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Lee Morse was an American singer, songwriter, composer, and guitarist, who worked primarily in the genres of jazz and blues music in the 1920s and 1930s. She garnered significant fame in the mid-1920s, and became one of the most celebrated recording artists in the world. Sat, Jul 31 St Louis, MO Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre. VIP Packages Get Tickets. Wed, Nov 10 Madrid, Spain WiZink Center. VIP Packages Get Tickets.

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Casino Madrid Discogs Tour

Casino Madrid Discogs

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Morse in 1927

Lee Morse was an American singer, songwriter, composer, and guitarist, who worked primarily in the genres of jazz and blues music in the 1920s and 1930s. She garnered significant fame in the mid-1920s, and became one of the most celebrated recording artists in the world.[1] She was marketed as 'America’s Leading Singer of Blues and Southern Mammy Songs.'[1]

Morse's discography includes over 60 singles of both self-composed and cover recordings, most of which were released by Perfect and Columbia Records in the 1920s. Morse continued to release singles with Columbia throughout the 1930s, as well as several releases for Decca Records. By the 1930s, however, Morse's professional career was in decline, as she struggled significantly with alcoholism. She frequently missed live engagements during this period, and her output of recorded material dwindled by the latter half of the decade.

Morse released two singles in 1950 through Decca, before dying unexpectedly in 1954. Several compilation albums chronicling her career have been released posthumously.



YearTitle (A-side / b-side)LabelCat. #NotesRef.
1924'Bring Back Those Rock-A-Bye Baby Days' / 'Mail Man Blues'Perfect12165[2]
1925'I Like Pie, I Like Cake' / 'Home'Perfect12189[3]
1925'In Old Madrid' / 'Juanita'Perfect11216[3]
1925'A Miss in Mississippi' / 'Don't Try to Cry Your Way Back to Me'Perfect12197[3]
1925'Are You Sorry' / 'The Shadows On The Wall'Perfect11581As Miss Lee Morse and Her Bluegrass Boys[2]
1925'Too Tired' / 'I Want To See My Tennessee'Perfect12179[2]
1925'Yes Sir, That's My Baby' / 'Ukulele Lady'Pathé10949[2]
1925'Sweet Man' / 'I'se Gwine Back To Dixie'Perfect11591As Miss Lee Morse and Her Bluegrass Boys[2]
1925'Dallas Blues' / 'Rocking Chair Blues 'Perfect11582[4]
1925'Cecilia' / 'Blue Soldier Blues'Perfect11586[4]
1925'What-Cha-Call-'Em-Blues' / 'Only This Time I'll Be True'Perfect11590As Miss Lee Morse and Her Bluegrass Boys[4]
1925'All Alone' / 'Lee's Lullaby'Perfect12181[2]
1926'Lonesome and Sorry' / 'A Little Love'Pathé25184As Miss Lee Morse and Her Bluegrass Boys[2]
1926'My Old Kentucky Home' / 'Old Folks At Home'Perfect11600[2]
1926'He's Still My Baby' / 'Sad and Lonesome Little Pickaninny'Perfect25194[5]
1926'To-Night You Belong to Me' / 'If You're Missing Me'Perfect11631[5]
1926'I Wonder Where My Baby Is To-Night' / 'My Sugar Babe'Perfect11599[2]
1926'Animal Crackers' / 'My Red-Headed, Blue-Eyed Colleen'Perfect11624As Miss Lee Morse and Her Bluegrass Boys[6]
1927'The Little White House' / 'Lonely Nights 'Perfect11635As Miss Lee Morse and Her Bluegrass Boys[2]
1927'Side By Side' / 'My Idea Of Heaven'Columbia947-D[2]
1927'We' / 'Rosita'Columbia1082-D[5]
1927'I've Looked All Over For A Girl Like You' / 'Dawning'Columbia1149-D[7]
1927'Where the Wild Flowers Grow' / 'I'd Love to Be in Love'Columbia1011-D[7]
1927'Somebody Said' / 'I Hate to Say Goodbye'Columbia1063-D[7]
1927'Did You Mean It?' / 'Old-Fashioned Romance'Columbia1199-D[7]
1928'Keep Sweeping the Cobwebs off the Moon' / 'Give Me a Good-Night Kiss'Columbia1276-D[7]
1928'Poor Butterfly Waits For Me' / 'After We Kiss'Columbia1328-D[7]
1928'In the Sing Song Sycamore Tree' / 'I'm Lonely'Columbia1381-D[7]
1928'When I Lost You' / 'Lonesome For You'Columbia1434-D[7]
1928'Be Sweet to Me' / 'Don't Keep Me in the Dark, Bright Eyes'Columbia1466-D[8]
1928'Mother and Dad' / 'Shadows on the Wall'Columbia1497-D[7]
1928'We (My Honey and Me)' / 'Rosita'Columbia1082-D[7]
1928'Mississippi Mud' / 'I Must Have That Man!'Columbia1584-DWith the Blue Grass Boys[7]
1928'Let's Do It' / 'If You Want the Rainbow'Columbia1659-DWith the Blue Grass Boys[7]
1928'You Are My Own' / 'Where the Shy Little Violets Grow'Columbia1716-DWith the Blue Grass Boys[7]
1928'Main Street' / 'Susianna'Columbia1752-DWith the Blue Grass Boys[7]
1929'Old Man Sunshine, Little Boy Blue Bird' / 'Don't Be Like That'Columbia1621-DWith the Blue Grass Boys[7]


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Casino Madrid Discogs
YearTitle (A-side / b-side)LabelCat. #NotesRef.
1930'Until Love Comes Along' / 'Blue, Turning Grey Over You'Columbia2101-DWith the Blue Grass Boys[9]
1930'Tain't No Sin (To dance around in your bones)'/ 'I'm Following You 'Columbia2136-DWith the Blue Grass Boys[9]
1930'Cooking Breakfast for the One I Love' / 'Sing, You Sinners'Columbia2165-DWith the Blue Grass Boys[9]
1930'Swingin' in a Hammock' / 'Seems to Me'Columbia2225-DWith the Blue Grass Boys[9]
1930'Little White Lies' / 'Nobody Cares if I'm Blue'Columbia2248-DWith the Blue Grass Boys[9]
1930'Just a Little While' / 'When the Organ Played at Twilight'Columbia2308-DWith the Blue Grass Boys[9]
1930'Wasting My Love on You' / 'Loving You the Way I Do'Columbia2333-DWith the Blue Grass Boys[9]
1930'You're Driving Me Crazy!' / 'He's My Secret Passion'Columbia2348-DWith the Blue Grass Boys[9]
1930'The Little Things in Life' / 'Tears'Columbia2365-DWith the Blue Grass Boys[9]
1931'I'm One of God's Children (Who Hasn't Got Wings)' / 'Blue Again'Columbia2388-DWith the Blue Grass Boys[9]
1931'Walkin' My Baby Back Home' / 'I've Got Five Dollars'Columbia2417-DWith the Blue Grass Boys[9]
1931'The Tune That Never Grows Old' / 'By My Side'Columbia2436-DWith the Blue Grass Boys[9]
1931'Let's Get Friendly' / 'I'm Thru with Love'Columbia2474-DWith the Blue Grass Boys[9]
1931'It's the Girl!' / 'I'm An Unemployed Sweetheart (Looking for Someone to Love)'Columbia2497-DWith the Blue Grass Boys[9]
1931'Love Letters in the Sand' / 'Moon Indigo'Columbia2530-DWith the Blue Grass Boys[9]
1931'Call Me Darling (Call Me Sweetheart, Call Me Dear)' / 'I'm For You a Hundred Percent'Columbia2564-DWith the Blue Grass Boys[9]
1932'One Hour With You' / Medley - 'Paradise' WaltzColumbia18001-DWith Eddy Duchin and His Central Park Casino Orchestra[10]
1932'When the Lights Are Soft and Low' / 'Lawd, You Made the Night Too Long'Columbia2650-D[8]
1932'Moonlight on the River' / 'Something in the Night'Columbia2705-D[9]
1933'In the Little White Church on the Hill' / 'The Rest of the World is Sleeping'BluebirdB-5044[8]
1933'Pettin' in the Park' / 'I've Got to Sing a Torch Song'BluebirdB-5052[8]
1938'When I Lost You' / 'Shadows on the Wall'Decca1919[8]
1938'Careless Love' / 'Sing Me a Song Of Texas'Decca63364[8]
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YearTitle (A-side / b-side)LabelCat. #NotesRef.
1950'Don't Ever Change a Picture on a Wall' / 'Longing'Decca27163With the Blue Grass Boys[8]
1950'Lonesome Darlin' / 'If Only You Knew'Decca27066With the Blue Grass Boys[8]

Compilation albums[edit]

1982Lee Morse RevisitedTake TwoVinyl[11]
1990Lee Morse (1925 - 1938): I'm a Real Kind MamaHarlequinCD[12]
1998A Musical PortraitTake Two2-CD set[13]
2005Echoes of a Songbird: 50 Recordings from 1924-1930Jasmine2-CD set[14]


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