Ets2 Mirror Slots

Side Mirror – Paint. Scania R / Streamline Beacon – Roof Horns Attachment Light Bar – Mirage Custom (6 Slots / 8 Slots) Light Bar – Mirage Custom 2 NEW Sun Visor – Stock (High beam) Sun Visor – Stock (Full colored) Front Mirror – Paint Side Mirror – Paint Door Handles – Paint / Chrome, Plastic / Chrome Lower Grille Guard. Euro truck simulator 2 is a truck simulator game that is rated very highly by its players. This game is available for both Windows and Linux users. It was initially released in 2012 and is still updated by developers according to the needs. This game keeps on maintaining its popularity between its players.


Ets2 mirror slots game

Ets2 Mirror Slots Game

In this pack you will find
Aero Slots for all chassis/cab combos
Kelsa Lobar SL9 & SL12 Painted
Kelsa Multibar XL Chrome and Painted
Kelsa BakBar High and Low Mount with accessory slots and optional Worklamps (Reverse)
Kelsa AirBar – 4 options plus slots
5th Wheel Covers – 4 options
Mirror Slots for Painted UK/EU Mirrors (NOT MG Luxury as its DLC)


A whole host of small lights and strobes by Mohegan
Selected accessories from my older mods

List of skinning ACC codes for painted parts
Light Pack adding support file


Ets2 Mirror Slots App


So far it contains

Aero Slots for 6x , 4x and 8x chassis on both High and low cabs where applicable
5th Wheel cover slots for 6x,4x,8x chassis with 4 options of cover
Kelsa Multibar Xl in Chrome and Paint
Kelsa LoBar SL9&SL12 combo bar
Lazer Evo LED lights
A host of small light and small light strobes by Mohegan
A selection of lights and accessory options from Remoled 12.2

Ets2 Mirror Slots Games

All truck parts will be compatible with the 1.32 skinning system as well.