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Caesars welcomes those that are of legal casino gambling age to our website. is owned by Caesars Interactive Entertainment, Inc. Caesars Atlantic City, 2100 Pacific Avenue Atlantic City, NJ 08401. Any top casino will provide mobile roulette games for Android devices. Android users will have access to a full range of casino games on mobile, including European, American, and French roulette as.

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European Roulette Gold

Casino roulette online, free

European Roulette Gold


I love the roulette! It suits my secret Wombat agent image down to the ground, don’t you think? And when I’m in a roulette mood, I’m often to be seen on European Roulette Gold which is one of our top Microgaming variants along with Premier Roulette and Premier Roulette Diamond Edition.

Mobile Roulette

This is a mobile roulette game as well by the way- and it looks great on tablets. We got Q Branch to gear it up for all screen sizes and I’m working on a contact lens version (don’t hold your breath, this is proving more difficult than I thought).

The mobile version doesn´t have quite as many functions as the desktop version (no expert mode or stats), but it is still a very playable variant on smaller screens and includes a race-track area with the main Call Bets.

Per-Lace your bets please! You can test out the game by the way. You just need to register at Wombat Casino to play our free roulette demo.

Roulette Call Bets
This roulette variant is very easy to play, straight out of the box.

There´s a race-track betting area at the top of the screen for those players who like to make Call Bets like Les Voisins du Zero, Tiers Du Cylindre and les Orphelins (Neighbours, Tiers and Orphans). All those French Roulette bets- just make sure you say them in a sexy accent.

Also the standard Inside and Outside bets are easy to lay. Just select the chip size that you wish to play with and make your selection on the table.

Casino Roulette Oyna Games

If you want to lay a corner bet on 4 numbers, you just click or tap on the intersection of the lines between the numbers- it´s just how you play it on a roulette table in Monaco, baby!

Casino Roulette Oyna Hack

Expert Mode

Well, personally speaking, I’m always in Expert Mode, but in European Roulette Gold you’ll need to select it if you want to make fancy bets. You might also want to try out our Multi-Wheel Roulette if you fancy yourself as a bit of an expert.

At the bottom left of the game, you´ll see a number of red buttons with more options. The Expert Button will bring up a screen where you can save up to eight custom betting layouts, plus you´ll have even more betting options such as the red and black splits bet, and the Finales bets (both a Cheval or with split bets and en Plein with single number bets).

Customised Neighbours Bets

Everybody needs good neighbours, right? Well, in this game, you can lay a neighbours bet on any number and pick the number of neighbours you would like to cover- a great way of covering zones of the wheel and makes a good alternative to playing some of the other outside bets. Instead of laying a bet on one of the dozens, for example, you could play 6 neighbours either side of your chosen number giving you a 13 pocket cover- just over a third of the table rather than a dozen bet which would be just under a third.

More Settings and Plenty of Stats
Hit the settings button (the wheel cog symbol) and you can customise the game even further- set the time during which you can still lay bets as the wheel is spinning here. If you hit the “%” button, you´ll bring up some comprehensive stats on all the numbers and the outside bets that have dropped in during your session.

As batman once told me: “all data, files, backup disks, on my desk right away!”


This excellent roulette game spins me right round!
It should satisfy both casual players in standard mode and more experienced punters in the expert mode. The game works well across different screen sizes too.

Casino Roulette Oyna Play

Wombat Score: 4/5