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Love and Hip Hop Finale was full of Drama but love was in the air. JOc proposes to Kenra, Scrappy makes it right with Casino, and Stevie is still beefing with TY. We have a fully loaded show with Guess That Bar, News and Gossip, and the top tweets. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is back with familiar veterans looking to cement their legacies and hungry newcomers trying to stake their claim in the empire city of the South. This season, relationships. Season eight of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta began filming in October 2018. Months earlier, on July 18, 2018, it was reported that Stevie J and Faith Evans had married in Las Vegas.

It’s the Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta season finale! And it goes out without a bang. We begin the episode at a casino night party for Scrappy. This is where Shekinah mentions to Kendra, Sierra, and Bambi that Karlie Redd, read her lie detector test results and it turned out that Pooh lied. Kendra points out that Karlie has a lot of tricks up her sleeves so the papers could have been falsified. However, the general consensus is that Karlie’s results are right and that Pooh is the liar. Next, they get on the topic of Kendra and Koc. Kendra mentions that she moved out of Joc’s house because they’re broken up, but in the same breath, she admits that she misses him. That is enough to put the battery in Shekinah’s back. She wants to be the one to get them back together. Let the scheming begin.

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Let’s fast forward to Mimi’s girlfriend, Ty and Stevie J. Basically, Ty goes behind Mimi’s back and meets up with Stevie to try to put their issues aside. Remember, Stevie keeps posting shady comments on Ty’s social media, which she and Mimi are not thrilled about. Ty wants to get on the same page with Stevie for Eva’s sake. We all know that trying to have this convo with Stevie is dumb because it just ends up with him being childish. In an interesting twist of things, they end up playing ball. If Stevie wins, Ty wears a mini skirt (it figures), if she wins, he’ll apologize. Ty spanks him, of course. But we know Stevie ain’t about to deliver a sincere apology.

Scrapp DeLeon and his business partner are opening up a restaurant and they invite Che Mack, Joc, Che, Scrappy, and Kirk to taste test. But the real point of this scene is for scrappy to reveal to Joc that he heard Kendra saying that she missed Jasiel. We see where this is going so let’s fast forward some more.

Now we’re at an “early opening party” for Frost Bistro, Kirk and Rasheeda’s new restaurant. It is here that Shekinah runs into Joc. She feels guilty about Joc and Kendra breaking up because she played a part in the gossip that led to their demise. She apologizes to Joc again but then they devise a plan to get Joc and Kendra together again.

Now we’re back with Mimi and Ty, kicking it at home. This is supposed to be their last night together before Ty goes to Vegas for work. Ty explains her previous meeting with Stevie and that he’s coming to their house in a few. Stevie arrives with his wife, Faith Evans, and all four of them sit down and attempt to chat. Stevie offers another non-apology for yet another shady post since the basketball game. Faith even agrees that Stevie tried it, but she married him.

This conversation ends with Mimi and Stevie verbally sparring with each other, again. Faith just ends dragging Stevie out of there.

Finally, the episode winds down back on Joc’s situation. He shows up to a party where she is, professes his love for her and then proposes. This is enough for Kendra do let go of her anger. She said yes. She claims to now understand that Jacil is for her and he’s ready to be her husband.

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Then we end the episode with Joc talking about how he’s happy he got Kendra back and how it’s time to trim the fat at the beauty shop so he doesn’t deal with this type of drama again, and then goes the montage with everyone talking about their goals, dreams, etc, summarizing the season.

We’ll see them all for the reunion, which will probably be dramaful (yes, dramaful), just the way we like it.


Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Lil Scrappy is currently hospitalized after being involved in a serious car crash.

The rapper posted a few photos of himself looking pretty banged up in the hospital. Thankfully he is doing good and is in recovery, but the crash seems serious enough to make him thankful to still be alive. Lil Scrappy confirmed that his friend Casino Roulette was also in the car with his at the time of the crash and is also hospitalized.

“Man God is great I can’t even show u the car o, thank God for given me a fam and people that rides with me @casinoroulette in here hurt too we f***ed up but God saved our lives #Godisgreat #Mercy #Grace,” Scrappy wrote on Instagram. “I’m blessed with a wife and daughter to help me back up but God is great and we are alive thanks big God #hospitalflow thank u to my moms too who came and made sure her Baybay aight and my mother in law came thru thank you too.”

Just last month, another Atlanta rapper, Offset, was involved in a serious car crash that sent him to the hospital. He also told fans that he is lucky to be alive and even bought a car for the man who helped rescued him from his mangled Dodge Challenger.

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Lil Scrappy’s wife Bambi, who is currently pregnant with the couple’s child, and his mother Momma Dee, are both at the hospital with the rapper.