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The Wyoming legislature is considering a bill in the House (HB0284) specifically focused on regulating the expansion of video slot machines to truck stops, liquor and convenience stores, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs around the state. This would lead to nearly 3,000 new slot machines in over 1,000 establishments across the state, requiring nearly $2M and 30-40 new state employees to properly manage.

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However, the bill does not appropriate any funds for this activity, and applies a tax rate on slot machine vendors that is laughably low, leaving a large unfunded mandate for the state Lottery Corporation and/or Liquor Division, the costs of which will inevitably land on the taxpayer. In addition, the bill does not provide sufficient detail or direction, leaving the door open to abuse and corruption by organized crime, large out-of-state gaming companies, or both.

Our fears and concerns about this legislation are echoed by the Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police, as heard in public testimony on the bill and other proposed legislation during this session.

We believe the current gaming environment is appropriate for Wyoming and is regulated at an appropriate level of governmental involvement to ensure the safety and rights of the citizens of our great state. We are opposed to new legislation that will introduce additional regulation, expand the size and scope of government, and either restrict or expand gambling. Very simply, we support the status quo and encourage legislators to vote NO on bills that will change the current gaming environment.

In addition to signing this petition, you can contact your legislators using the information on our website:

Online Gambling Age For Wyoming Residents. Before you begin to play the games online, you will first have to reach your 18th birthday. If you are at least 18, you can access every single form of gambling that is available in WY, either by way of live gaming or the Internet.

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Gambling Wyoming Lottery

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