Emp Jammer Slot Machine 2018

Emp jammer slot machine remote control loadometer electric energy meter jammer emp generator for sale Online Sales EMP Jammer Free DHL Shipping To Worldwide,A wide Range Of Machine suitable For All Makes And Models. Shipment Worldwide / Spediizioni in tutto il mondoPagamento anonimo con Bitcoin / PaysafecardAnonymous Payment by Bitcoin / Pays. We have develop a new type emp slot machine jammer for sale 36V voltage working on difference slot machine table games emp jammer for slot Machines: single line slot machines, slot machines, roulette slot machines, coins, paper money,WUKONG king ocean king2 Europe and America Product introduction: Power supply. Yes, they often an antenna of some kind connected to a reset circuit to reboot the computer to a known state after sufficiently large EMP/RFI. For example look at the MISC connector of the old MPU4, a wire runs in the loom via C51 to pick up EMP a.


Working voltage: 37.8v

Working mode: 470MHZ+18HZ mixing pulse straight frequency remote control


Antenna mode: built-in reinforced antenna + external high-frequency antenna

Instrument size: exactly the same as portable battery Style

Instrument power: 30W

Power supply voltage: 37.8v

Slot Machine For Sale

Charging time: 1.5 hours

Emp jammer slot machine 2018 reviews

Power switch: trigger type

Heat dissipation mode: internal heat sink

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Charger: input: 110-220 vac

Output: 37.8 VDC – 150 ma


Cooling mode: heat sink + temperature protection

Equipment characteristics: the latest debug ultra-high frequency, more suitable machine, flash alarm prevention ability is stronger.Adopt imported transistor has a strong compression capacity,
Transmitter using electronic temperature control technology, the instrument according to casually won’t burn out.Exclusive design: 36 v puckering direct charging, charging stability, take longer to apply
Emp Jammer Slot Machine 2018
(the first battery must be sufficient enough for 1 hours in a row, so battery life is longer)
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