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  • Holdfast BlackJack sealant 20mm inside the mark.  Spread the fins of the Pro-Joist and fit into place.  Hold in position by driving a galvanised clout through each side of the Pro-Joist and into the timber.
  • Black Jack® Waterproofing & Seam Tape is a versatile and easy to use repair material for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Ideal for use on roofs, gutters, skylights, windows, doors, flashings, walls, foundations and many other surfaces, Black Jack® Waterproofing & Seam Tape seals.

When left unprotected, your driveway will develop cracks and potholes; Because it gets a beating from the rain, sun, snow, and the daily wear and tear that makes it be out of shape. Cracks start to develop, and the driveway loses its own unique color. But with proper maintenance and care, your driveway will be in tiptop condition for many years to come. For this reason, you have to select a good quality driveway sealer. Why buy BlackJack sealer? Read this BlackJack driveway sealer review to know more about this sealer.

Gorilla BlackJack is a waterproofing membrane that forms a seamless, highly elastic and durable film that adheres well to most of the common substrates. Shop BLACK JACK 4.75-Gallon Fibered Waterproofer Roof Sealant in the Roof Sealants department at Lowe's.com. BLACK JACK® Roof and Foundation Coating is a liquid applied, brushable, asphalt-based coating designed to seal.

Technical Specifications of the Black Jack Driveway Filler & Sealer Urethane Blacktop


Black Jack Ultra-Maxx 1000

Package:4.75 Gallon
Maximum performance:Enhanced with a latex polymer
Drying Time:Fast (24 hour)
Formula:Advanced gel is fast & E-Z
Newly paved asphalt surfaces cure time:Minimum 6 months
Warranty:10 Year
Affordability:Very Cheap
Price:Check Price

Holdfast Blackjack Sealant Kit

More so, if you use quality asphalt driveway sealers like the Black Jack Ultra-Maxx sealer. Black Jack is a re-known brand with various products on offer. This brand has put emphasis on quality and that’s why most of their products are slightly expensive than most brands on the market. Their sealers are also long-lasting and very easy to apply. On top of that, Black Jack sealers can be applied on different surfaces such as concrete and blacktop. With an excellent warranty and durability, Black Jack is a nice brand to buy from.

BlackJack Driveway Sealer Review 2020

Black Jack Ultra-Maxx 1000 is a high-quality rubberized blacktop filler and sealer created for asphalt driveways. Featuring an advanced gel that is easy to stir and dries very fast, the sealer is suitable for parking lots, gas stations, residential driveways, walkways, commercial driveways, and airport ramps. Also, it has a latex polymer that provides maximum performance with unmatched durability.

Your driveway will never be the same ever again after applying this rubberized blacktop sealer. It will leave it looking beautiful with an excellent finish. Prior to applying the driveway, you need to clean the driveway using driveway Kleen, degreaser, and a spray-on cleaner. To get rid of oil spots, use the driveway Kleen and rigorously scrub the spots. This will ensure there is proper bonding and there won’t be adhesion failures.

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If you come across larger holes or cracks, use another type of sealer. For the best results, you will have to apply a thin coat on the fillers. If the coat is thick, it will crack after drying. The ideal temperatures for sealing must be above 65 F but below 95 F at the time of application. The humidity should be below 35%. Unlike other sealers on the market, this one dries after one hour of application for foot use and 24 hours for car use.

Why buy this BlackJack Driveway Sealer?

  • It is extremely durable when applied the right way
  • It is very durable
  • It acts both as a filler and sealer
  • It has a fast dry technology that enables it to dry faster
  • It is very easy to apply
  • It leaves the driveway looking beautiful
  • The manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty

Holdfast Blackjack Sealant Putty


  • It is time-consuming to prepare and apply
  • It is slightly costly when compared to other types of driveway sealers
  • It only requires a thin coat which is a bit challenging to apply

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The Black Jack Ultra-MAXX 1000 filler and sealer does a great job of filling and sealing your pavement. It is very easy to stir and apply. In addition, it dries quickly and provides years of use. Just one five gallons of the sealer can be used to cover at least 350 sq. feet. If properly applied, it will only take you one hour and 24 hours for foot use and vehicle use, respectively. With a 10 year warranty, this is a reliable and durable product that can be used on any type of pavement or driveway.



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  • Do I need to clear everything from the driveway before sealing it?
    If you want to properly seal your driveway, you need to clear everything from the surface and scrub it thoroughly. This includes any growth, dirt, oils, grease, or plants that are growing on the pavement or driveway. Use things like primers and ensure that the surface is okay and ready for sealing.
  • Will the sealer make the pavement slippery in wet conditions?
    This depends on the type of sealer utilized. If the sealer maintains a natural look after applying it, then it is safe to use. But if it doesn’t, then this sealer may be slippery when the driveway is wet. Most sealers that turn the driveway to black and give it a glossy or shiny finish are slippery. This is because of the ingredients that they possess which are not good for wet conditions.
  • How should I apply the sealer on my asphalt driveway?
    There are three major ways through which you can apply the sealer. The first is by hand, the second one by spraying, and the third one by using a squeegee. If you’re seal coating a small area, it is recommended that you use your hand with the help of a brush. But if it’s a large area, you’re better off using a sprayer. This will help you to seal faster.

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