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Belgian Gambling License. A Belgian gambling License is one of the few online gambling license attainable in Europe. Online gambling has been legal in the western European kingdom following the passing of the amended Gaming Act of 2011 in January of the same year. Affordable license cost — Curacao license is a cost-effective and the most popular solution in the i-gaming industry. Innovative solutions — We license all gaming activities, including blockchain projects. 24 / 7 support — get a professional technical support on any issue you come across.

Curacao is one of the island that make up the Dutch Caribbean
(formerly known as the Netherlands Antilles). It’s one of the
oldest running online gambling regulators and as such is a
fairly well-known e-gaming regulator.

Any casino that displays the Curacao eGaming license on its
website has been through the initial investigation process and
is regularly audited by Curacao authorities.

Advantages of a Curacao eGaming License

Many gambling operators have chosen to make Curacao their
home due to its favorable tax laws and relatively quick and
inexpensive licensing procedure. Curacao charges a tax of just
2% on net profits and does not put up massive barriers to entry
for potential operators. If you have the cash and a legitimate
casino, you’ll probably be approved.

The fees for a “master” gambling license in Curacao include a
60,000 ANG (or about $34,000) setup fee and then 10,000 ANG
(about $5,600) per month for the first two years. After that,
the operator can negotiate with the government of Curacao for
fees going forward.

Master license holders are allowed to grant sub-licenses to
anyone. A sub-license comes with all the benefits of a master
license other than being able to lease out sub-licenses.
However, the master license holder is responsible for all
activities of all sub-license holders.

There are a number of master license holders that offer
packages to new entrants in the gambling market. They offer
complete solutions including a sub-license, business license,
hosting and other services for a fee that is often cheaper for
new entrants than trying to do it all alone.

Curacao is also attractive for the simplicity of its gambling
laws. Only one license is needed for any type of gambling
operation. It doesn’t matter if you run a casino, a sportsbook,
or a website that does it all; one license is all that’s needed.

The process for getting a license in Curacao is significantly
easier than dealing with the UK Gambling Commission or most
other licensing agencies in which there are multiple types of
licenses, fees that go into the hundreds of thousands of dollars,
and application processes so complicated that lawyers must be

In addition to licensing and regulation, Curacao eGaming
provides technical and financial support for the online gambling
industry. Some of these services include dedicated services,
private cloud servers, international finance, and help with other
matters related to running an online casino.


The greatest disadvantage of a license from Curacao is that
it doesn’t have much meaning. Just about anyone serious about
starting a gambling site can afford the fees and make it through
the initial investigation. As long as you have the cash and a
fair casino, you’re pretty much in.

Players are well aware that the licensing standards in places
like Curacao don’t mean much compared to licenses from other,
more discerning jurisdictions. Casinos licensed by Curacao have
suddenly gone rogue, stolen money, and disappeared. Curacao doesn’t intervene in disputes between players and operators. From
the player’s point of view, a license from Curacao is

Of course, there are plenty of safe and respectable gambling
sites licensed in Curacao. It’s a safe, legal place to establish
an online casino. However, casinos located in Curacao must build
their own reputations the old-fashioned way. A license from
Curacao isn’t the quick ticket to trust.

If you do run into any trouble with their licensing or have
any specific questions that aren’t answered here you can contact
them any time. They make it pretty easy to get in touch with
them through phone or email. Also for more information on what
they are all about you can visit their website as well. All of
their information is below:

  • Website:
  • E-Mail:[email protected]
  • Phone: +5999 465 1134

NOTE: Last update: June 13 2020


So you have been wondering how to get a gaming license? You may have looked at more traditional jurisdictions such as the UK or Malta. But the gaming license cost is a significant factor in your decision-making process and they are likely too expensive or bureaucratic to get. for this reason, a remote gaming license from Curacao is looking like an affordable option.

Your local gambling commission license requirements may be too onerous for your needs or simply too expensive. You want an online gambling license to service your immediate needs and at the right price.

A Curacao gaming license is probably your most affordable option to get your casino, poker, bingo, sportsbook, lottery, crash games, sweepstakes, or raffle licensed and online! It is more affordable than a Malta gaming license and less bureaucratic. In addition to this, Curacao corporate structures offer low tax incentives and offer great legal protection.

Further to the above, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency casinos are choosing to license in Curacao as the jurisdiction offers flexible and cost-effective sublicensing opportunities such as the great licensing offer by

Costa Rica License as an alternative?

Some of our readers point out that a Costa Rica gambling license is considered a “cheap gambling license”. Be warned, it is not an actual gaming license but rather a data processing license. More often than not, financial institutions will not work with any entity using this for their gaming licensing purposes. Even if you are a cryptocurrency casino, a Curacao license is likely a better option, and partnering with is going to be your best way forward.

What we cover

Curacao is possibly the most affordable offshore gambling jurisdiction to be licensed in and comes with significant tax incentives. The purpose of this document is to answer the following questions:

  1. Who issues Curacao sublicenses?
  2. How do you obtain the Curacao gambling/casino license?
  3. How much will the gambling license cost?
  4. How long does it take to get the Curacao gambling license?
  5. What casino businesses can I operate with the license?
  6. Where will the gambling license be valid?
  7. What taxes will I need to pay?
  8. How to apply for a Curacao gambling license?
  9. Can a foreign company apply for a Curacao gambling license?
  10. What are the pros and cons of a Curacao gambling license?

Who issues Curacao sublicenses?

The Justice Minister of Curacao has sole discretion in granting online gambling Licences, which are issued by the Governor-General of Curacao. Since 1996 there have been four Master Licences awarded; respective holders are:

  1. Cyberluck Curacao N.V. (Curacao-eGaming) #1668/JAZ
  2. Gaming Curacao (GC) #365/JAZ
  3. Curacao Interactive Licensing N.V. (CIL) #5536/JAZ
  4. Antillephone NV #8048/JAZ

A Master Licence holder may grant Sublicences to online casinos and other gambling sites. Sublicensees are entitled to the full privileges granted to the Master Licence holder, with the exception that they may not issue Sublicences of their own. A single Licence covers all games of skill, chance, and wagering as well as all related peripheral activities such as software providers, service providers, network operators, platform operators, affiliates, marketers, and white-label operators.

How much will a Curacao gambling license cost?

This document contains “cost estimates only” and should not be seen as some form of “Quote”. While we have tried to keep the information as up to date as possible, prices change especially when considering the legal burdens and due diligence processes required in order to obtain a Curacao license.

Curacao Gambling License Price

Depending on where you go, you could expect to pay anything from $15 – $35k per annum. This cost depends on what you plan to do and where you obtain your license from. For instance, a White Label service provider may offer you a license and company for $15k per annum. because they will earn a lot more on the White Label services they offer to you. On the other hand, you may go directly to a trust management company that may charge you $25K per annum.

Where is a Curacao gambling license valid?

While Curacao licensed gambling operators are expressly forbidden to be used in certain countries, this does not mean your Curacao casino will be accepted in all other jurisdictions. Each jurisdiction has its own set of rules which will limit your ability to operate under the license. For instance, you may be prevented from using local payment solutions, or advertising your business without holding a valid local license. Your current PSPs may soft block some regions and interbank networks may refuse to process wire transfers from others. Payments, in general, should be thought of as an ever-moving target.

The Curacao license can be legally used in any jurisdiction other than the following where it is expressly forbidden under Curacao law: Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, France, The Netherlands, Saba, Statia, St. Maarten, Singapore, and the USA.

If you do not have a local gambling license in the following jurisdictions: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, UK, Norway, Russian Federation, Mexico, Australia, UK and Canada, PSP’s “may” block payments from those regions. We use the word “may” as this is not always the case which is generally determined by the jurisdiction of the PSP being used.

In general, the following countries are typically blocked for payments as a rule: Israel, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, and Cuba.

If you hold a gambling license in an EU member state, the following countries will allow gaming under that license: France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden

For a more detailed analysis of where the license can be used, we have compiled a post, which is a work in progress, on where the Curacao gambling license can be used.

How to get a Curacao gambling license?

In order to obtain the Curacao gambling license, you will need to go through an eGaming application process. The process is quick, so long as you have all the required documents in place.

  1. Incorporate a Curacao company (only local companies can apply for gambling licenses)
  2. The Curacao company will apply for a sublicense from a Master License holder
  3. Purchase hardware and sign up with local hosting (you are required to own physical hardware on the island)
  4. Apply for company bank accounts (even if you plan to a run a Bitcoin casino, you still need to pay your bills using traditional currency)
  5. Apply for e-wallets, PSPs, etc. (you will need reliable processors)

NOTE: Due to PE (Permanent Establishment rules) some regulators require that you own hardware on the island with the minimum requirement being that you backup your client database to that server.

Incorporation and management costs

You will be working with a local management company who will take care of filings and general administration requirements. They will also be responsible for setting up your company and applying for your gambling license.

  1. EUR5500 – EUR6500 one-time Incorporation fee
  2. EUR3250 – EUR5250 annual management fee
  3. EUR200 monthly administration costs (varies)

Expect to spend anything between EUR25,000 – EUR35,000 in your first year.

Licensing costs

Licensing fees for the online gaming (sub)license are:

  1. EUR4500 to ERU 12,500 (annual) license fee (will vary between providers)
  2. EUR1500 – (one-time) application fee

Hardware costs

You are required to own hardware on the island in order to satisfy the permanent establishment requirement (PE). This is not as difficult as you may at first imagine and we can help you with finding a second-hand machine pre-existing on the island or having one flown in.

  1. Server cost: EUR1200 – EUR 5000
  2. Hosting costs: EUR5400/annum

You are also free to host with the local data center, however, this is not a managed environment and does not come with cloud and shared hosting options as part of the deal.

How long does it take to get gambling licensing?

Once your company has been established, it will take a few weeks and on the condition, you have all your paperwork in place.

What casino businesses can I operate under a Curacao license?

Curacao has one license which covers all genre of gaming.

  • Betting, Sports Betting, Sports Books
  • Casino Games, Video Bingo, Video Slots, Slot Machines, Video Poker
  • Table games, Poker and other card games
  • Lotteries, Raffles
  • Games of Skill, Rummy, arguably Poker, Back Gammon, Certain board games etc.

Does a Games of skill need a gambling license?

It is worth mentioning games of skill as this is often a contentious issue. Often operators attempt to classify their games as a game of skill in order to avoid getting a gambling license. While in some cases this may be true, the ultimate acid test is whether the banks will offer merchant processing to your game or not. A good blueprint is to take a look at the Malta controlled skill game regulations to better understand your game designation.

What taxes will I need to pay with my Curacao Gambling License?

Curacao has a 0% tax on foreign transactions. You will pay 6% VAT on invoices and the normal tax rate (40%) if you do business with other Curacao companies.

How do I apply for a Curacao gambling license?

Your first step is to download our Curacao, license application document. From there, get in touch for a call.

Can a foreign company apply for a Curacao gambling license?

It is possible and completely feasible for a foreign company to obtain the benefit of a Curacao gambling license.

A foreign company cannot apply for a sublicense directly from a master license holder, instead, they must apply through an existing licensed Curacao company as a type of white label/turnkey casino solution. This is a convenient way to get your license sorted out since it is a lot quicker. If you run a cryptocurrency or blockchain-based casinos, this is the recommended way to work. We call it a managed service, get the managed service document!

When sublicensing, the company managing your license will be listed as the responsible party. When users click on your license seal, it will reflect the managing entity and for this reason, it is in their best interest to make sure your casino follows the rules and regulations. There are some tradeoffs, hosting of your casino needs to be in Curacao which can be a node or a backup of your database.

What are the pros and cons of a Curacao gambling license?

The pros of a Curacao gambling license relate to lower costs to obtain, offers a simple application process, and is an all-inclusive license (you can offer sports betting and casino games on the same license).

The cons of the license are lower standards when compared to a jurisdiction such as Malta, a hands-off approach to disputes, difficult to market in some jurisdictions, and in some cases, reputation.

Do note that Curacao is actively working at improving its reputation and re-writing legislation in order to improve the perception of its license.

Alternative casino gambling license options:

Curacao Gaming License Price

We work with that offers two licensing opportunities. The first is a Managed Service which allows your existing company to contract with its Curacao company. The second is for game developers to integrate their games into its existing platform and then to promote those games via an affiliate website.

Managed Casino + License

You work with a management consultant who sets you up with a sublicense under an existing Curacao company. This is a highly recommended way to get your casino up and running and such a partnership comes with many benefits such as existing relationships in terms of processing and banking.

Platform + License

Curacao Gambling License Prices

For game developers and casino entrepreneurs, a further option is to set up a platform based casino which operated under the license of The platform is an accounting, bet/collect system that your game can easily plug into.

We recommend taking a look at

A GamblingTec casino can be converted into a stand-alone licensed entity at a later date which is convenient and an easy way to test out your casino related concept.

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