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  1. Dear Frank: Slot machine experts (you included) state absolutely that a machine has 'hot' and 'cold' streaks. But if the random number generator means just that - that any number can come up at any time producing any combination of winning or losing results - how can you justify the hot and cold streaks when any number can come up at any time?
  2. Slot machines don’t really get “hot” or “cold”. One of the best examples of the gambler’s fallacy is the belief that a slot machine game gets hot or cold. The idea is that a game which is paying out a lot is somehow “hot” and will continue to pay out.

The Free So Hot Slot's Symbols. Symbols in this slot machine are real old school. Regular ones are represented as 6 highest playing cards (9, 10, J, Q, K, A), bells, coins, fruits etc. There is a total of 13 symbols, including 1 scatter and 2 wilds. Famous red or blue sevens are wilds and they substitute for any symbol except the scatter.

One of (if not THE) most popular phrases among slot casino guides is hot and cold slots. The idea that a particular slot is either hot or cold so you need to try and find a slot which is hot.


This advice shows a complete misunderstanding of the mechanics behind online casinos. We have already talked about the Random Number Generator in previous articles, if you have not read these yet then go and check them out.

There are plenty of casinos who actually have live indicators of hot and cold slots or even a special hot and cold section of the website (Royal Panda for example). These do not help you at all. If a slot has been “hot” over the past few minutes, hours, days that still tells you absolutely nothing about what will happen in the next session you would play on these slots. They all use the same RNG (Random Number Generator) so it is purely suspicion if you want to play a “hot” slot or a “cold” slot.

The whole myth of hot and cold streaks stems back to the classic physical fruit machines and slot machines found in pool halls, land casinos, cross channel ferries, pubs, etc. Yes, these really did have payout cycles. These old fruit machines were not as advanced as the video slots of today and they were indeed basically programmed to eat a few hundred pounds at a low RTP and then in a sequence of a dozen or so spins spill out a few jackpots in a row to get to the true programmed RTP. You could (and yes many times I did) sit around in a pub all evening, keeping an eye on the fruit machine in the corner and try and guesstimate how much money had gone in and come out. Plan your timing right and you could get a good profit out of the machines. The same happened in the fruit machine halls, play slow, cheap and casually for hours keeping your eyes peeled on all the fruity s around you and try and catch them just before they go into payout mode.

Now this just doesn’t happen any more. The random number generator takes care of that.


Having said all that, I for one have played way too many spins on online slots over the years, we are talking millions of spins here. And I do believe that sequence happen here too. It does depend on what slot you are playing and by which provider. NetEnt have recently actually altered the maths engine on their newest slots which I believe is going to see far fewer people being able to make any sort of guess as to what mood the RNG is in. But there are times when you can guess you are on a winning run. How often do you see a big win closely followed by another big win? On the flip side, how often do you do on a monster losing run?

Hot And Cold Slot Machines Free

The problem here is that a winning run on an online slot really doesn’t last very long at all. However losing runs can last for hours. So even for the most hardened online slot player it really is super difficult to read what is happening and any casino mentioning hot and cold slots are just telling you useless information. These are just the slots which have paid out particularly well or particularly badly over the last few minutes or hours.

Want to see a random number generator in action?

Hot and cold slot machines for sale

If you have Neteller, Skrill, Bitcoins, etc then I really hope you already have 2 factor authentication installed… if not then DO IT TODAY. You need to protect yourself from hackers, take it from me, my brother lost his whole Skrill account to a hacker and Skrill never reimbursed him.

Google Authentication is a random number generator you can watch in real time. Sometimes your random security code will make a huge jump from one number to the next… however very often you will only see incremental changes like 77xxxx to 76xxxxx to 80xxxxx to 91xxxxx etc etc. Just watch it go for a while. How random is this really? How does it work? What is the maths behind the number generation?

I also believe that the random number generators do not have a maximum value and a minimum, by which I mean it doesn’t see 999999 as the top number and 000000 as the bottom possible number. Watching Google Authentication often sees numbers 9xxxxx jump to 0xxxxx or vice versa. In this way you could say that after getting a massive win (99xxxxx) you could end up going on a losing run as the RNG has risen beyond the top level rather than having to go downwards again which would keep you in the money.

This is of course all speculation. Without seeing the complex code or seeing a numerical representation of the RNG for every spin over a long period of time then there’s no way I can know if I am correct in my assumptions or not. Pure speculation.

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Do You Know Hot And Cold Slots?

The professionals use the label hot slots and cold slots to describe and identify the slot machine which would give out more money than what the players actually invested. The terms hot and cold slots can be described as:

Hot Slots: The slots that have a higher possibility of winning. It is said that the hot slots would give the players more rewards than what they invested where SRP (SRP – statistical return percentage) is higher than RTP in-game rules.

Cold Slots: Cold slots are believed to be inactive machines. It is anticipated that the machines will show less frequency of winning and would never give the players with more rewards than what they invested. It is the slots with current RTP that is lower than RTP in-game rules.

Terms and Definitions

RTP – Return To Player (RTP) is the term used to display the percentage of stakes that can be returned to players from a game (usually more than at least one million plays).

SRP – Statistical Return Percentage (SRP) is the average payback for a few rounds for a specific period of time.

Why are the slots so?


The slot machines are designed to attract players and to drive them to test their luck and take a risk. Slots designed to attract the players to invest a small amount in the hope to earn more in return. Since everything takes place in front of the player’s eyes, the players think that the slots are much more exciting.

How are slot machines made hot or cold?


The concept of hot and cold slots is inspired from the experience of the players. A regular player will be able to recognize the counts, the number of spins, the time for processing, and the machine’s behaviour and may be able to guess if the machine would give out a favourable amount or not. However the spins of the slot machine in fact are very random. Sometimes the slots present the same result over a few times and that may come out to be a pattern, but in fact the slot machines are not made with the purpose of having hot or cold slots. Some players maybe can analyse the slots, the working pattern and the times the slots have produced good payouts, but the slots are always unpredictable. Online slots review showed that when being asked whether to try a hot slot or a cold slot machine, different views were given. Some suggested that investing in hot slots is rewarding as the slots are in their payout cycles meanwhile some suggested that the cold slots would provide better payouts as they would now begin the payout cycles. Both these opinions are extremely subjective and are not at all time reliable.

The spinning of the slot machine or the operating of the cycle cannot be controlled. It is important to keep in mind that the slots are programmed machines hence they cannot produce more than what they are accountable for. Meaning that there is actually nothing to the hot and cold slots concept. Online slots review showed that many players know that random number generators control the results.

The slot machines are set not to keep the memory so every spin is unconnected to the previous spin. In conclusion, the slots are all programmed to yield random outcomes, and the outcomes are all cannot be modified or completely predicted, however the truth is that the slots are set to payout a specific amount.

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