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Struggling to find new ways to improve your casino player development? We’ve all been there, sitting in front of your computer or a meeting trying to come up with that next big idea that will give you the push you need for player development. More often than not, the solution boils down to bringing more players and guests through your door. After all, increasing the amount of players that visit your casino or the amount they play is paramount.

However, for your player development to be successful, you must deliver excellent guest service and make business decisions that will return a Profit refers to a financial gain, which is calculated by subtracting one's expenses for a time period from revenue earned. Profit is different from revenue in that revenue is the gross amount of a financial gain and revenue does not include expenses.'>profit for the casino. So, in today’s article, we at Profit Builder HD have put on our thinking caps and come up with a few event ideas that are a surefire way to turn a profit and give your player development program the boost it needs.

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Casino Player Development Event Ideas

Casino Player Development Manager

You have finally found articles about Casino Player Development! Become a Host if your dream is to work in Player Development. Host Articles if you are a Casino Host or Player Development Executive. Management Articles if you are Director of PD, or VP of PD/Marketing. We publish a new article each week. Player Development Executive Ameristar Casino Hotel East Chicago 3.8 East Chicago, IN 46312 Create new player accounts for the property through recruiting loyal players from competing casinos and outlying markets.


Who doesn’t love to earn points? This type of event is perfect for those big spenders and VIP players who aren’t interested in comps as much as they are just playing the games. You can begin this player development event by selecting an active group of players and a timeframe when you want to increase play. Once the players and time are decided on, reach out to your players through whatever channels you use, such as social media, SMS stands for “Short Message Service.” A SMS message contains 160 characters and is used to send small amounts of information between two or more individuals. SMS messaging is an effective method for companies to reach their clients on a personal one-on-one basis. Messages can be adapted to a specific individual and will resonate the message as long as the receiver keeps it on their phone.'>SMS messaging, direct mail, etc and invite them to participate. Whichever player earns the most points during the event wins.

The benefits of this event are that it can drive a good amount of revenue from your players, and it’s easy and inexpensive to set up. However, this competition does rely heavily on an up-to-date player database to ensure you’ve selected the right players to participate.

Casino Player Development Strategic Plan

Face to Face Prize Giveaway

Unlike the classic prize giveaway based on points, a face to face prize giveaway is an excellent option for casino hosts or development executives looking to meet their players, build relationships and create an unforgettable experience. Start this event by choosing a timeframe and then reaching out to your players. Let them know that if they find you on the Gaming is a term used in casinos to represent the many forms that a person can participate in. Any guest of the casino or resort that is of legal age may participate in either table games, machines, or in some cases, against other guests of the casinos. Analytics are kept on the performances of the gaming to help create a balance of the different styles of play.'>gaming floor during the event, they’ll get to choose an envelope containing a prize. Any prize could work for this event, such as comps, point bonuses, etc. Just make sure you plan out the prize pool in advance.

Prize Giveaway Variations

In addition to the face to face prize giveaway, there are a ton of other ways to give stuff away to get players into your casino. For example, you could host a cocktail party, dinner or any other gathering where players have the opportunity to pick a prize. You could even generate buzz with a mini game show in the style of “Deal or No Deal” or “The Price is Right.” The possibilities are endless, use your imagination!

Casino Player Development Manager Salary

As you can see, events can be an excellent way to boost your casino’s player development program, and once your players have experienced them, all other casinos will fail in comparison. If you want to find out more information about how you can improve player development or casino marketing, contact Profit Builder HD online at or by phone at (303) 835-8354. Our casino marketing team brings actual gaming and casino operations experience that is valuable in any market.