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PokerCustom printed poker chips wholesale

Custom Printed Poker Chips Wholesale

Once you are 100% happy with the design of your chosen poker chip design then we will send your design to our bespoke counterfeit printing press and get your order printed and posted. The whole process takes 1-2 weeks depending on how busy we are. Our custom clay composite chips make excellent premium business card poker chips. Add your contact information to your chips directly or use our QR code generator.

  • Create your very own personalised poker chips from a wide range of different shapes and sizes. From the popular 8 stripe chips which allow you to choose from 14 base colours to our ceramic range which are ideal for print complex designs, logos, images, pictures, numbering and much more.
  • Poker Shop is an online retailer and the largest dedicated supplier based in the United Kingdom for many poker and casino accessories. Whether for home or fun casino use, we have a wide range of poker goods that you will find useful including playing cards, poker chips, poker sets, poker tables, roulette tables, roulette wheels, custom poker chips, customised poker tables and customised.

Custom Printed Poker Chips Uk Style

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During our 20 years of providing over 5 million personalised poker chips we have created them to be used as meal tokens, drink tokens, house point rewards, wedding favors, gifts sets, coat checks, incentives, board game parts, prize draws as well as numerous poker and casino uses.
Single Colour Chip PrintingDouble Stripe Customised Chips
Ceramic Poker Chips8 Stripe Customised Sticker Chips
Royal Prince 14gm Customised ChipsCustomised Gem Poker Chips 14gm
Personalised Poker Chip 11.5gm The Best Poker Shop in Norway

Poker has become an integral part of the Norwegian lifestyle since its partial legalization in 2015. The game is limited to tournaments, high-end casinos, and smoke bars, but you can also play it at home with friends for non-commercial purposes.
With that in mind, it is prudent to source your poker equipment from a trusted source, a site with a clean track record for providing quality services and products to its customers. That’s no other than Pokerfabrikken!
Here is everything you need to know about the website.

What is Pokerfabrikken?

The company specializes in sourcing and distributing poker equipment such as decks, tables, dices, poker sets, and cards at affordable prices.
Pokerfabrikken is based in Nesbru, Norway.
Let’s have a look at what they offer;

Pokerfabrikken Products

Pokerfabrikken has an assortment of products in three major categories.
1. Latest products,
2. Top-rated products,
3. Best selling products
These products are further classified into Poker sets, poker tables, and poker chips. Here are some of the top-rated products;
Beginner’s 300 Set
Are you looking for a perfect gift for a friend? The Beginner’s 300 Set from is an ideal choice. The set includes a complete poker case that contains:
• One dealer button
• Five acrylic tube
• 300 poker chips
• 1 set of keys
• Two pieces 100% plastic decks
• A lockable aluminium case.
Monte-Carlo Poker Set
If you are an experienced card player, then the Monte Carlo poker set will impress you. The collection includes pro solid 14g chips, which are suitable for tournament games.
The set comes with the following items.
• One lockable aluminium poker case
• 500 poker chips at 14 grams (Values: 25, 100, 500, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000)
• One dealer button
• Five acrylic cubes
• 1 set of keys
• Two plastic-coated decks of cards
You can also purchase poker tables at Pokerfabrikken. And they come in all colours; blue, red or green!

Pokerfabrikken shopping experience

The Website
The Pokerfabrikken website is easy to navigate even for new users. The product categories are well arranged, with a custom search bar on the top right corner to assist you if you run into trouble getting the products.
The site also features a casual shopping cart that easily records all your chosen items into the shopping cart directory. The checkout process is seamless and straightforward, with the shipping information box and payment options popping up quickly.
Generally, the Pokerfabrikken website has all a customer needs to make a purchase. It doesn’t leave you making second guesses on the products and payment options and shipping processes. Furthermore, the site is responsive, can be accessed on any digital device. The content is written in Norwegian but can be easily translated to English by Google.
Lastly, the website includes other authentication information such as an about us page, comprehensive legal pages, which is important as poker is a highly regulated sport in Norway and a blog site with educational articles on the ‘ins and outs’ of poker.

Payment Methods

Pokerfabrikken offers four main payment options when purchasing items. You choose to pay using;
• Visa
• MasterCard
• Invoice
• PayPal
The site payment channel is heavily encrypted through SSL certificates; hence your data is safe. The company doesn’t share this information with third parties as directed by Norwegian law. These payment options make the entire shopping process more straightforward, unlike other shops that offer only one payment mode.
Pokerfabrikken ship the purchased products within 1 to 3 days of processing your order. The purchase takes between 3 to 11 days to be delivered to you, depending on your location.
The company shares your location and physical address information with its logistics partners to facilitate your goods’ shipping. All in all, the company has one of the most comprehensive shopping and delivery procedures.
Their terms and conditions stipulate the steps to be taken under certaincircumstances. They clearly state what leads to the cancellation of orders, at what point should you be liable for a refund, and in what instance should you ask for a return or exchange. Be sure to read through the terms and conditions before making a purchase.
Prices/ Discounts and Coupons
Prices vary depending on the product’s category. Generally, the prices are pocket friendly, and the company is true to their word, ‘we take the minimum profit’ from their sales.
Currently, the company offers free and extra-fast shipping on all purchases worth more than 500Kr.
Customer support
Pokerfabrikken has a responsive customer support system. The company insists on keeping a clear communication channel with its customers during the entire shopping process or even making inquiries.
They are reachable through the E-mail system, telephone, and on their physical address. The services are available on the stipulated working days, and queries delivered during off-office hours will be answered on the next working day.
Privacy Policy
Customers’ privacy is of utmost importance, and Pokerfabrikken clearly understands that. The company stores users’ information safely and doesn’t share it with any third party unless authorized by law.
The company collects user information such as e-mail addresses, house addresses, and telephone numbers and stores them until the orders are complete. It is up to you to choose if this information should be retained for future purchases or not.
As earlier stated, location information is shared with logistics partners to facilitate the delivery of your products.
Lastly, marketers at Pokerfabrikken will not send you spam e-mails and marketing messages after you hand over your contact information. However, if you wish to receive an occasional newsletter or a monthly update e-mail, you are welcomed to make a free subscription.
Pokerfabrikken have all the specs of a customer oriented service provider. If you need poker equipment anywhere in Norway, then they are the best choice you’ve got. Whether you are looking for beginner poker sets for home games or pro poker equipment for a tournament, Pokerfabrikken has got your back. Try placing your order now!
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