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Ghana In case you did not know, sports betting is completely legal in Ghana. In fact, sports betting has been established in Ghana for a long time. Ever since 1960, the residents of Ghana have been betting on a variety of sports.

  • Other gambling in Ghana Sports betting, bingo and lottery are available in Ghana. Ten years after the National Lottery Authority was established in 2007, the Ghana Lotto Operators Association (independent operators) still claim the government watchdog has not done its duty in regulating the games.
  • Gambling Legislation and Regulation in Ghana Gambling is fully legal and regulated in Ghana and regulated by the Ghana Gaming Commission (GGC). The commission is the sole regulatory entity for the gambling industry in Ghana, excluding the lottery, which is run by the National Lottery Authority (NLA).

Gambling and betting activity appeared in Ghana relatively recently. Nevertheless, sports betting began to develop quite quickly and were able to win the hearts of millions of players. However, this was preceded by a series of events.

In 2015, only a few percents of the players who lived in Ghana had the opportunity to place bets on betting sites. This was not since the sports betting industry had strict rules for functioning. This low rate was mainly influenced by the almost complete absence of internet coverage.

Nevertheless, since 2017, the situation has fundamentally changed. The Internet has become available to the vast majority of people living in Ghana. Therefore, soccer betting sites over time has become a national hobby. After that, a massive number of the best betting sites in the world decided to enter the African market. This, in turn, implied the provision of the highest quality sports betting services.

Given the specifics and interests of local players, the largest bookies were able to offer unique odds, as well as an incredible variety of football games taking place around the world.

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Is it legal to place bets on soccer online betting sites Ghana?

Today, the country has a specific set of laws that regulate the betting sites that accept PayPal, as well as gambling. Understanding the explicit rules, as well as the rules of doing business, helped international companies more actively promote their services, and provide only the best services and tools for making extra money.

The fundamental laws that guide best betting sites in Ghana are the following legislative acts:

  • Casino Licensing Act.
  • Slot Machine Act.
  • Lottery Act.

However, this does not mean that the best online betting sites Ghana industry is too overloaded with laws. It’s just the opposite. The legislative framework contributes to the fastest and highest quality development of the betting business.

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A selection of the highest quality and best betting sites Ghana

Due to the excellent development prospects, as well as the growth rate of the best bookies market, an increasing number of global operators offer their services in the Ghana market. Moreover, not all companies are reliable and high-quality gaming platforms on which players can make safe sports bets. Therefore, we bring to your attention a list of recommendations that should be followed when choosing the best betting sites Ghana:

Be sure to check if the international betting sites have an official license to conduct bookmaking activities. Truly reliable and transparent companies always publish their licenses directly on the gaming site.

Analyze betting companies’ reviews of other players about the experience gained on a particular gaming platform. Today you can easily find a considerable number of forums where players discuss various companies, as well as share their experience in placing bets with novice players.

Pay attention to such an important indicator as timely payments. If the soccer betting websites somehow systematically violate their obligations and do not pay the players their winnings on time, then it is better not to mess with such companies.

Analyze the payments section and specify in advance which payment services will be available for you to replenish your account and withdraw funds. If, for example, you are used to depositing your account using PayPal, then make sure in advance that the sports betting websites can offer this tool as a means for financial transactions.

Taking into account all the above indicators, we offer you a list of betting companies in Ghana that meet all the high standards and are genuinely reliable:

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Today, this company is recognized as the absolute leader in the Ghanaian market among all the best betting companies that offer sports betting services. Thanks to the quality service, as well as the most favorable conditions for placing bets, the platform was able to get ahead of the best betting websites from Europe. The most important advantage of this operator is that the minimum deposit you need to make is only 1 euro. If you want to get the maximum benefits from registration in this company, be sure to specify the unique promo code and gain the opportunity to earn up to 130 euros as a bonus.

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This company is considered one of the most experienced and reliable bookmakers from the list of sports betting companies in Ghana. Even though the platform was founded only in 2006, today, its unique experience helps to offer an incredible variety of sports markets. It also guarantees a unique gaming experience for each client.

A distinctive feature of this bookie is the top-high odds for real-time bets. Also, we recommend you to pay attention to their digital casino, which is also recognized by many experienced players as one of the best places among the best foreign bookies.

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The gaming platform combines a large number of sports markets and offers the best conditions for local players. In general, the bulk of the company’s customers are players from Ghana. That is why the bookie focused on providing the most profitable bets on sports such as football and tennis. Given the growth in annual rates, the company successfully competes with many best odds bookmakers.

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This operator has become famous due to its unique sportsbook, which brings together more than 20 different sports markets. If you need the maximum number of sports markets to select the best odds, then this bookie simply has no equal among other betting websites. Every day, the company updates hundreds of different sporting events. The most profitable sports markets that this company offers are basketball, e-sports, and volleyball.

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The best online betting company today is one of the most successful gaming platforms that were created in Africa. It is noteworthy that only local customers can use the services of this bookmaker. However, this is one of the main advantages of the operator. The fact is that all payment services, as well as the most popular sports, are selected solely taking into account the preferences of local players.

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This bookie gained immense popularity among local players due to the opening of a large number of ground points for placing bets on sports. At the same time, customers have the opportunity not only to replenish the game account but also to withdraw cash directly at the branches of the bookmaker. The football betting sites company also offers a vast number of convenient and fastest ways to fund your account. Therefore, the client base of the gaming platform annually shows steady growth.

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The operator is one of the most popular gaming platforms among all best betting sites in Ghana. Thanks to the vast international experience in doing business, the company was able to offer local customers an incredible variety of unique tools for placing bets on sports, as well as excellent odds for the most popular games.

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The headquarters of the top betting sites Ghana company is located in the UK, but this does not prevent the well-known international bookmaker from actively promoting its services in the African market. The company offers a wide variety of unique sports, as well as very favorable odds for sports such as basketball and tennis. Many experienced players living in Ghana consider this company one of the best platforms for watching online broadcasts of various sports events, among other new betting sites.

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Ghana gambling legal law

This sure betting site was able to become famous among betting companies thanks to one of the most attractive and easy to use websites for placing bets. Having obtained a license to conduct business in Ghana, the company, over time, was able to gain a high level of trust among local customers. Despite the somewhat limited offer on sports markets, sometimes the operator offers favorable odds for football and Formula 1.

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This 5-star bookmaker often offers significantly more advantageous bonus offers than other companies. Therefore, if you want to get the maximum benefits from placing sports bets after registering, be sure to pay attention to the exclusive bonuses that this best odds site raffles among local customers.

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Top betting companies in Ghana: tips on how to achieve the maximum in placing bets on football

Football is still the most popular and profitable sport for which local players place top bets today. If we consider statistics of all bookies, the bulk of all bets falls mainly in such a direction as football.

This is primarily because this market has the maximum number of different types of bets and a large number of sportsbook betting games that take place around the world. Be sure to pay attention to the following tips to be able to get maximum results when placing bets:

  • When placing bets on football at online betting sites Ghana, try to ignore your emotions in case the chance was unsuccessful. Sooner or later, each player is faced with the fact that the placed bet did not become a winning one. Losing money, as well as internal pressure, make many players quickly set a new chance and win back the lost money. Such actions often lead to the fact that under the influence of emotions, you cannot adequately assess and analyze sporting events.
  • Do not forget that if during the day none of your bets won, do not rush to empty your entire budget. Most likely tomorrow, the streak of failures will end, and you will be able to win back the lost amount of money. Therefore, we recommend that you do not rush to place all bets on the same day.
  • Be sure to analyze the sports event you want to bet on. Try to learn the game practice of each team and additionally collect information about the upcoming betensured today match.
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Unique Welcome Bonus by best betting sites in Ghana: Up to 130 euro in a few clicks!

Almost all novice players try to find a betting company that is ready to offer the most favorable conditions for passing the registration procedure. Getting the best bookmakers’ reward is one of the most critical steps toward success in sports betting. It is far from vital whether you will win back the received bookmaker sites bonus or spend it on studying previously unfamiliar sports markets.

Today the most profitable registration bonus among all companies from the list of online

Ghana gambling legalization

ookmakers is provided by 1xBet. After completing the short registration procedure and specifying a unique promo code, you can get a 100% increase in the amount of your first deposit. Moreover, the bookmaker is guaranteed to transfer you up to 130 euros, after you refill your account with 1 euro or more.

For you to be able to quickly analyze all offers for welcome bonuses in other betting companies, we offer you a unique table with a rating from local players.

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Rating of the best football online betting sites Ghana

Updated review of top betting sites Ghana 2020:

RankBetting siteBonusBonus codeRatingGet started
11xbet100% to the 1st deposit with up to 130 euro. ***9. 8***
2Bet365100 euro in bet credits.***9. 5***
3Mybet150% deposit match up to 40 euro.***9.1***
4Betway50% up to 36 euro awarded as a free bet.***8. 6***
5BetyetuBoost your winnings when you place bets on 5+ games.***8. 4***
6Premierbet100% up to 0. 15 euro***8. 0***
7SoccabetThe first deposit matched up to 30 euro. ***7. 8***
8Supabets30% bonus to bet on any of favorite sports teams. ***7. 6***
9Betpawa35 euro in free bets.***7. 4***
10EazibetUp to 30% to 1st deposit.***7.0***
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Online betting sites Ghana: Popular sports in the market

Naturally, the first place in the popularity of sports games for sports betting is football.

However, local players also prefer to place bets on games such as:

  • Tennis.
  • Fencing.
  • Basketball.
  • Formula 1.
  • Volleyball and so on.
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Our recommendation for choosing a bookie from the list of betting companies in Ghana

Although in today’s review, we checked a considerable number of top bookmakers, we recommend that you opt for 1xBet. If you take into account all the factors that this company possesses, then placing bets on sports on the betting sites platform of this bookie will be most profitable.

Do not forget that at the very start, the operator offers an incredibly generous welcome bonus that will help you get a unique gaming experience in any of the sports markets.

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Legal sports betting in Ghana has been regulated since 1960. Sportsbooks allow Ghanaians to bet in-person or online on their favorite sports teams; they also take bets over the phone. The sports you can bet on in Ghana are soccer, American football, ice hockey, boxing, cricket, tennis, golf, and basketball among others. The national currency in Ghana is the Cedi, which isn’t available to most sportsbooks worldwide. However, you can use other currencies such as the Pounds, Euros, or US dollars. A sports betting option that is very popular among Ghanaians is the Jackpot field, where there are multiple games parlayed on one slip and sold at a fixed amount that offers lucrative rewards. Just about every sportsbook in Ghana has this betting option available.

Currently, there are over 20 legal sports betting companies operating in Ghana and with the success of the industry in the developing country, it’s safe to assume that many more companies will begin to open sportsbooks in Ghana. The government has little to no legislation regarding online sports betting, so it is important to ensure that you only sign up for accounts and bet with reputable and established companies with a track record of providing a fair service to their clients.

Legality Of Sports Betting In Ghana

The Lotteries Betting Act 1960 was the first legislation passed to allow sports gambling in Ghana. Since then, only two other forms of legislation have been passed since those are the Gambling Machines Act 1973 and the Casino Licensing Act 1975. The most recent legislation to gambling in Ghana was The Gaming Act of 2006; the act made it legal to bet in Ghana and made the Ghana Gaming Commission responsible for regulating sports betting. This allows for domestic and international gambling providers to set up shop in Ghana without much regulation from the government.

Limited government involvement means companies will not be taxed as heavily but leaves the consumers at a greater risk. Ghana has no legal requirements for responsible gambling and no self-exclusion provisions. Meaning bettors must bet at their own risk because companies don’t have to worry about being legally obliged to protect the bettor’s interests. Online gambling is the least regulated form of gambling in Ghana with no current legislation addressing the rapidly changing digital landscape of sports betting. Furthermore, Ghana’s government has no legislation limiting how and where companies can advertise their sportsbooks.

The Popularity Of Sports Betting In Ghana & COVID-19

Ghanaians have taken to sports betting in a big way. For some, it occurred in times of unemployment while for others, it was a way to supplement their income through wagering on matches. More and more people in the country have turned to gambling on sports, more specifically soccer, as it is believed to be the fastest way to become rich. Some Ghanaians spend half of their day calculating what wagers to make with many of the younger generations choosing to gamble on sporting events rather than get regular jobs.

The Coronavirus Pandemic severely hurt the sports bettors of Ghana when soccer and other major sports stopped playing in order to help contain the outbreak of COVID-19. Revenue that was much needed by the country from the industry as well as all of the gamblers that relied on their winnings to sustain an adequate way of life were greatly affected. Toward the end of 2020, things started to turn around for sports betting in Ghana when games made their way back to daily life. However, the effects of COVID-19 will be felt by the country and avid gamblers of all sports for quite some time.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Ghana?

It is completely legal for those living in Ghana to participate in online sports betting. Since the internet has become more accessible in the country, there has been a spike in online gaming. Ghana loves sports, with an affinity toward soccer in particular as their team is always trying and succeeding for the most part at making it to the FIFA World Cup. It’s no wonder that soccer is their biggest market for sports betting activity. While the country does have a few platforms of their own for online sportsbooks, the biggest operators are those that are offshore. These companies are legal to use by all avid sports betting enthusiasts in Ghana and cover a global scale’s worth of events and bets to choose from.

One of the most popular internet sports betting platforms in the country is SportsBetting Sportsbook. They accept members from Ghana and have plenty of bets to choose from as well as promotions. The entire experience is what makes them one of the top sites to use in the country for all of the online sports betting needs of Ghanaian sports bettors. This company also has translations available for the people in the country should they not speak English. This is a very helpful tool that not many online sportsbooks have when it comes to Ghana. Even with soccer being the number one sport to gamble on, for all of those Ghanaian people that would prefer to wager on something else, they will be able to find everything and more to gamble on with offshore legal sports betting websites.

Ghana Sports Betting Markets

By far the two largest markets in Ghana are the cities of Accra and Kumasi, as of 2013 the only two cities in the country with more than 540,000 people. But betting on local football clubs remains popular throughout the entire country. Many sportsbooks offer special promotions for fans betting on local teams, especially those of the Ghana Premier League, which helps keep sports betting interest high throughout the year. In addition to the national league, the two most popular leagues to bet on are the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga.

After football, boxing is Ghana’s most popular sport, especially in low-income communities that have not yet felt the effects of Ghana’s recent economic growth. While Ghana has not seen a world champion since Azumah Nelson, who retained the WBC world Super Featherweight title from 1988 until 1994, the unbridled enthusiasm for boxing persists across the country. Bookies take bets on everything from major world championship fights down to local bouts between young up-and-comers.

Where Ghana Sports Betting Revenue Goes

The Gaming Commission of Ghana is responsible for issuing licenses and permits. The commission generates revenue through taxes from casinos, sports betting, and promotions involving games of chance. In Ghana, sports betting has given the country more opportunities to employ its people and has given a steady source of income for local football clubs. With little to no legislation and very relaxed taxation laws, it’s tough to pinpoint where the revenue from sports betting goes in Ghana. However, Ghana has recently imposed a 17.5% tax on domestic betting companies and patrons of their services.

The Gaming Commission of Ghana, however, does not deal with the Lottery side of things. The National Lottery Authority (NLA) was set up in 2007 and handles this category of gaming. The lottery is both an important source of revenue for the country through taxes along with providing funding for social initiatives. It remains to be seen if the lawmakers in Ghana will have similar legislation for sports betting.

Legal Ghana Sports Betting Sites

Legal Ghana Sports betting sites can be found throughout the internet. With Ghana not having much legislation about online sports betting many residents of Ghana have a plethora of online options to place their wagers. Furthermore, a lot of the legal sports betting sites in Ghana offer much better odds and different sports than the brick-and-mortar sportsbooks in Ghana. As many more citizens of Ghana get access to the internet through their mobile devices, legal Ghana sports betting sites will continue to pop up on the internet.

Legal Sports betting sites that take customers from Ghana are BetOnline, and MyBookie. Both sites have their entire sportsbook available in a mobile sportsbook version which allows bettors to place their wagers anytime and anywhere. With a variety of odds and lines for bettors of all levels of experience to bet on Legal sports betting sites in Ghana have never been easier to find.

BetOnline – Get $1,000 To Bet On La Liga

BetOnline is one of the best online sportsbooks in the world and is open to customers in Ghana. BetOnline has the most up to date odds and lines on sports like the NFL, NBA, MLB, Premier League Soccer, Cricket, and Rugby. With so many different sports betting options available to bettors, it’s clear why BetOnline is one of the most used sportsbooks in Ghana. BetOnline also offers mobile betting which allows bettors to access the entire sportsbook from their mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

BetOnline also has a very generous welcome bonus that gives fans in Ghana Up to $1,000 dollars to bet on La Liga soccer by simply using the promotional code BOL1000. When you make your first deposit using the promotional code, BetOnline will match 50% of your initial deposit up to $1,000 dollars. With such a great incentive to get bettors in Ghana to join, it’s easy to see why many citizens of Ghana use BetOnline.

Which Payment Methods Are Accepted At Sportsbooks In Ghana?

There are numerous ways to fund your sports betting accounts in Ghana. The most common way to fund your bets is with the Ghanaian cedi, which is the official currency of Ghana. MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash, Airtel, and Tigo are all commonly accepted deposit methods in Ghana. Most sportsbooks in Ghana accept Visa or Mastercard (Debit or Credit) and bettors can choose to add money into their account any time they please. Another payment method that many sportsbooks are starting to accept is the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. With some sportsbooks offering promotional bonuses for using Bitcoin in your initial deposit, the cryptocurrency is becoming more popular to use in sports betting. When betting on offshore sportsbooks in Ghana, it’s best to use a valid debit or credit card.

What’s The Minimum Gambling Age In Ghana?

The minimum gambling age in Ghana is 18 years old. This includes sports betting both land-based and online. Sportsbooks strictly enforce Ghana’s sports betting age laws and will not permit you to partake in sports betting if you are underage. You will be required to provide legal documentation to prove you are indeed at least 18 years old before you will be able to bet on sports in Ghana. Those who are of the legal sports betting age in Ghana have access to the wide array of sports betting opportunities presented in the country for both land-based and online betting.

What’s In Store For The Future Of Sports Betting In Ghana?

Ghana’s sports betting future has a positive outlook for years to come. This is because many citizens are starting to own smartphones and that has brought online sportsbooks into the palms of bettor’s hands for the first time. As more of the population of Ghana becomes connected to the internet, the sports betting economy in Ghana should experience consistent growth for the next couple of years. With online sportsbooks not being regulated in Ghana, it won’t be long before Ghana’s government realizes how much money they’re missing out on regarding online sports betting. This should generate even more revenue for Ghana’s government.

What Are Some Online Sportsbooks That Accept Players From Ghana?

There are a few online sportsbooks that accept Ghana bettors. Bovada, BetOnline, and MyBookie are a few of the more popular options for Ghana players. These online sportsbooks also offer a slew of deposit and withdrawal options, ensuring all Ghana players can find a method that suits them. These online sportsbooks provide full-service sports betting to all Ghana sports bettors. You will find any wager type you can think of when betting on sports online in Ghana.

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