Craps Dealing Tips

Don’t remind the dealer of your bet if you haven’t gotten paid right away. Watch the dealer and your spot in the order. If you have, say, a hard-way bet that was somehow forgotten (it can happen), it’s certainly appropriate to politely remind the dealer of your hard-way bet, but do so only after the standard place bets have all been paid. Craps For Dummies and er.You! Craps can seem intimidating. It’s littered with strange words, odds, and numbers that seem out of context. Meanwhile, practiced players stand around the table cheering, groaning and yelling words that seem to make little sense. Here are some tips to help you perfect your craps strategies: Of all the craps tables you can play, it’s easier to win craps if the dice aren’t bouncing off the table. So, stay away from bouncy craps tables. (Those dealing craps and running the pit find it annoying as well). Apart from the dealers, the other employees responsible for making your stay at the casino pleasant and dependant on tips are the cocktail waitresses. If you get a complimentary drink, don't forget to tip. Casino waitresses usually share their tips with the bartender. A tip of $1 per drink is considered fine.

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First of all, you should always tip the dealers at the craps table.

Before we get into everything else, tipping the dealers is just the right thing to do. These men and women work hard, are not paid the highest wages, are on their feet all day, are serving multiple ‘customers’ (players) at the same time, and count on tips to make a decent wage.

Craps dealing tips

I’ve always tipped the dealers at the craps table, and have always been very generous in tipping them, but… I learned that I was doing it all wrong, and I want to share what I learned with you.

Let me explain what I mean by that.

You leave tips for the service you’re provided. At the craps tables, you’re counting on the dealers to take care of your bets, make sure you’re paid out correctly, and ensure that you’re having fun at the table.

Like me, you’re probably used to tipping at the end of your stay, no different than when you eat at a restaurant, you leave your tip when you pay the check. Your tip is relevant to the size of your bill and the level of service you were provided.

I used to do the same thing. After coloring up, I would throw a generous number of chips on the table and say “Thanks! That’s for the crew”. The more I won, and the better the dealers took care of me, the more I would throw on the table. The dealers are always more than appreciative as many don’t leave a tip at all.

Then one day, I remember it like it was yesterday, I was in Atlantic City and walked up to a craps table. I won’t say which casino I was at because, even though this was a bad experience, overall the dealers at this casino have been great, AND I was taught a valuable lesson that day as well.

As usual, after buying in, I start my betting off slow as I’m assessing the table. (I’ll talk more about assessing the table in a later post.) I also use that time to assess the other players as well, and I notice one of the regulars at the other side of the table.

He’s an older gentleman, great shooter, and I bet big when he has the dice. He does the same when the dice are in my hands too. I nod to him and he nods back. We always acknowledge each other, but have never actually spoken. He usually plays left of stick and I’m always right of stick based on our throwing styles.

Anyway, the dice come to me and I start my usual roll and betting.

I having a great roll, when all of a sudden, the stick decides he’s going to be a hero for the casino. I set the dice, pick them up, and he starts waving his stick up and down across the table.

I put the dice down and look him in the eye and he lowers the stick across the table. I pick the dice back up and just as I’m throwing the dice, he raises the stick in my way again.

I looked at him and said ‘You’re kidding me, right!’ He didn’t respond, but kept waving his stick every time I got ready to throw.

All I kept thinking was, I probably tip you guys more than most others, and the more I win, the more I tip, so why on earth would you be trying to get in my way?

When I finally sevened out, I colored up, still made my money, but left a smaller than usual tip on the table and started to walk away, still angry from what just happened.

As I was walking away, the older gentleman I had mentioned earlier, stopped me and said, ‘Buy me a cup of coffee, I want to teach you something’. Thinking that was odd, I still said ‘Sure, why not’. So he colored up, and we walked over to the coffee shop.

I bought him a coffee (black, straight up) and we sat at a table out of the way. As we sat, he said, ‘Listen, I’ve watched you play, you shoot great and you have a betting method that works, but you tip all wrong’.

I was flattered but taken back by his comment on my tipping. I said, ‘What do you mean, I’m probably more generous than most, and even more so when I win big’.

He said ‘Yes, but I want to teach you how to leave even more for the dealers without spending more money, and how to use tipping to work to your favor as well’.

He then proceeded to teach me the ‘right way’ to tip.

I want to thank him for the valuable lesson he taught me and want to share that lesson with each of you.

1) Tip early and often, not just at the end of your play.

  • By tipping early, you let the dealers know you have them in mind. It keys the dealers in to your play and they’ll take much better care of you throughout your time at the table.
  • This works especially well when you’re playing a different casinos where the dealers don’t know you or when a newer crew is on the table.

2) When you first get to the table and are assessing the trend, throw down a chip or two and say ‘Any point, for the table’.

  • The dealers will of course be appreciative, you’re letting them know you have them in mind, but even more importantly… where will those chips go? The dealers have been seeing the trend on the table and they’ll place the chips on the numbers that have been coming out. This makes assessing the table and figuring out the current hot numbers a lot easier.
  • Go ahead and follow that up with a place bet on the same number. This works more often than you would think.
  • You also get some lower risk action going as you’re assessing the table for yourself.

3) Make the dealers a partner in your rolls. Throw down a chip or two for the dealers on your point, or hardways for them.

  • Again, they’re more than appreciative, and they win if you win.
  • They become your biggest supporters while you’re rolling and will help to make sure distractions are kept to a minimum.
  • You’ll be surprised at the added level of help and advice you’ll get from the dealers. Not only things like double checking that you’re getting paid out correctly, but also letting you know if heat is on the way.
  • Believe it or not, you’ll even have times when the dealers are cheering you making points. Why? Because they’re winning along with you.

The above sounds so simple, but you don’t know what you don’t know. That was me before being given this lesson in tipping.

Now the dealers make more in tips because hitting a hardway gets them nine dollars instead of one, I spend about as much in tipping the dealers as I would have anyway, but now I have the crew on my side when I’m at the table.

Here are just a few examples of the benefits I’ve received since changing to this style of tipping.

  • I’ve gotten credited for additional comps while I’m playing.
  • No dealer, or stick, has tried to slow or interfere with my rolling the dice since.
  • I’ve had ‘Come Bets ‘missed’ (left on the table) when a craps rolls.
  • The same with ‘Don’t Come’ bets when an 7 or 11 rolls.
  • There was a random roller throwing multiple 6s and 8s, I threw down $72 and said $36 6 & 8 as the shooter was throwing the dice. He rolled a seven, but the dealer said ‘I’m sorry sir, I couldn’t hear you, that was a ‘no bet”. Of course he heard me, so I picked up my $72 and place a $5 hard 6 and 8 for the dealers. (He just smiled at me because he knew that I knew.)
  • On more crowded tables, the dealers will remind the players next to you to give the shooter room to shoot.
  • I even had a time when I place a different than usual bet for myself and the boxman stopped the entire table just as a guy was about to roll the dice because he thought the dealer mis-placed my bet.

I could go on and on about the benefits I’ve received from changing my style of tipping, but the bottom line is.

  • The dealers make more in tips
  • I spend the same in tips as I always did
  • And, I’ve received benefits worth tens of times more than the tips I leaving.

Try it this way and I’m confident you’ll never go back to tipping just at the end of your play.

In a future post, I’ll get into all the different ways you can tip the dealers while your rolling.


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Have you come here to find an answer to the eternal question how to make a killing at a casino? I don’t want to disappoint you, but there is no definite answer to this question. Nobody has and won’t be able to reach such level of skill which could influence on the outcome of rolling a pair of dice during a craps game. The best strategy is managing your bets.

  • Like with other casino games, set a loss limit for yourself and decide when to walk away with winnings. If you can’t afford to lose more than $300, you should decide beforehand that $300 will be your absolute limit for losing and then you must stick to that limit. In the horrid event that you lose your $300 bankroll, you should stop playing, as opposed to wagering more.
  • It might be a good idea to split your bankroll: If $300 is your loss limit, divide it in half, putting $150 in different pockets. If with the first $150 you win any sum that puts you more than $80 above your starting $150, put $150 back in your pocket and play with your winnings. Try to play exclusively with your winnings, and smart betting can help you achieve it. If, in spite of everything, Lady Luck is not with you, and you lose first $150 bankroll and then a second $150 without a significant win, quit for the night!
  • Keeping calm while playing craps is very important. Since all players are betting against the casino, groups of players can get quite noisy when they win or lose together. It is nice to join with enthusiastic displays, however, do not allow you to do so because this will distract you from sensible management of your bankroll and informed betting.
  • Try to bet on 1) Pass Line bets backed by free odds 2) Come Bets backed by free odds and 3) Place Bets on 6 or 8. You know there is a wide variety of bets offered on a craps table, but only a few have a reasonable house edge. Dealers and Stick men have been trained to encourage you to make other, less favourable bets; pay them no mind. Betting in craps is rather complex so you should get experience making the basic and more likely bets before risking any of the more unlikely ones. Furthermore, although advanced craps strategy involves multiple simultaneous bets which can earn players more profit in the game, beginners are advised to gradually increase the complexity of their craps betting. This way you can master the skills of craps betting step by step.

Craps Dealing Tips

Where to play craps online?
Craps dealing tips

Guide to Getting the Most out of Playing Craps

We can’t guarantee you will win every session with these tips, but according to anecdotal reports these tips increase your chances of winning. Your mileage may vary. Good luck and may Lady Luck shine down upon you.

Blackjack Dealing Tips

  1. Dice control. Watch for shooters who don’t shake the dice before each roll, and who roll the same way each time. They have better control over the dice than random throwers. When you find one of those shooters, play at his/her table, and bet with the shooter, if he/she is winning.
  2. Hit and run. If you understand the advanced wagers and you want to win big and quickly, bet the long odds. Be prepared to lose quickly, as well. Cut and run when you have made your killing. Without the discipline to walk away a winner, it is assured that you won’t walk away a winner.
  3. Go with the streak – Bet more when you are hot, less when you are not.
  4. Keep your eye on the player with the most chips. This is so obvious that you might not think of it. Emulate the table winner. There’s no law against being a copycat, and imitation is the highest form of flattery. You can bet smaller amounts than the high roller. Remember the saying, ‘Follow the money!’
  5. Assess the situation. Before plunking your money down at any old craps table, take the time to assess the table, the players and the current shooter.
  6. Don’t make Proposition bets. Leave them to others unless you like to play the worst odds at craps, let those who fall for the dealer’s hoopla play the Proposition bets.
  7. Avoid table minimums over your head. Find a table minimum that is within your budget.
  8. Pay no attention to the dealer’s appeals. When the dealer induces to make the high house advantage bets, ignore this appeal, and place your money on Odds bets instead.
  9. Back up your Pass/Don’t Pass and Come/Don’t Come bets with Odds bets. If you are not willing to bet the Odds bets, search for a lower-minimum table or another game to play. Always back up the basic bets with Odds bets to decrease the house edge to a bare minimum and maximize your chances of winning.
  10. If they lay, they play. If you don’t collect your winnings when the dealer places them in front of you, you’ll wind up parlaying your winnings into the next roll whether you want to or not.

Bonus Money Guide for Craps

The ability to manage your money is very important when playing craps. Everyone is eager to leave the casino a big winner, however, more likely than not, you will go home with a slight loss. The casinos might go broke if everyone left casino with a win. That’s why the casino always has an advantage over the player. Fortunately, craps has the best possible house edge if you place the Pass/Don’t Pass, Come/Don’t Come bets and the Odds bets.

But that’s not all there is to winning. If you want to win, you must be disciplined and have a proper mental attitude. If you can make good use of your bets by placing the Odds bets, manage your money and keep your head in the orchestrated chaos we call craps, you will surely have a great time and get the highest chances to walk away with some extra money.

Money Management Made Simple

There are lots of money management schemes around, but not all of them successful. Try to find the one that will work for you, and stick to it. You can use several in combination as well. Do whatever that can bring your losses to nothing or leave the casino with some of the money won during a game of craps. Try to be strict with yourself. You’ve declared war to the casino gods whose only goal is to take away your money.

When playing craps you can make and lose fortunes in a flash. In the event that you have managed to somehow win big money (not something you sometimes pull off when you play at a casino); get the heck out of Dodge. Don’t stay a minute longer. Just get out of there. Run; don’t walk, as fast as you can, and don’t look back.

Establish your bankroll, and abide by it. When your bankroll runs out, you should go away. You should never bet with money that you can’t afford to lose.

If you are on a winning streak, try to put away at least half your winnings, and play only with your original bankroll. Once the original bankroll is gone, you still go away with some money. You can also use this strategy in reverse: put your original bankroll away and only play with your winnings.

Divide your bankroll by 50, and you can probably have a good time for hours. For example, if you have $100, wager no more than $2 per round.

Money Stretching Strategy

Assume you start with a stake of $100, and you want to play as long as you can.

  1. Divide the $100 into two stacks worth of $50 each.
  2. Play with only one stack, and try to play at a table with a $2 minimum.
  3. If you win $50, take the $100 off the table and cash in the chips. Put the $100 away somewhere.
  4. If you lose, only play with the $50 until it runs out. Leave the table and cash in your chips. You can’t play without chips. Save the remaining $50 until after you have taken a break.

If you go away with some money in your pocket, you will be in a good mood realizing you have had a good time at the craps table.

Play with Your Head Screwed on Right

Craps is a vivid and fast-paced game that wants concentration and fast reflections amidst the chaos. Play craps only when you feel you are up to the task. Your energy level probably affects your play, and your play will surely affect your mental attitude. Make sure you are on firm ground when you are going to sit down at the craps table. If you aren’t, consider another less vivid game or go to some other place to have fun until you are up to the craziness that is the favourite of the impetuous crowd – craps!