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The Deputy Minister of the Interior of the Netherlands, Raymond Knops, outlined the necessary measures to reform the online gambling license processes in Curacao. This article will look at who can affect the further work of the most popular poker rooms.

How do Curacao licenses work?

Gaming licenses issued in Curacao (a constituent country on the Caribbean island of the same name that belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands) are very popular among modern poker rooms.

The main advantages of this license for gaming sites are the following:

The Curacao Gaming Commission was established in 1996 and it is associated with the Government Of Netherlands Antilles. This Commission was incorporated in 2001 and controls about 30 operators. This Commission provides an extensive online Gambling license that includes and covers all skill games, sports betting and chance. Oct 29, 2020 The actual cost of Curacao gaming licenses is also less when compared to others but keep in mind that there are a number of external fees to be considered too. Firstly sub-license fees usually work out to somewhere in the range of €/$4,000 -€/$5,000 per year. Curacao online gambling license is comprised of different aspects, which is why the gambling company registration can cost $11 500-50 000. Curacao online gambling license is costs $34 000 today. This includes registration, annual maintenance, investments to eGaming and the rest.

  • One license covers all forms of gambling (poker, betting casino).
  • The licensing process is fast.
  • Low cost. The basic license, which entitles you to sublicense, costs $34k, with a monthly fee of $5,6k for the first 2 years.
  • The tax is paid in profit, not turnover, and does not exceed 2%.
  • Curacao, as part of the Netherlands, has the status of an EU member.

Curacao does not have a government regulatory body. Also, there are several 'main licensees,' private companies operating on a commercial basis—for example, Curacao eGaming and Antillephone N.V.

Thousands of companies hold Curacao licenses because it is effortless to obtain them and boosts the reliability of any site, but because of the lack of control over the operator's activities, this license is not considered prestigious.

How to file a complaint against a poker room?

If you want to resolve your dispute with a licensed Curacao room by contacting the regulator, you can submit a complaint. On the room's site, scroll down the main page and look for the licensee's logo image (for example, Curacao eGaming). It must be an active link.

  • On the license page, click the 'File a complaint' button.
  • A form to submit complaints will then open. It must be completed in English.
  • You must include your name, email address for communication, and email or username of the account in the room.

You can detail the situation with the poker room in the field below:

Check the box to accept the rules, and submit the complaint.

If there are no links to the license, you can write to support, find out the license details (company, number), and write to the licensee's site. However, you should not have hope that such appeals will be effective.

Precedents of complaints in Curacao

Online poker players rarely bring their problems to the gambling commission. The few cases that we are aware of were related to banned accounts and seized funds. None of them were resolved in favor of the player.

For example, in 2017, MPN players received the following response from Curacao to their claims:

'The operator has provided proof that you have breached terms and conditions by using automated playing software. That is the reason your accounts were blocked.'

That is, the regulator simply agrees with the decision of the poker room, accepts their evidence, and informs the player about this. After this, the incident is considered settled.

It's not that other licensors deal with players' complaints in any other way. Recall the story of 'Mercator' in 2017. In his case, the Gibraltar Commission also sided with the room (partypoker), and the site returned the money to the player only after he went to court.

Reform in 2021

It's unclear whether, for the reasons described above or for other reasons, recently, the Dutch government linked the payment of financial support to Curacao in the pandemic context with the need to reform the online gambling licensing process.

Raymond Knops, Deputy Minister of the Interior of the Netherlands, reached the island's authorities. Its main provisions were published in the Curacao Chronicle:

  1. Prepare by March 1, 2021, a package of bills on an independent regulatory state body to control online gambling, with the power to revoke any licenses.
  2. Eliminate the 'Main Licensees' program, leveling the rights and obligations of all private entities that hold a Curacao license.
  3. Modify the payment of all taxes and fees directly, regardless of the place of registration of the operator (now many sub-licensees hardly pay taxes because, for example, they work through Cyprus).

Prepare by September 2021 a compliance plan to force gambling sites to comply with the domestic legislation in which they operate.

In general, the upcoming changes in the licensing process should increase state control over the gambling industry and bring more order to this area, and hopefully will lead to more attention to the issues of players from the Curacao Gambling Commission.

What awaits licensed rooms?

The last point of the reform raises the most questions as it can significantly affect the regular operation of many poker rooms. Currently, GGPoker, TigerGaming, PokerKing, RedStar Poker, and dozens of small rooms hold Curacao licenses.

There are two possible ways to interpret the rule about the need to comply with the laws of the country in which the room operates (soft and hard):

  1. Compliance will be required only in countries that have already regulated the gambling market, and a government body supervises it. Then sites with a Curacao license will have to request a local license or leave such countries. The restriction may apply only to EU countries.
  2. The rule will also apply to countries where online poker is treated differently, from a complete ban (as in China) to working only through legal partners.

Most rooms will probably not be satisfied with any of the above scenarios and will prefer to move to other jurisdictions. In any case, a detailed bill will be published in almost a year, and its adoption and implementation may be delayed indefinitely. We will follow the news on this topic.

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If you are an entrepreneur and want to expand in this field, our advice is to focus on expanding online casinos in Curacao. This is one of the most popular places when it comes to gambling and that is one of the reasons why it is our choice. Why is this place so popular when it comes to online gambling? In the 90’s, it was regulated and thus became one of the standard things until today.

California Gambling License

However, a few years later, it turned out that this place really has the best license for online gambling, and that set them apart from everyone else. First of all, the popularity came about thanks to an incredibly cost-effective license. Fees are also very low, and there are no taxes at all. If you are a beginner in this, you will be glad to read all this. Another great thing is the very fast and simple process, so after the application, the whole job is completed in a couple of weeks.

These are just some of the many benefits that this choice can bring you. To learn more about it as well as some new changes, keep reading and discover all the magic of this place.

Curacao Gambling License Cost

Curacao Gambling License Cost Fees

Why do you need a license to operate an online casino?

Many people wonder why they need this document, but without it you simply cannot manage an online casino. So, you also need legal approval and you can only get that if they grant you a license for this job. In this way, people can offer their services around the world, open accounts, sign up, etc. On the other hand, the absence of a license is an illegal business and is not correct.

However, many countries offer different licenses. It is also very important to consider, because each of them is individual and has its advantages and disadvantages. It is important to consider your needs and what you can get out of it all. That’s why people around the world mostly choose Curacao. In the previous part of the text, we listed several advantages of the license, and in addition we must add the possibility of paying with cryptocurrencies. This means that Bitcoin, Ether and many others are available to you.

Why is a Curacao license great for beginners?

We mentioned to you that this is a great opportunity for those who are just starting their business and want to one day become great entrepreneurs. Therefore, such people do not need an expensive, complex and time-consuming process of obtaining a license, but quite the opposite. For that reason, we recommend Curacao, because although the price of the license varies, it adapts to everyone’s budget. This means that it will mainly depend on the needs of the applicant.

If you are a beginner and you are still unsure of your decision, it would be best to consult with experts. They will give you all the necessary information according to your requirements and possibilities.

What are the conditions for obtaining a license?

As you can imagine, it’s not that easy to get a license today. No matter who you choose, sometimes it’s just easier or harder. That’s why there’s a whole process you have to go through to apply for a permit. Thanks to the fantastic conditions offered by the Curacao protocol, it is extremely simple and customized.

For example, some of the requirements you have to meet are related to a police license, personal documents, bills, etc. You also need a recommendation from an accountant or your lawyer. In this way, you present evidence of your good reputation. When it comes to other documents, you are left with contracts, online casino policy, ownership documents, etc. Don’t forget the company’s accounts, but it’s all part of the same process that is solved very quickly as everything else.

However, there have been some problems lately that have led to some changes when it comes to the Curacao gambling license.

Why do license changes need to be made?

The world pandemic has created a big problem for everyone and that is evident. Some of them have left a great impact. This refers to an economy that has experienced a great decline.

Accordingly, the Netherlands has made some new decisions in order to strengthen the national economy. So, these measures should ensure Curacao’s recovery by changing the laws of online gambling.


The changes are based on a regulator called GCB, which will take effect in 2021. The government that took care of all the other bookmakers and betting around the world will take over this as well. Thus, the changes to be made by the GCB relate to a stricter policy when it comes to licensing application requirements. The reason is the better security system that is achieved with this decision. This will reduce the risk of illegal activities and organizations.

The changes will show in other fields as well. For example, when it comes to operators, they will be forced by law to abide by the rules. The difference is that at the moment, the guidelines are not so much stricter, and operators can use that for the purpose of safer betting. This means that surveillance will be significantly strengthened.

Supervision will be specifically performed by an independent regulator. And this article can give you more answers about an independent regulator who will have a huge influence on licenses. Any permit will depend on him, and sanctions for non-compliance with the rules will also be his jurisdiction. Today’s situation is completely different because there are more people or companies in that place. Regardless of the fact that several companies are trying to get the right of the main regulator, this is currently not possible until the changes take place.


We hope we have helped you see all the benefits of licensing when it comes to a fantastic place like Curacao. In addition, you had the opportunity to learn a lot about online casino reform and about the overall functioning.

Gambling License Wa

Whether you are a young entrepreneur on the rise or simply want to gamble, you will not remain immune to some of the biggest benefits of online casinos in Curacao. It is, above all, a stable and equipped country that can satisfy all the needs of gambling, and everyone who is new and speaks English is welcome.