was playing casino heist, we looted and was ready to leave d casino but when we reached d exit, we got stuck 2 black loading screen and after 5min game said my team mate died. I tried restarting like for more dan 20 times. Sometimes d bug was at entrance. Doesn anyone know how to fix dis, its really frustrating. Exit the casino, and call Lester to cancel the heist when you're far away enough for the prep to be over. Costs 25K every time and you need to have done all approaches at least once. I'd say it's worth it, but I have quite a lot of money to toss away and I seldom need more than 2 scopings.

If you don't know how to start the Casino Heist or if you are stuck on one of the missions, our walkthrough on how to complete this job in GTA Online is outlined below.

Step 1: Buy an Arcade

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Before you can start The Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online, you need to purchase one of the six possible retro arcades in the game. You must talk to Lester in Mirror Park to access the arcades.

After you talk to Lester and the six arcade locations appear on the map, you can use the Maze Bank Foreclosures store webpage on your mobile phone to purchase one of the arcade locations.

Here are all the locations and their prices. The best arcades are located in the city.

  • Pixel Pete’s
    • Price: $1,235,000
    • Location: Paleto Bay
  • Wonderama
    • Price: $1,565,000
    • Location: Grapeseed
  • Videogeddon
    • Price: $1,875,000
    • Location: La Mesa
  • Warehouse
    • Price: $2,135,000
    • Location: Davis
  • Insert Coin
    • Price: $2,345,000
    • Location: Rockford Hills
  • Eight Bit
    • Price: $2,530,000
    • Location: Vinewood

Step 2: Set Up Your Heist

Once you have your arcade location up and running, you can enter Lester's underground base, where you will gain access to three blackboards. Use these blackboards to manage your heist.

The three blackboards represent the three following stages of the heist:

  • The Set Up
  • The Prep
  • The Heist

The first blackboard is dedicated to helping you set up your heist. You will see the 'To Do' list in the upper right corner, which is a list of actions you must perform before the actual heist.

You can also choose to do the optional list of tasks, but you will have to pay for all of the intelligence associated with them, so we'll just focus on the main missions.

Scope Out Casino

This is the first task you need to complete. To make things easier, it is advisable to purchase the two extras from the setup board:

Casino Heist Exit Disguise Bug

  • Casino Model
    • Price: $130,000
  • Door Security
    • Price: $425,000

These two pieces of intelligence will help you to find all of the safest entry points into the casino.

Scope Out Vault Contents

After you arrive at the casino and find the vault, you can scope it out for four types of valuables:

  • Cash
    • Price: $2,115,000
  • Artwork
    • Price: $2,350,000
  • Gold
    • Price: $2,585,000
  • Diamonds
    • Price: $3,290,000

You can only choose one of the four options, and they are random. The best loot you can get from the vault is diamonds, which cost over $3 million. The least profitable is cash. So if you happen to get the case with diamonds, then select it and mark it on your blackboard.

Select Approach

The final part of the setup is selecting one of the three available approaches:

  • Silent and Sneaky
  • The Big Con
  • Aggressive

All three approaches offer different types of gameplay. Silent and Sneaky is obviously a stealth plan; The Big Con uses tricks and disguises; and Aggressive offers a full-on guns blazing robbery.

It doesn't matter which approach you choose, as they all lead to the same results. Choose the style that fits your personal taste the most.

Step 3: Prep Your Heist


This stage of the heist requires the most time and money. This stage is where you hire your crew of NPCs, select disguises, vehicles, and other necessary items from the 'To Do' list.

Support Crew

In this first section, you can choose three possible crewmen for the heist:

  • Gunman
  • Driver
  • Hacker

All three categories offer different skills, but these also come with varying prices. Whenever you choose a crewman, it will show you their cut in percentages. Obviously, the higher the skill, the higher the cut.

In this case, it is strongly recommended that you take all three Expert level crewmen, where each will take 9% of your heist earnings. It's a lot of money to give away, but you will have the highest quality weapons and vehicles during the heist.

The To-Do List

After you have chosen your team, you can start the six main prep missions. In each of these missions, you need to select which item types you wish to steal.

Below you will find the best choices for the prep missions:

  • Rifle Loadout
    • Unmarked Weapons
  • Sultan Classic
    • Getaway Vehicles
  • Gruppe Sechs
    • Entry Disguise
  • Noose Gear
    • Exit Disguise

During the Getaway Vehicles mission, you will also have the choice to upgrade your vehicles. You can buy bulletproof tires for $25,000, which will make the getaway section easier.

Step 4: Start the Diamond Casino Heist

You will be offered a chance to choose your buyer and get some extra help on the third blackboard.

Choose Buyer

Buyers have three levels: low, middle, and high. Always go for the high-level buyer. They will offer the most amount of money. The heist will be more difficult, but if you've done your prep correctly, and spent cash on the right things, then you should be fine.

Also buy a Clean Vehicle and Gunman Decoy for $50,000 if you can.

Starting the Mission

If you've selected the Gruppe Sechs entrance disguise and The Big Con approach, then you will start the heist mission in an armored truck, which is the best for this mission.

Here's how to get through the entire heist easily:

  1. Enter the underground garage of the casino
  2. Take the elevator to the vault
  3. Run past all the guards without killing them
  4. Use the vault keycard
  5. Let the casino worker open the vault for you
  6. Get the loot
  7. Exit the vault floor through the staircase
  8. Change the disguise in the locker room (Noose)
  9. Exit the casino through the staff door

When you're outside the casino, you can safely deliver the vault contents to your buyer.

Finish the Mission

The only problem you might run into during this final stage of the heist is the chasing helicopter. Steal any car you see and use it to deliver the loot (if you didn't purchase the Clean Vehicle option ahead of time).

If cops start chasing you, use the underground sewer system to get away from them and stay undetected. Follow the marker on the map to your buyer's location.

When you've reached the buyer location, the mission ends with a cutscene, and you get your money reward.


That's it on how to complete the Diamond Casino Heist job in GTA Online. For more GTA Online guides, check out the list below:

Here I will explain what are the most important steps in preparing the Diamond-Casino-Heist and the heist itself.


1.) Security Pass 2. You should definitly steal this one because Security Pass 1 is completely useless and you have to do very difficult hacks (what wastes a lot of time) if you own only Security Pass 1 or none.

2.) Duggans Shipments. Destroy these 10 shipments as many as you can, too. Otherwise the heist will become very hard after they hit the alarm and without 4 players and heavy weapons you have no chance to get inside the vault and outside again. So destroy minimum 3 shipments, so the guards lose their bulletproof helmets, are “only” heavy armored and have heavy weapons like assault Smg. Destroy 6, they wear light armor and medicore weapons like sweeper, shotguns and compact rifle. If you destroyed all 10, the guards have no armor and only have a pistol or a Micro smg.

3.) Patrol Routes. Do this mission too, otherwise you cant see the guards on the map and it would be not so cool if a guard kills you from behind because you didnt see him or if you srew them up in a stealth approach.

4.) Hacking. You cant avoid hacking in those 2 stealth approaches “Silent & Sneaky” and “The Big Con” and if you have done mistake 1.) you even have to hack in “Aggressive”, because you will waste your thermal explosives on these small secuity doors in the casino instead on the doors in the vault. To train your hacking-skills you should buy the hacking console for 425,000$. It seems expensive but if you do the heist more than 1 time you earn many millions of dollars and you can get the money back. Moreover, if u fail the hack, it will hit the alarm and the heist will become more difficult and you have less time in the vault to grab the loot.

5.) Cameras. Only important in stealth approaches like “Silent & Sneaky” and “The Big Con”. This prep mission is only avaiable if you own a casino-penthouse and did the 6 story missions as host. The result of the passed prep mission shows you the position of all security cameras and its field of vision in the casino. If u can’t do the mission, just be careful when you are walking around and take a look on the ceiling. If they see you or a dead guard, it will hit the alarm. You can destroy maximum 1 camera at the same time. Same with paralyzing them with the stun gun.

6.) Location of your Arcade. You should buy an Arcade in the city. No way Pixel Pete’s in Paleto Bay or Wonderama in Grapseed. These are worst because you have to drive a lot around while doing the prep missions and wasting a lot of time. I bought the one in Vinewood but I can recommend Videogeddon in La Mesa, too.

7.) Heist Crew. When you chose your crew for the heist, you should always chose the best avaiable hacker (Paige Harris or Avi Schwartzman). The better the hacker the more time you get to loot the vault. For Paige you need to own the Terrorbyte and for Avi you have to destroy all jammers in San Andreas.

As driver you can chose Karim Denz, he wants only 5% cut and chose the Sentinel Classic as getaway car. The gunner can be the cheapiest (5% cut) too, Karl Abolaji. Here it depends how many shipments you destroyed in “Duggans Shipments”. Even if you destroyed 9/10 shipments, the guards still have protective vests. So you should aim for the head (just like Thor on Thanos).

8.) Stairs instead of elevator. You should use the stairs instead of the elevator, especially if you do a stealth approach. But still be careful in the stairs! There is a secuity camera and 1-4 guards, depending on which approach you chose.

9.) Countdown in the vault. If you entered the vault without hitting the alarm…congratulations! Now you want to stay stealth. So don’t fail the hacks and leave the vault before the time is up. If you do the aggressive approach or already been exposed, you can ignore the countdown of cause. But dont stay too long in the gas!

10.) Escape from the Casino. Possibility 1: Escape through the sewer. Exit the casino by the exit you chosed on your final planning board because there somewhere your driver placed the getaway vehicles. Or leave by the personnel entrance, run over the racetrack, then down and jump over the fence. Now you reached a road where the Npcs are driving around. You can steal one of their cars and drive down in the sewer (you can find it in the south-east on the map). After you arrived in the sewer, there should be an entrance so drive inside and hide there from the cops.

Casino Heist Exit Disguise Location

Once the cops are gone, dont drive close to the casino or the police will hunting you again.

Possibility 2: Helicopter. In the west, on the opposite of the casino there is a police station and on its roof there will spawn a helicopter. Dont use your getaway vehicles to drive there and the cops still must hunt you. Otherwise the helicopter wont spawn. Drive around the police station where you can climb on the roof then climb over the ventilation shafts to get to the top. I guess the helicopter-possibility is the only option to pass the elite challenge.

Whatever you do, get off the cops and drive to the Buyer. As Buyer you should chose the furthest away one, because you will get more money. By passing the Elite Challenge, each player will get a bonus of 100,000$ extra.

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