Family Guy Peter Craps Himself At Work

  1. Peter: Ah, finally, now I can get myself to the- (craps his pants) Uh-oh! Peter runs to the men's bathroom, only for him to run into Angela Angela: (seriously) There you are, Griffin. You ever run out of a meeting like that again, you're fired.
  2. Family Guy Peter Griffin poops his pants - which episode? What is the name of the episode of Family Guy where Peter Griffin poops his pants randomly several times and says 'uh-ohhh!' I think one of those occasions was when he was at dinner.

He was genuinely a nice guy even when nobody was watching. What he didn't know was that my dad had recently passed away and we were on this little family trip to L.A as a way to get away from everything going on at home and all the grief. As a kid full of sadness in his heart, Weird Al's kindness made a world of difference to me. Christmas Guy: Peter Griffin: 1: 12: Peter loves going to the mall and making the salesmen think he's buying something. Macy's cologne salesman: Christmas Guy: Stewie Griffin: 2: 12: Stewie sends Vinny off to go bother the cologne salesman at Macy's. Folgers: Christmas Guy: Peter Griffin: 3: 12: Peter was feeling happy until someone comes along.

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Family Guy Peter Craps Himself At Work Video

Family guy peter craps himself at work youtube

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  1. literally like a third of these if that are funny

    • a lot of really bad photo shop also.

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