Gbf Poker Guide

Aug 6th, 2016

GBF Poker guidlines. I can write a guide on the latter if this remains a problem in the threads after this guide. The rules of Poker is that you will draw 5 cards, and you are given the choice to discard any card you want. If you manage to draw a winning hand, which can be two pairs, three to five of a kind.

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  1. To start off, this guide isn't meant to teach you the rules of poker or what the hands are or anything like that. If you know that little about poker, then you need to google the basic rules.
  2. Before I get into it, I want to make one thing clear: if you're losing chips in poker, you are doing something wrong. It's not because it's rigged, it's not because you had shit luck, it's because you're playing incorrectly. Pokerbot was popular for a reason. It didn't do anything that you yourself aren't capable of. It didn't even play its hands with 100% accuracy, believe it or not. So if you've been playing for a few hours and you haven't been making any profit, it's time to read through this guide and figure out what you're doing wrong.
  4. Before I list the priority system here, there's two things to keep in mind. First, speed is everything. Get through your hands as fast as you can, so you can see more double ups. If you're stopping every hand to look through this priority list to make the correct play each hand, you're doing it wrong. Read through it, memorize as much as you can, and then just play. If you reach a hand where you aren't certain what the correct choice is, just take your best guess, keep playing, and then come back to the list later to make a mental adjustment for the future.
  5. The other thing is that this priority system is prioritizing WINNING over EARNINGS. What does this mean? It means that it prioritizes whatever will get you to see a double up with the highest odds, regardless of what the payout is. This is VERY DIFFERENT from real world video poker, because real video poker doesn't have the guaranteed profit machine that is double up. Table payout doesn't matter, double up payout does. Keep that in mind.
  6. With all that out of the way, here's the priority list, in order of priority from top to bottom:
  7. -Drawing a winning hand, even if it's just two pair (get rid of cards that aren't part of the winning hand to try for a better one)
  8. -One card away from a flush (Ex: 4 of the same suit)
  9. -Keeping one pair OR One card away from an OPEN straight (Ex: 2 3 4 5)
  10. -One card away from a CLOSED straight (Ex: 6 7 9 10)
  11. -Two cards away from an OPEN straight (Ex: 3 4 5)
  12. -Two cards away from a flush (Ex: 3 of the same suit)
  13. (Source:
  14. There are a few things this list leaves out, like 3 cards away from a straight/flush, but these hands have so little odds that it basically doesn't matter. You can just discard the whole hand and keep going if you want.
  15. Now, with that out of the way...
  17. To start with, the most important factor when it comes to making many chips per hour is getting through as many games as you possibly can as fast as you can. The more games you click through, the more chances you get at double up, which means more chances at reaching max bet. Someone who plays his hands optimally only 85% of the time is not going to notice a big difference in winnings compared to someone who does it perfectly, as long as the speed at which they are playing at is similar. On that same note, if the person playing his hands optimally 85% of the time is faster than the perfect player, he's going to make more chips. It's okay to hesitate for a few seconds while you look at a new hand, but if you're sitting there trying to remember which cards to keep because of two different possibilities with odds that barely differ, you're wasting too much time. Double up, on the other hand, should be near instantaneous, as the animations give you more than enough time to figure out what you're going to pick. Memorize the locations of the buttons and spam click them.
  18. Now, with that out of the way, I'll split the rest of this guide into two parts: the table, and double up.
  19. Lets get one thing straight: the table does not matter at all. You see all that stuff on the top telling you how much each hand pays out? Ignore it, it's unimportant. The goal when you're on the table is to get off of it as fast as you can. You'll do this by trying to make whatever hand is most likely to get you to double up, whether its two pair or a royal flush. Literally the only thing the higher payouts are good for is making it so that you don't have to win as much when you do finally get a double up chance. Prioritize whatever will get you off that table as fast as possible, regardless of what the hand is. Keep in mind, as was said earlier, that your number one goal is always speed. If you feel like you could have made a better decision with keeping cards, don't stress over it. Just keep playing hands while you reflect on it, and make the change as you play.
  20. The rate at which you see a double up should be at least once every few minutes, maybe 0-2, depending on luck. That's only on average, however. If you feel like you see a double up way less often than that, say every ten minutes or so, then you're either going through games way too slow, or maybe you need to brush up on your hand odds.
  21. Double up chance:
  22. Now we get to the part that actually matters. First, though, I want to get one misconception I sometimes see posted out of the way: counting cards really doesn't matter. It helps a little bit with 8's, but you can completely ignore it and still do fine. I'll explain why:
  23. For any card between 2-6, and 10-A, counting cards literally does nothing. You will always, always bet high for 2-6, and low for 10-A, no matter what.
  24. For 7 and 9, 99% of the time, counting cards does nothing. There are a set of very, VERY rare circumstances where this will matter, which I will explain below:
  25. To begin with, card counting doesn't come into play here until round 8. At this point, if you get a 7, and every card before that was higher than 7, then you have an even chance of the next card being higher or lower. The inverse, of course, is true for a 9. Starting with round 9, if you get a 7, and every card before that was higher than 7, then you would have a higher chance of the next card being lower, instead of higher.
  26. Here's the thing, though: because this situation is so incredibly rare, and because even when it does happen, the odds barely change at all, counting cards for this is an absolute waste of time. If you have a godlike memory, great. Otherwise, ignore this, as it will only slow you down.
  27. Now, the one places card counting does make a significant impact is on an 8. Again, though, like with 7's and 9's, the impact is very minimal. More than anything else, your number one goal should always be to get through games as fast as possible. If you have to sit and think about how many cards you saw each time an 8 comes up, you're wasting your time. If you're on round 1, your choice is irrelevant. Round 2 or 3, you can probably remember without having to slow down. Round 8 or 9, just take your best guess. I promise you, you will not notice a difference in your winnings. If you slow yourself down to count cards and think, on the other hand, you can definitely expect to see your winnings per hour plummet.
  28. With that bit of information out of the way, we're left with just two things. First, I'll restate: you should be clicking through double up games instantly. The animations give you more than enough time to know what you'll pick ahead of time. Why? Because, if you didn't already know, the card you draw in double up will always be the next card you're asked to bet on. So, if you bet low on 10 and get a 2, your mouse cursor should already be hovering over where the high button is, ready to spam click it. That is, after you click Yes, of course.
  29. The second thing, and the thing that people tend to mess up on, is how to bet. The rules for this are actually pretty simple, though: bet aggressively, and do it quickly. Your goal when playing double up is to get as close to, if not over, the betting cap of 1.5m with every game. Here's how you'll do that: don't stop betting until you get to the last round/card, period. Note, that in this case, the last round/card is either the 10th card, or any card in which a winning bet will put you at or over the betting cap (so a bet of 750k or more).
  30. What do you do when you reach the last card?
  31. -If it's an 8, just go ahead and stop.
  32. -If you ended up in round 10 with a paltry amount of chips (anything under 500k), bet again even if you get an 8, because that amount is basically nothing.
  33. There's an argument to be made for stopping on the last card for a 7 or a 9 as well, but this won't affect your winnings in any significant way one way or the other, so do as you like. The general rule here is that if your bet isn't currently over a million, you shouldn't even care about it.
  34. One more thing before I finish: don't play on tilt. You want to play like the bot does, and that means both playing fast, and not playing emotionally. Stop giving a shit about getting a 2 when you bet high on 3, or an A when you bet low on K. If you play poker correctly, you WILL profit, and with 1K bets, you will profit quickly. Remind yourself that your 700k chip loss over yet another badly timed 8 is meaningless. As long as you keep burning through games and you play properly, you'll make chips. Everything that happens in between doesn't matter. If you stop playing to take a screenshot of your poor luck and post it in the threads, that's time you could be using getting into more games and winning more double ups. Get used to seeing those loses, and learn to ignore them. If this is a big problem for you, start keeping a log of your winnings. Look at it every time you go on tilt, and use it to remind yourself that your losses are meaningless.

Please consult other guides for complete lists of crafting requirements, etc.

Why am I writing this guide?

There are plenty of other guides out there meant for new players, including the Ultimate GBF Guide, or Xie’s Progression Guide. However, I have yet to see a guide that is written with new players in mind, beyond simply info dumping.

With multiple kinds of resources and plenty of options, Granblue Fantasy can be extremely overwhelming for new players, and most guides aim to explain each option available to the player. This guide aims to is give new players clear goals, and what things to prioritize. You should be able to refer to this guide quickly whenever you feel lost about what you should be doing as a beginner. What this guide will NOT do, is cover every single option or explain every single detail of the game from the bottom up. I recommend reading other resources such as Ultimate GBF Guide for that.

The big thing about prioritization is that it is SUBJECTIVE. This is part of why many topics are either avoided or left in ambiguity for new players. This guide will try its best to point out where things get subjective, so that you can at the very least understand what factors to consider, and come to an educated decision yourself.

Once Per Day List (All Levels)

In GBF, there are some options which can only be done daily, for extremely good reward. You do not need to do these ASAP, but you do want to do them once per day.

Gbf poker guide osrs

At some point every day you should:

  1. Complete your co-op daily
  1. Buy items from the Casino. Roughly in order of priority/budget: AP Pots, BP berries, Anima. Once per month: Steel Bars > Fury Stones > Fury Pebbles (depends on how much space you have), Moon stones. See: Poker Guide
  1. Utilize your daily twitter AP/BP reset
  1. Roll the rupie gacha 100 times (10000 rupie per day) – Skippable if you are low in Rupies. Important source of plusses to strengthen your grid.
  1. Do Arcarum if strong enough – free daily way to eventually obtain decent summons, occasional random Magna drops, and Sunstones (extremely coveted resource)
  1. Solo Hard difficulty multi-battles – Key source of Renown and uncap mats. Should be achievable around Level 30+ or so. See Renown and you
  1. Event dailies: some events have daily achievements to fulfill, often with good rewards. If the rewards seem worth the time investment to you, do these
  1. Event daily limited quests: some of the high difficulty event quests can only be done a limited number of times per day, but yeild the most AP efficient drops. Do these if you are farming for event rewards.
  1. Showdown Maniac Difficulty Quests – can be done twice per day. Suggested if you want to get an MLB of a certain Summon, or for farming for your Class Weapon (Unlocks T4)
  1. Purchase Showdown event pots / berries (applicable if you are farming showdown bosses)
  1. Limited Free Quests for Guild Wars Character materials, such as Chapter 34 80 AP Free Quest.

I’m out of AP/BP! What should I do?


If you’re out of AP, here’s a list of things you can do.

  1. Arcarum
  1. Pot – honestly its often worth spending pots to continue to do things in game. The game gives you a lot of pots, you are also rewarded for spending more AP in the form of journey drops. Spending pots can get you closer to platinum, which is very useful once you’re past the early game stage. This is even more applicable if you plan on spending money to roll, since rolling generally gives you a good source of moons, which can be traded for pots.
  1. Poker – See: Poker Guide
  1. Leech Co-Op
  1. AP positive Free Quest: Chapter 1 R Character Only Quest. Drops mats for Guild Wars characters. You actually gain more AP than you spend if you exchange the clover drops for AP pots, so go nuts with this.

Level 1-29


  • 15 Tips and Tricks:

These are your goals. All your decisions you make should ultimately be geared towards achieving these short term goals as soon as possible.

  1. Get to level 30 as soon as you can, primarily via Main/Free Quest. At level 30, you have access to much more rewarding content, such as being able to join Omega (Magna) raids. Until 30, your BP is generally just going to waste, as its not worth your time to leech any difficulties under Magna. The less time spent under 30, the better. If you will get good mileage out of the 50 AP, its justifiable to use a 1/2 AP pot, as they give you lots of these throughout the game, and hoarding them early does not really pay off.
  1. Participate in events with good rewards (consult experienced players)
  1. Unlock Casino (Main Story ch.8), and get enough Chips to buy daily items from the Shop. With enough Chips, you can buy some extremely helpful items for getting stronger. If you have spare time, you should always be trying to get richer in Poker until you can at least buy all four copies of Anat (2.5m each). Consult Poker Guide
  1. Become strong enough to Solo your Hard difficulty Primal Multi-Battles
  1. Main / Free Quest: Main Quest unlocks more story content, addition free quests, and allows you to summon raid bosses. You want to at least complete the six islands, in order to summon raid bosses, as well as acquire the SR characters along the way. You also ideally want to get to at least Chapter 8 as soon as possible, in order to unlock Casino. Free quests are an important source of Crystals, which you want as many of as possible when you’re new (See Crystals, your first Legfest, and what your future holds)
  1. Events: The first portion of quests are usually free and give crystals, so always do these at the very least. Beyond that, consult experienced players for whether the rewards are worth it or not to grind for.
  1. Hosting Coop. Remember, if you’re too weak, you won’t be gaining much experience this way. It’s best to only do this to complete your Daily.
  2. Angel Halo Extreme – You will eventually need to do tons of this (950 T1 Orbs, 1000 whorls….) so it’s good to start on this early on, especially while you can benefit greatly from the weapon exp. Helps you get whorls and t1 orbs for guild wars weapons / chars, MLB’ing Magna weapons, and uncapping characters, as well as rusted weapons for your eventual baha weapon.

At this level BP is often not worth spending, unless there is an event worth participating in raids for (obtaining tickets for loot boxes with good rewards). If you have not

  1. Events (varies)
  1. Hard Raids (leech) – can be a source of uncap mats for your characters.

Level 30-49

  1. Farm Magnas (leech). You can now join Magnas! To develop a strong grid of any given element, you will need to farm a tremendous amount of magna weapons. Consult experienced players on which weapons to look out for. The drop rate is very poor, so make sure to use Renown to buy two weapons every month
  1. Get to your 3000 renown cap every week by Hosting Hards/Magnas and leeching Magnas. See Renown and you to understand why this is so important..
  1. Get to Level 50
  1. If you aren’t strong enough to solo your hards, work on that!
  1. Events – obtain potential good weapons / characters
  1. Co-op – keep doing your dailies, but know that you want to have EX cleared well before Rank 101.
  1. Hosting Magnas – necessary to go from 2500 renown weekly to hitting the 3k renown cap
  1. Main Quest / Free Quest for Crystals / Exp. (Main quest can be put off until 1/2 AP on story happens). If you still haven’t rolled anything decent, increase your prioritization on free quest so you can roll more for the next legfes.
  1. Showdowns Quests (Ifrit, Cocy, etc) – Purchasable SSR Summon for stat stick / good active. Also you need 200 silver anima of a single type for unlocking Tier 4 Classes (Rank 101+). Recommended if you are strong enough to clear the Extreme difficulty at least.
  1. Star Halo – you will need to to a ridiculous amount of Star Halo, so it’s good to start on this early on, especially while you can benefit greatly from the weapon exp. Helps you get whorls and t1 orbs for guild wars weapons / chars and uncapping characters, as well as rusted weapons for your eventual baha weapon.
  1. Farm for White Rabbit
  1. Farm Guild Wars character materials. There’s no harm in working on farming for your first Guild Wars character if you have nothing better to do with your AP. Remember that

Level 50-100

  1. Get to your 3000 renown cap every week

Gbf Poker Guide Series

  1. Leech Magnas with BP
  1. Get strong enough to Solo MVP the Magna you want to farm
  1. Make a Guild War’s Weapon for your main grid by grinding out all 4 loot boxes during Guild Wars. This can be done even without a guild. The most common choice is the dagger.
  1. Obtain White Rabbit – Since the Nov 24th 2016 patch, White Rabbit is now fairly easy to obtain, by repeatedly doing the Sharp Ears quest (Ch 42 free quest) until you have 8 carrots. Generally takes 20-30 AP pots. While this can easily be done later on, its best to do this as early as possible as the difficulty of the encounters is fairly low, and just requires patience / AP. The earlier you obtain this, the more helpful the +15% exp bonus will be, not to mention the drop rates, which at the very least, should directly help your hard drops.
  1. Make a Baha Weapon: Farm Proto Bahamut, at least enough to obtain 3 horns and ideally the rusted weapons for your desired baha weapon (Usually Dagger), which gives you a big power boost. Also a good way to obtain Silver Certs
  1. Farm Grande Order. Silver certs will be the single item you will feel you’re always lacking, and due to how fast Grande’s fill up on Twitter, Silver Certs are one of the hardest items to farm. Each element-changed GW weapon requires 50 certs, and Tier 4 also requires 30 minimum. This means that, assuming you want a guild wars character, a GW weapon (dagger is the most common one), and want tier 4 (huge power boost), you’re looking at 130+ certs you need, MINIMUM. In addition, you will need at least 15 horns from Grande, which can be exchanged at 5 feathers per horn. So 75 Grandes approximately, to prepare for unlocking Tier 4 classes. You need an additional 30 horns, or 150 feathers, in order to obtain a Cosmo weapon.
  1. Prepare mats for Guild Wars Character (Link to list of mats)
  1. Prepare mats for Tier 4 Class Weapon (Link to list of mats)
  1. Events – obtain potential good weapons / characters
  1. Co-op – At least to complete your daily. You need to clear up to EX difficulty in order to farm for mats needed to unlock TIer 4 at Rank 101. At this point the merit of Co-op starts to fall off. If you feel you have sufficient blue crystals and don’t feel pressured to get the Co-op reward mats, it’s okay to skip this.
  1. Host your Hards for Renown and anima
  1. Host Magnas for Renown, and solo’able Magnas of interest
  1. Showdowns Quests (Ifrit, Cocy, etc) – Purchasable SSR Summon for stat stick / good active. Also you need 200 silver anima of a single type for unlocking Tier 4 Classes (Rank 101+). By this point you should be able to clear Extreme, and ideally Maniac as well.
  1. Star Halo – you will need to to a ridiculous amount of Star Halo, so it’s good to start on this early on, especially while you can benefit greatly from the weapon exp. Helps you get whorls and t1 orbs for guild wars weapons / chars and uncapping characters, as well as rusted weapons for your eventual baha weapon.
  1. Farming various free Quests for Guild Wars / T4 Weapon / 4* Unlock mats


Remember that you will eventually get ALL classes, so the order is about seeing immediate improvements, not long term investments.

  1. Dark Fencer
  2. Holy Saber / Sidewinder / Bishop / Weapon Master / Sorcerer. Choose based on what will help you early on for accelerating raids you participate in.

Sorcerer for Blind or Sidewinder for Rain of Arrows 3 are common suggestions. Hawkeye for TH3 is also good, especially if you spend most of your time leeching.

Crystals are extremely important to obtain, for one big reason: As a beginning player, you basically have absolutely no inkling as to what your eventual end-game goals will be. Even if you were lucky enough to get an SSR early on, that does NOT necessarily dictate the element you will eventually be going. Acquiring more SSR characters or getting lucky on SSR drops later on down the road can completely change the direction you are going. As a result, you absolutely want crystals to roll as soon as Legend Fest comes around. Legfest is generally at the end of the month, and gives you a 2x rate for SSRs. Prioritize free quests when you can, and save up so you can roll as many times during your first legfest as possible.

Renown is an extremely important way to obtain guaranteed SSR Magna Weapons (5000 renown each), which is the initial core method for strengthening your team. While weapons can be obtained as drops from Magna bosses, the drop rates are abysmal. The drop rate is so poor that Renown should not be considered an afterthought, but rather an extremely high priorityfor progression (especially early on when you do not even have your base grid).

You can gain up to 3000 renown each week. 1000 of that can come from SR / R survival bonuses. At 12 Renown each, Hard magnas are a key part of reaching this renown cap, and cost 0 AP. If you do all six bosses three times a day, every day, you will obtain 1512 renown a week. Adding in the 1000 bonus puts you at 2512/3000 renown, meaning that even if you do every hard every day, you will still need an additional 488 renown from additional sources. This renown generally comes from a combination of joining magnas, and hosting magnas. While participating in a magna can yield a max of 10 renown each, this relies on you dealing 10k honor in the fight, which can be difficult to achieve if you are too weak or the boss dies too fast. Hosting magnas, on the other hand, provide you with a stable way to reach that 10k honor, and caps at 40 renown, a very good source of renown.

While it is very tempting to save your Anima up for when you are strong enough to MVP, you generally MUST host some Magnas in order to achieve renown cap every week. Many players around Rank 50 or under often feel that gaining renown is not that important and that simply hitting the soft bonus cap (1000 renown) is satisfactory. I will stress that this is a very big waste. It is worth even spending ½ AP pots in order to obtain the AP needed achieve renown cap.

In addition, it is possible, depending on your luck / playtime optimization, that you may end up finishing your magna grid before you run out of Anima. It is not necessarily wrong to be liberal about hosting even when you cannot MVP.

Your goal is to be able to play at 1000 poker tables. When climbing from lower brackets, I recommend starting at the next bracket when you have at least 40-50 attempts, i.e. Don’t try 1000 poker until you have 40000+ chips. During double up, it’s okay to stop when the odds are bad, since at lower brackets you want consistency to gain chips to climb brackets. General rule of thumb is always play until round 6+, and then stop if the cards are 6 to 10.


1 pair

Open-ended wait on Straight, including Joker (356+Joker)

Single wait for Flush i.e. 4 cards of same suit

Single Joker (throw out the other 4)

In other words, do not keep:

Random single cards – value doesn’t matter. Don’t keep that random Ace.

Kickers (keeping an extra card alongside a pair) – this reduces your chance of improving from 40% to 33%. Do not do this.

Cards alongside Joker

only 3 cards for Straight/Flush draw

Inside/single waits for Straight (5689 or JQKA)

Because value has no meaning, there are a lot of things you would do in normal Poker that you should never do here. Remember that just throwing all 5 out yields you about a 1:11 chance to get two pair or better. So only keep cards if you think it will improve your odds from ~9%.

During Double Up

ALWAYS play the next round (assuming you’re in the 1000 bracket, with a comfortable stack of chips). It’s always in your favor, and at the very worst, your odds are 50%, which is the same as stopping. The only time you should stop is if you’re extremely low on chips and need them. Even then, you should at least try to get to round 7.

  1. AP/BP pots (once per day, 20 days per month)
  2. Anima (preferably of your desired Anima, but all should be the goal)
  3. All Steel Bars (once per month)
  4. All Demon Stones (once per month, assuming you have space for them)
  5. All Demon Pebbles (once per month, assuming you have space for them)
  6. Anat (as many as you can)
  7. All Moon Stones (once per month) – Extremely expensive but an important source of Element shards.
  8. All 4 Catherine Guns if you are playing Wind / Want Oliver
  9. All 4 SSR swords if aiming for an easy Tier 4 weapon.

For best time efficiency when focusing on Tickets, use VH Eyes (24 tickets per 25 AP spent)

For best AP efficiency, VH Dogs (30 tickets per 30 AP spent)

For best honors efficiency, EX+ Dogs

Use journey drops if you can.

You need to grind a ton of Star Halo, primarily for the initial 250 t1/t3 orbs for element change, as well as helping obtain t2 light orbs. You can exchange t1 for t2 light orbs daily from the Shop to help get t2. Because GW weapons each require 50 silver certs (unless you are playing Light), assume that you will only get one GW weapon for the sake of part of your grid, for a long while. For mid-game / early game content, the GW weapon is a great power up, but choose wisely, as you may not make a second for a while. [Insert line about doing the R and SR character quests for rare shop upgrade items.]

Saving/Stocking AP

If you know you are going to be unable to play GBF for an extended period of time (sleep, work, life, etc), but are already close to full on AP, here’s an easy way to “bank” some AP so you can regenerate extra:

If you join a quest using AP, and haven’t cleared it yet, you can choose to retreat and all AP will be refunded to you. So an easy way to “stock” some AP is to find a 80AP or 40AP quest, and simply join it.

The next time you’re able to play Granblue all you have to do is retreat from the quest and you’ll have more AP than if you simply let yourself top off without doing anything.

Cross Fates

Gbf Poker Guide Review

Certain pairs of characters get an additional Fate Episode called Cross Fate when you have cleared both characters final Fate episode (usually the one that gives you their final skill). Completing a Cross Fate raises the stats of both characters, so be sure to check in case you can unlock one of these. They are not restricted only to high rarity characters, so you may have an R character that has a Cross Fate with one of your main characters without realizing it.

List of Cross Fates:

Gbf Poker Guide Game

Choosing Friend Summons

Gbf Poker Guide Build


Gbf Poker Guide

Being on-element (fighting vs an element you are advantageous against) gives you a 1.5x damage bonus which is categorized as NORMAL. Because it is such a large multiplier, this generally results in Magna / Magna being as good as Magna / Element or Magna / Normal against the element you are strong vs, if they non-megna modifier is sub 100%. If you have access to a 120% or higher summon, you should pick that with magna instead of magna / magna.