Feeling Suicidal Over Gambling

OverI've just lost over £65000 through sports betting in the recent built up, i have maybe around £10000 or little over, i recovered over £50000 last year and just this month i ended up losing back 50000 plus another 15000, i dont know how to deal with these losses, i want to get over it but its almost impossible. my head is spinning out of control and im feeling sick every moment of my life now. I dont know if i can tell my parents i've lost this much money because it would be a burden to them! should i be telling my parents about my huge loss? i don't want to commit suicide either because it would burden them also, i need any advice which would help, i want to avoid gambling ever again because its making me sick and been a waste of my life in the past year. SuicidalGambling

Feeling Suicidal Over Gambling Stories

Suicide is one of the most serious symptoms of someone who is suffering from severe depression. Common signs of depression include: Depressed or sad mood (e.g., feeling “blue” or “down in. How Problem Gambling Leads to Suicide For someone who compulsively gambles, the odds of experiencing huge financial losses are high. Eventually, an accumulation of these losses can result in bankruptcy, foreclosure and other severe, negative consequences.