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Enako cosplayed Persona 5 Royal’s Kasumi Yoshizawa and shared some fun anecdotes on the game.

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Sega and Atlus held a new Persona 5 Royal stream on September 27. The stream was special in how it only featured people who don’t know much about the Persona series, so they didn’t reveal anything new information-wise. They showed some new gameplay though. This was in order to better promote the game to those who don’t know the series. Everyone on stream admitted they were a bit tense as well.

The stream was MC’ed by multiple people, most notably Enako, Japan’s current most popular cosplayer. Enako was cosplaying Kasumi Yoshizawa. Her ponytail wig was really well styled and super cute.

The stream also featured multiple Japanese streamers and personalities I don’t really feel like introducing, as it’ll take me time looking up all their profiles. But basically keep in mind that nearly none of them ever played the Persona series.

Throughout the stream, Enako mentioned she did play the original Persona 5 though. Her favorite persona design-wise is Alice, and gameplay-wise it’s Yoshitsune. She also chatted about how she didn’t feel like hooking up Joker with any of the girls, because they all feel more like comrades than love interests, but ended up picking Ann.

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Personally speaking, I’ve never found Enako’s cosplays particularly amazing, and like most popular cosplayers nowadays, she mostly cosplays things I don’t care about like FGO. I gotta say she seemed perry cool during the stream though, so I’ve gotten a bit more interested now. You can find her Twitter here.

Anyway, most of the stream was explaining the Persona series and chatting about it, and then we got some live gameplay, at the timestamps linked below. First was a battle in the game’s 3rd Palace, and then another battle in the casino, showing Makoto and Ryuji’s Show Time. As a reminder, while they didn’t show any Show Time attack with Joker, they already confirmed Joker has a Show Time attack which unlocks lategame, probably with Goro.

After more chatting I won’t be summarizing as it wasn’t particularly interesting, they showed the beginning of Persona 5 Royal in live gameplay. We got to see the casino escape scene:

In particular, there’s a new part where Joker uses his Lupin Sansei-like phantom thief wire, and another new scene where Kasumi helps him out. This is interesting because Kasumi appears from the beginning of the story and transferred at the same time as Joker, but Futaba doesn’t recognize her. Joker does though, and Kasumi said they already fought together. Anyway enough speculation, we’ll know when the game releases.

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The stream ended after they recapped the upcoming Persona related events and goods releases, most notably the Star Ocean Anamnesis collab announced at TGS 2019. They also showed Kasumi gameplay in SOA for the first time:

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The stream ended with this. The latest Persona 5 Royal gameplay featured Joker and Goro. Joker’s seiyuu Fukujun also played the new Challenge Battles mode live at TGS 2019.

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PS4 exclusive Persona 5 Royal launches on October 31 in Japan and in Spring 2020 in the west. A feature answering if I felt like Persona 5 Royal’s additions were worth my time or not, having spent over 120 hours on the original, will probably be coming in early November.