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Ever wondered what was the best Legion Order Hall Follower setup? Especially considering the lucrative 2,500g missions you can complete?

1 Overview 2 Available Equip Slots 3 Equip Slot Limitations 3.1 Armor Limitations 3.2 Weapon Limitations 3.3 Shield Limitations 3.4 Class Limitations 3.5 Skill Limitations 3.6 Rank Limitations 3.7 Reputation Limitations 3.8 Combat 3.9 Cooldowns To place (wear or wield) an item (equipment) in a slot on the player character's paper doll. Typically this is done by either dragging the item from. Each champion has unique specialization, abilities, and Equipment Slots. Some can be assigned as Combat Allies which directly help you throughout your journey on the Broken Isles and Argus. Champions start at level 100 with the common quality and can be upgraded to level 110 and better quality by gaining experience from missions. 615 Player gear; 615: 630 Follower armor. Well as the Iron Horde Scraps to purchase the transmog items for those slots. Of Draenor, World of Warcraft.

But you don’t want the work of finding out which followers are the best for your setup? The maths, the comparisons, my head hurts just thinking about it.

Mount equipment slot in the Mounts tab. Mount equipment offers items that can be equipped in the new mount equipment slot and grants a buff to all mounts. Examples include water walking, a slow fall, and the ability to not be dazed. Hitting level 100 on one character will unlock the system. The 7th slot is free, though Meatball is very good if you want to bother getting him. Personally, the only follower I find notably more useful than the rest is Kira Iresoul, as her healthstones allow you to select Felguard Brutes in your Order Hall talents and after recruiting two respec to the other talent in the tier - effectively giving you.

Jabari11 has done all the hard work for you, and posted the perfect Legion Order Hall Follower guide on reddit.

Order Hall Champion Guide for 7.2 from wow

Finally, Lon Measley has put out a Class Order Hall, updated for Legion 7.3, which includes Argus Followers and Missions.

Hope this helps you with your Legion Order Hall.

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