Craps Rolling Dice Techniques

Craps – detecting winning streaks strategy

Craps is a strange mix of statistics and luck, but the Golden Arms – those who have rolled winning dice for more than an hour – say there is a method to the magic. Business California. The ‘dice bar’ should ‘roll’ off your finger tips causing a backspin on the dice bar throughout the flight The dice are released when your hand is about 12 inches off the surface of the table You want the ‘dice bar’ flight to travel at an angle between 30 to 45 degrees into the air then land into your practice box.

Craps is a very popular casino game and as such, there are many players who are looking for various effective strategies. There are strategies as to the way to bet, the types of bets to use, different betting systems and etc. There are many players who claim or seem to be able to manipulate the roll of the craps dice and this way roll what they want to in order to win (you may also read our dice control article).

By taking a look at the statistics, we will notice that winning streaks really happen in craps and therefore any player would really want to take as much advantage of that as possible. If you notice a shooter that is on a winning streak, no matter if it is superstition or he is manipulating the dice roll, you should stick with him because he is likely to win again. When a player is in a winning streak, this means that he is lucky and the statistics show that the chance for him to win again is good.

Our craps strategy to detect the winning streaks is all about finding the streaks in the game and take advantage of them. You may well take advantage of someone’s losing streak too. Just bet against the craps bet of the unlucky shooter.

Craps tips

Craps Rolling Dice Techniques

Craps is a very popular game among the casino players around the world. Apart from the strategies that you may find on MyCasinoStrategy, you may also read our craps tips, which will make your game more successful. Following our guidelines will be useful to you and your gameplay. The tips which we have gathered for you will help you play this interesting game better and win more.

  1. Always tip the craps dealer!

An important advice for a game of craps is to give tips to the dealer when you are on a winning streak. This will create a pleasant gaming environment and more people will want you to win and will be happy when you win. The environment is very important to somebody who is playing a game with dice. It will give you confidence to take advantage of the game and the winning streaks that are happening.

  1. Always know when to stop playing!

A problem of many players is that they do not know when to stop playing and quit. This may cost you a lot because if you are not in a mood to play, you are upset or angry, your bad session will most probably continue and it may even get worse. Very important advice is never to chase your losses and if you are in a bad session you’d better stop playing craps. Only play when you feel comfortable because that’s when you will have your best game.

  1. Place bets according to your resources!

During a game of craps, it is very important for every player to know what his resources are and how to use them effectively. A player must never place large bets if he or she doesn’t possess enough money to continue the game after that in case of a loss. For example, if you have allocated $1000 for playing craps, you need to place individual bets of not more than $20-$30. This will give you the opportunity to stay in the game for a longer period in case of an unlucky streak. If you’ve got a balance of $100, for example, you should place bets of $2-$3 (for the same reason).

Craps strategies

Craps is a game which has started gaining popularity during the Middle Ages. Throughout this whole time period, the game has been evolving until it becomes the game of craps that we see and play nowadays. It is being played all over the world and is one of the most popular casino games ever. You may easily notice that people playing craps are present in almost every movie in which casinos are involved – Diamonds Are Forever, for example, the famous movie about James Bond.

Due to the popularity of the game, people have always tried to develop different craps strategies, which they’d like to use in order to make the casino edge lower and thus win when playing the game. On MyCasinoStrategy, you may find several strategies, which you may use to make your chances to win better than ever. One of our craps strategies is suitable for beginner players – basic craps strategy. Also we’ve got a strategy which is suitable for experienced players – advanced craps strategy. It is all up to you to choose which one you want to go with.

Basic craps strategy

The simplest and the easiest basic craps strategy for a beginner player is to learn the rules of the game and the types of bets, and make good use of them. There are many types of bets that a player can place during the game, however, the different types of bets have different casino odds. The casino edge may vary depending on the type of bet that you have chosen to place and our basic craps strategy is all about placing the bets with the lowest casino odds. Here are the different types of bets with the corresponding edge of the casino over the players:

  1. Pass Line/Don’t Pass Line/Come/Don’t Come bets – 1.40%
  2. Field Bets – 5.60%
  3. Big 6/Big 8 – 9.10%
  4. Horn – 12.50%
  5. Craps 2/Craps 12 – 13.90%
  6. Any 7 – 16.70%

As you can see, the casino edge is lowest when you place Pass Line, Don’t Pass Line, Come or Don’t Come bets – 1.40%. Therefore, as a beginner player the best strategy for you when playing craps is to place the types of bets with the lowest casino advantage possible.

Advanced craps strategy

Once you have learned how to make a good use of the types of bets where the casino has the lowest advantage possible and you have mastered our basic strategy, you may move forward and learn the advanced craps strategy that we have presented right before you.

Our advanced strategy requires you to place $3 3-way bet together with a Pass Line bet. The Pass Line bet will protect you from 7s. The $3 on 3-way bet, would be for the numbers 12, 3 and 2 ($1 each). The payout for 12 and 2 is 30:1 while for 3 it is 15:1. If 12 or 2 comes out, you will get $30. If 3 comes out, you will get $15.

You will bet $40 on Pass Line and 3-way craps bet for $3 ($1 on 12, $1 on 2 and $1 on 3). Along with them you will bet $5 on 4, 5, 9 and 10, and $6 on 6 and 8.

The information on this website may not be accurate and our gambling materials do NOT promise or guarantee winnings in any way. Use the information on this website at your own risk. Gambling with real money poses a great risk and everyone must do it wisely, under his own responsibility and will.

Craps Rolling Dice Techniques Pdf

Craps is an absolute blast, and one of the most exciting games in a casino, but it can be intimidating to new players.

We’ve slapped together 10 common craps mistakes made by newbies.

1. Trying to hand cash to a dealer.

Dealers aren’t allowed to take cash from your hand, so simply lay your money on the table. The dealer will give you chips, and you’re ready to stick it to the house.

2. Not holding the dice over the table.

There are lots of rules in casinos, typically intended to either keep people from cheating or employees from stealing. Always keep the dice in sight of the dealers and boxman. We’d explain what a “boxman” is, but it’s not that kind of list.

Want to make $1,000 from a $1 investment? Bet a “hard six.” Hit it three times before you “seven out” and you get a grand!

3. Touching the dice with two hands.

It’s exciting shooting the dice, and if you’re a craps virgin, experienced players are going to love having you shoot the dice, too. Just make sure to only use one hand to shake or throw the dice. Using two hands makes the house nervous (as some cheaters try to switch the dice for loaded ones).

4. Not hitting the back wall.

Throw the dice all the way down, or the dealers will let you hear about it. This ensures each roll is truly random, and there’s no funny business (sometimes called “dice control” or “precision shooting”) going on.

Just look for these bad boys at the opposite end of the table, and hit them with the dice. No pressure.

Craps Rolling Dice Techniques Printable

5. Not knowing the chip denomination colors.

We saw this one at a downtown casino recently, and it was adorable. Before you begin play, make sure you know the colors associated with each denomination of chip. Red chips, for example, are typically worth $5. Green are worth $25, and so on. This helps a lot when a helpful dealer says, “If you’d like to bet on 6 and 8, I’ll need $12.” Otherwise, chaos.

6. Holding a drink over the table.

Yes, people sometimes drink when they gamble. That leads to spills, and the felt on table games is especially vulnerable. So, take a sip and place your drink on the special “rail” down below (and don’t forget to tip your waitress). The chip rail is on top, by the way, with ample room for your winnings.

See the drink rail? It’ll keep your cocktail out of harm’s way.

7. Dangling hands over the table.

Seasoned gamblers are very superstitious, especially craps players. Avoid their hard stares by keeping your hands out of the way of the dice. Hands are better put to use clapping in support of hot shooters.

8. Shouting out late bets.

“Get your bets in early!” is a common saying among dealers. Waiting until the last minute to make a bet can cause confusion and delays at the table. Make your bets when the dice are in the middle of the table, before they’re pushed to the shooter.

9. Mistaking dealer placed bets for self-serve.

Craps Rolling Dice Techniques For Beginners

Some craps bets are made directly by players, and others are made by the dealers. For the most part, anything within arm’s reach is your responsibility. Otherwise, set your chips in the middle of the table (the area marked “Come” is a good spot), and tell the dealer your bet. If you’re confused about which bets are which, just watch and ask questions. You’ll find other players and dealers are very helpful. Note: It’s best not to ask lots of questions during a hot roll. You’ll mess with the mojo.

Craps tip: Don’t bet the Big 6 and 8. The same bet pays more if you “place” those numbers with the dealer. You’re welcome.

10. Saying “seven” at the table.

Craps Rolling Dice Techniques Free

Speaking of mojo, this is one of the worst transgressions a new craps player can make. Don’t say the word “seven” out loud at the craps table. Our hands are actually shaking just typing that word. Part of the fun of craps is learning the rituals of the game, the jargon, the ridiculous rules and superstitions. This isn’t one of the ridiculous ones, by the way. Don’t say “seven”! Just trust us, we are a Las Vegas blog.

Craps rolling dice techniques printable

Now that you know some of the gaffs new craps players make, you can avoid them and take part in one of the most thrilling casino games, ever.

Remember to have fun stick to the basics of the game when you’re first starting out.

Catch a hot roll and you could reach legend status in a mere three to four hours. Actual results may vary.