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Equilab tries to removes all these points - You are indoor. Equilab tries to only include real points when this is the case - How much to smooth the path. This is a more complex question, for those interested it has to do with the mathematical problem of the coastline paradox.

This poker video was created by for Download Equilab (Holdem): http://www.pokerstrategy.com/poker-tools/. Hello Equilab-Fans, my name is Britt ten Brinke, I’m studying to become a primary teacher and since the fourth of April this year I’m the proud owner of Luna. Luna is a 3-year-old miniature horse with two pretty blue moon-eyes. We have an Instagram account together called @lunanmprs. Sep 16, 2019 Equilab is used to calculate your equity (statistical chance of wining a hand). So you can put in 2 different hands and calculate you equity. And you can also put your hand against range of hands. Range is a term used to describe group of possible hands.


Safety Tracking lets someone follow your ride live from their phone until you are back safe. Equilab shares your position and information about your ride, so if something happens you, they who follow you will see exactly where you are on the map.
To setup Safety Tracking you go into the safety tracking tab, accessible from the start view or in settings. The first thing you have to do is to turn on the Safety Tracking, this will turn the safety tracking symbol orange in the start screen as well.
In the safety tracking view you can choose between two different ways of sharing your ride:

Safety Contacts

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Equilab Holdem Strategy

This requires that you friends have created accounts in the app. You thereafter need to become friends with them in the app. You can add friends by pressing the add friends symbol in the friends tab. After you have become friends you can add them as safety contacts in the safety tracking view. Your friends will thereafter get a notification each time you start/stop a ride and be able to access the trainings live from the friends tab

Safety Tracking Links


Equilab Holdem Tournaments

When Safety Tracking is turned on a link button will pop up on the left side of the safety tracking button in the start view. By pressing this you will given a link that you can share through your favorite communication app. By pressing this link your friends will be able to follow your ride through any web browser.