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Deerfoot Buffet Pays Out In Crab Legs

Deerfoot Inn And Casino Saturday Buffet Specials

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August 11, 2010

Jul 15, 2020 deerfoot inn and casino calgary. 'Great circular lounge that provides a 360 degree panoramic view of the casino. Saturday night seafood buffet is worth the $25.

The Ungrateful Diners are Jon Stall and Gladys Potter. This blog details their adventures in pro-bono eating.

This week, we dive into the Deerfoot Inn and Casino’s Friday Night Buffet… on the house, of course.

Jon: Under the flashing lights of chiming slot machines, lives a buffet to feed hungry throngs of gamblers chasing the big win. For only $21.95, people who aren’t us, will hit the food jackpot. But if you are us, you hit the food jackpot for free and then you blog about it.

Gladys: By way of our “connections,” I received a gift certificate for a free Friday night buffet at the Deerfoot Inn and Casino: the mother-of-all casinos in the middle of nowhere, Calgary. Who would spend their Friday night at this buffet? As it turns out, masses and masses of people.

Hungry casino-ites a.k.a. Thriller zombie wannabes.

Jon:The buffet flowered out from the center of a banquet hall with a dessert table in the middle with petals consisting of a salad table, a meat/seafood table and a pasta table. Overlooking this all was a stage, where a two-piece husband-and-wife (I presume) rock-and-roll cover outfit quietly played over those dining, their volume kept low enough to be barely noticed at all.

Meet Hattie and Ned: Respectful, low-volume rockers.

Gladys: The flower-structure of the buffet, along with the dim mood lighting and even the onstage Hawaiian-shirt-wearing duo made for a seemingly expensive affair. It certainly beats utilitarian rows of eats with sneeze guards. The spread was magnificent. There was a prime rib chef station (with yorkshire pudding!) and a dessert table with over a dozen kinds of cakes and squares. But the ultimate food item was the unlimited CRAB legs with margarine, of course, for dipping.

Jon:Using some extremely poor senses of navigation, we started by walking up to the buffet nearest our table. (Notice to the Deerfoot Casino: Maybe you should hand diners a map or something! How the hell am I supposed to know where to start?) Here I loaded up on carbs by grabbing some heat lamp warmed pasta and sauce. It was fine, though not really anything special. Gladys then proceeded to scold me for wasting precious stomach space on pasta when there had to be a meat table around us somewhere.

Gladys: I am all about all killer (read: meat), no filler! It’s true that the confusing nav was worse than IKEA, but perhaps the casino is as genius as the Swedish furniture giant. Fill the guests up on dried pasta with breaded chicken so they can’t gorge on the prime rib and crab legs waaaaay the hell on the other side of the room. Judging from the other beefy buffet patrons, there are issues with volume/consumption. We look more like Hot Rods than beef-heads but are nevertheless bottomless pits. Good thing, too.

Babies cannot eat at a casino buffet, yet this particular one was likely privy to a few dozen buffets in his so far short, but fat, lifetime.

Jon:Gladys did, indeed, zero in on the meat table. Where we filled our plates with roast beef, yorkshires, gravy and crab legs. A real surf-and-turf of a meal. After our first plate, we returned to the meat table to sample the other meat choices while reloading on the crab legs again. You will probably notice a trend toward our preference for crab legs. They weren’t even necessarily great crab legs but they were crab legs and living in a prairie province does not afford us many opportunities for buffet crab legs.

Anyway, following our second meat plate, I set out to see what the final table held which was, as previously mentioned, a salad table. I like salads and all but discovering the salad table last was definitely a letdown. I would have rather started off with salad but, what the hell, I finished off with salad. Leaving only the dessert table to ravage.

Gladys: The whole order in which we ate was wrong, but all was redeemed by the alluring (accurate food descriptor?) dessert table that finished us off. There were mousse cakes, cheesecakes, chocolate cake, squares, jello flutes!, squares. Honestly, it was impressive for a casino buffet.

Jon:Yeah, I would call this a very eclectic selection of foods but that’s pretty much what you demand in a buffet. Overall, I wouldn’t say that any of it really blew me away… Maybe those yorkshire puddings, they were pretty good and, obviously, the quantity of crab legs. So I am going to give this an overall rating of: BELL, BELL, CHERRY. 2/3rds of the way to the jackpot.

Cowboys Casino Calgary

Close but no hundred dollars.

Gladys:My rating: the buffet made me feel like I had robbed the casino. Sure, those crab legs are bought on the backs of chronic gamblers with massive credit card debt, but as this is neither the time nor place for ethics, I give it a rating of 18 out of 21. Not quite blackjack, but kinda close.

Deerfoot Inn And Casino Breakfast Buffet

Deerfoot Inn & Casino – 1000, 11500 – 35 Street SE, Calgary, Alberta – Friday Night Buffet – every Friday night from 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm