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Gorilla Gaming is home to Legendary Gaming Tables, Custom Felts and Livestream Production. Located in Warwick, RI, Gorilla Gaming has become the industries go to suppler for the higest quality gaming tables. As the official table of the World Series of Poker, Gorilla Gaming has established itself as the dominant product in the table game industry. Making full use of our very own Gorilla Lab each showcase build is unique in its own way. We have a Dream, Experiment with ideas and then we’re let loose to Create a masterpiece. Each showcase build gave us its own set of challenges, ultimately creating its own unique story. Gorilla Gaming Co Our products will be made with the perfect blend of form, function and value all manufactured right here, in the USA. Check out our innovative shopping experience, GorillaGaming.net. Build yourself your own personal poker table quickly and effortlessly. I bought a poker table! In this video, I unbox and set-up my new folding poker table. I also do an initial review on my new poker table and show you where you c.

Never mind best — what is it that makes a table a “poker” table?

Gorilla Gaming Poker Tables

Is it the cushiony edge for elbow- and forearm-resting? Is it the recessed drink holders? Is it the chip wells? Is it the slightly-cushioned felt that makes picking up cards and raking in pots atactile pleasure?

Is it the fact that it can be folded up and stuffed in any closet until the next time your cousin shows up with cash money and the only type of six-pack he’ll ever possess?

Is it — is it all of these things? Why yes. Yes, it is. And thanks for asking.


Only one of the tables I’ve listed folds up for easy under-the-bed storage, by the way. Regardless of price or design, most folding tables are flimsy, and spending hours at a table fearing yourcousin is going to spill his beer (again!) on the cards is just not what comes to mind when I think “best.”

I’ve also ignored reversible poker tables, mostly because I ordered one a few years ago specifically because it did not appear to be reversible (and it said nothing to indicate itsreversibility).

Gorilla gaming poker tables games

Turns out, it was reversible. Which made the table top a bit unstable, particularly if one has relatives who enjoy leaning heavily (there is no other way to lean in my family) against any and allnearby objects.

I’ll admit that watching half-full cans of beer suddenly catapult across the living room can be entertaining af (particularly when you throw in the look of exquisite dumbfoundedness on mycousin’s face), but a real mess to clean up.

All in all, not my favorite Thanksgiving.

I’ve also eliminated the game-specific tables pitched as home poker tables, since as much as I love playing Texas hold’em, I don’t fancy dealing every hand for 12 hours, which the long, narrowdesign of the standard Texas hold’em table suggests (but of course, does not require).

Still, a single dealer is strongly suggested by that layout, and most home poker games I’ve sat in on tend to favor the “dealer’s choice” policy.

Besides, the poker table is often called into service for board games and the like, so a casino-style lima-bean-shaped table is not really an appropriate choice. Besides, where the heck would youput the thing?

Gorilla Gaming Poker Tables Games

Without further ado (mostly because I’ve run out of ado), here are my five best home poker tables.