Casino Themed Food Ideas

To think of having a casino themed party itself shows excitement to your friends especially for those who loves gambling when you send them the invite. This is a great way to gamble and have fun with friends without losing much of money as of casino 😉


A little sweet, a little savory - these crostini with caramelized onions and melted cheese are the perfect comfort food appetizers. Casino Night Cocktail Party Black jack, roulette, and a whole lotta winning foods to help you keep your head in the game. All bets are on this elegant meal, served buffet style so you can move. For instance, you could play food roulette, a casino inspired game that’s a big hit at all such parties. You can learn more about it here. Easy games are the lifeline of a casino party. Those who love to take risks can try them out at birthday, Christmas, dinner and kitty parties with the Casino theme. Decorate the venue with posters from gambling films like Casino Royale and Maverick to set the mood for a happening night.

  • Send casino themed party invitations to your friends with a feeling that their night will be one to remember.
  • Also put some numbers on the invitations and make sure that your guests bring their invitations.
  • In-between the party announce any three nos. which you have written on the invitations cards.
  • The three winners will get chance to play free the money games.

Casino Themed Party Food Ideas


  • Decorate the entrance with a banner “Welcome to Casinos’ by giving a genuine feeling of Las Vegas.
  • The entrance should either be decorated with red and black balloons or with casino themed balloons in a arch shape.
  • Can also decorate the entrance by making props of red and white dice, cover large cardboard boxes with playing cards on it.
  • Hang playing card danglers, casino swirls, posters, dice balloons, card shaped balloons etc. around the party area.
  • Put some casino side cutouts of Blackjact, Craps, Poker etc.
  • Arrange some gaming tables on rent for playing poker, blackjack, roulette etc. and some regular tables for playing other card games in such a way that it should give a lively casino look.
  • For table decoration keep attractive slot machines, playing card etc. centerpieces along with dice candles.
  • Put green felt on your tables which will make everyone feel like they are sitting down for a game.
  • Turn the lights low and string twinkly lights everywhere to create mood.
  • Use casino themed serving trays, plates, glasses, paper napkins, coasters etc. for serving drinks and snacks.
  • For snacks you can have cards shaped sandwiches, cookies, brownies sausage rolls, chips, spinach and artichoke dip, Swedish meatballs, stuffed olives, etc.
  • Music is always an integral part of any party. Play some Vegas and gambling theme tunes like Let’s to to Vegas, Poker face, Waking up in Vegas etc. .

Dress Code

  • No formal dress code.
  • Dress up in your casual jean and t-shirts.
  • Arrange themed hats, cigars and sunglasses for men and some dice bead necklaces, bracelets to women to wear as they arrive.


Casino Party Themed Food Ideas

  • If you are arranging gaming tables on rent then hire a professional dealer also to explain how to play the games in case some of your guests are first timers.
  • Some of the following games can also be played Do You Know Casino, Bid On The Cards, Casino Tokens, Search Your Pair, Playing Card Race etc.
  • Look for more playing card games here.

Return Gifts

Las Vegas Themed Food Ideas

  • Playing cards shuffler
  • Playing cards and dice sets
  • Casino themed mug set,key-rings, cuff-lings etc.
  • Casino photo stand
  • Alarm clock in dice or playing cards shape.
  • A pack of dice shaped chocolates
  • Chocolate coins to look like poker chips wrapped in shot glasses.