Idaho Casino Gambling Age

Find the minimum gambling age in casinos for every state in the USA include Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. (ID) Idaho Gambling: 18: 18: 18: 18 / 18.


All Idaho casinos are affiliated with Native American tribes. There are currently seven Idaho Indian casinos which all offer electronic pull-tab machines and other video games. There are no Idaho casinos that offer live table games, only electronic versions of games such as: craps, baccarat, blackjack, and roulette. Some Idaho casinos also offer off-track betting, bingo, and poker.

  1. Idaho Gambling Statutes. TITLE 18 CRIMES AND PUNISHMENTS CHAPTER 38 GAMING. Section 18-3801.
  2. Type of gambling Minimum age Relevant sections of the Act Gambling in casinos or other licensed gambling premises It is illegal to permit any person under the age of 18 to enter a licensed gambling premises. The only exception is licensed family entertainment centres. 18: 46, 47, 48 and 49 Gaming machine (Machine category: A, B1, B2, B3, B3A.
  3. Gambling Age in Idaho The gambling age in Idaho is 18+. Those 18 years of age and older can participate in the state and national lotteries, tribal casino games, charity bingo, as well as pari-mutuel racing bets. The legal drinking age in the state is 21 years of age but was once 19.

Shown below is a list of all casinos in Idaho. Click on a casino name to see a page of detailed information about that particular casino.

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Slot Machine Payback Percentages at Idaho Indian Casinos

Idaho does not require its Native American casinos to provide minimum slot machine payback percentages to the public, nor do they make any information available on what the machines actually pay back to the public.

Unlike the casinos in Idaho, in many U.S. states the slot machine payback statistics for that particular state’s casinos are released as a matter of public record. Just click here to see a list of slot machine payback statistics for casinos in all U.S. states.

Idaho Casinos Details

There are no casinos in the capital city of Boise, Idaho, nor in the major metropolitan city of Idaho Falls. Casinos in Idaho are typically in somewhat remote areas, though there are three Idaho casinos within a 60-mile drive south of Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Out of the seven casinos in Idaho, here are four casinos in Idaho that offer hotel lodging along with gambling. In Worley, Idaho, the Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort is the largest casino in Idaho. It offers a 300-room hotel, seven restaurants, an 18-hole golf course, a spa, and a sprawling 100,000 square-foot casino.

The second largest casino in Idaho, Fort Hall Casino, is located in the southeast corner of the state, about 50 miles south of Idaho Falls. They offer a 156-room hotel, four restaurants, a casino with more then 900 video gaming machines, and five nights a week (Wednesday through Saturday) they host bingo.

All Idaho casinos are open 24 hours and the minimum gambling age at all casinos is 18. However, Clearwater casino is the one exception; their minimum gambling age is 21.

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Idaho Casino Gambling Age


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Idaho is among the top culturally inspiring states that you can explore in the U.S. because it combines outdoor recreation areas, mountain landscapes, along with friendly communities. You will be awed by the diverse landscapes – from the glacial lakes in the panhandle to the lunar-like landscapes on the southern border. The state is a great place to go if you are an outdoor enthusiast, or nature lover, and some of the best things to do in Idaho are listed below.

Sun Valley Resort

This resort in southern Idaho attracts skiing enthusiasts from all over the world with its stunning winter sports facilities. The highlight of the resort is Bald and Dollar Mountain which offers downhill skiing for all levels of ability. The resort is equipped with 13 chairlifts which service 2,000 acres of skiable terrain. The resort also features a Nordic Center for cross-country skiers and snowshoers. Another popular activity is Heli-Skiing, which is downhill skiing or snowboarding, where instead of a ski lift, a helicopter is used to reach your starting point. If you happen to be here during the summer months, the resort offers many activities for hikers, mountain bikers, and other outdoor activity lovers.

The closest casino to this attraction is Sage Hill Travel Center & Casino.

Sawtooth National Recreation Area

This area comprises of 756,000 wildland acres in Sawtooth National Forest of central Idaho. There are 700 miles of hiking and equestrian trails, 40 peaks that are more than 10,000 feet high, and lots of alpine lakes to explore. The area also features about 50 established campgrounds where you can stay if you want to go camping with the family. Some other top activities to try here are fishing and mountain biking during the summer months while cross-country skiing and snowmobiling are popular during the winter months.

The closest casino to this attraction is Sage Hill Travel Center & Casino.

Hell Canyon National Recreation Area

This canyon can be found within the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest in northern Idaho and it is the deepest river gorge in North American. The canyon was carved out by the wild and scenic Snake River which spans 95 miles along the border of Washington and Oregon. The best ways to explore the Hell canyon include: hiking and horseback trails, rafting down the white-water rapids, and staying in the developed or primitive campgrounds. You can also come here during the winter months if you enjoy skiing and snowmobiling.

The closest casino to this attraction is It’Se-Ye-Ye Casino.

Shoshone Falls


These falls are also called the Niagara of the West and can be found on the northeastern edge of the city of Twin Falls. The falls are 212-foot-tall and were created by the turbulent forces of the Snake River. The waterfalls flow year-round and are at their peak between April and July. You can also explore the surrounding areas which include the adjacent Dierks Lake which is filled with swimming spots, hiking trails, and scenic overlooks. Picnicking areas are also popular and provide stunning views of the falls.

The closest casino to this attraction is Bannock Peak Casino.

City of Rocks National Reserve

This is a famous attraction among climbing enthusiasts. Located in southern Idaho, it is also known as the City of Rocks. The pioneers along the historic California Trail noticed this magnificent feature and the Shoshone, historically made camp among the huge spires and boulders. The city of rocks is a popular place to go for hikers, birders, mountain bikers, and photographers. The attraction also features a campground for tourists with 64 camp sites.

The closest casino to this attraction is Bannock Peak Casino.

Craters of the Moon National Monument

This is a lunar-like landscape that was created by volcanic eruptions between 15,000 and 20,000 years ago. The crater is located in southeastern Idaho and you can explore the region of lava flows on the sign-posted circular routes. The area is still geologically active and features five caves you can explore, but before you can explore this area, there is a need for permits which you can easily obtain at the Monument entrance station.

The closest casino to this attraction is Sage Hill Travel Center & Casino.

Idaho Casino Gambling Agency

Thousand Springs

This is a large area of land surrounded by the clearest, cleanest rivers and springs that you will ever see. Some of the best activities here are to hike through the Hardy Box Canyon Springs Nature Preserve or you can try your hand at stand-up paddle boarding or canoeing along the rivers.

The closest casino to this attraction is Bannock Peak Casino.

How many casinos are in Idaho?

There are currently 7 casinos located in Idaho. There are currently 7 casinos located in Idaho. • Bannock Peak Casino • Clearwater River Casino and Lodge • Coeur D’Alene Casino Resort Hotel • Fort Hall Casino • It’Se-Ye-Ye Casino • Kootenai River Inn Casino and Spa • Sage Hill Casino

What is the gambling age in Idaho?

In Idaho, the minimum gambling age at all casinos is 18. However, Clearwater casino is the one exception; their minimum gambling age is 21.

This little gem of a state takes a middle of the road approach to gambling – it does regulate certain legal forms, but the range of options isn’t so wide, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a legal poker game in Idaho. There are a number of tribal casinos across the state, but these must also abide by state prohibitions on poker, roulette and craps, and generally offer only pull tab play.

The history of Idaho, as that of many a western state, is filled with poker games and other forms of gambling. But with a serious crackdown on these activities during the middle of the 20th century, those times are definitely a part of history now. One of the oft’ told tales of that earlier time is that of “Poker Bride” Polly, a Chinese slave who was won by an American in a game of poker in Warrens, Idaho back in the 1870s.

Bemis, the lucky winner of the hand in question went on to win Polly’s [1] hand in marriage, and they became one of very few interracial couples in the USA at that time. Bemis was an ardent gambler, and required nursing back to health by Polly after being badly shot in another wild game of cards held during the 1880s.

Polly went on to live to the grand old age of 81, quite a feat in those days, and has remained a figure of local legend ever since.

A more modern proponent of the game hails from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, the notorious Kevin Macphee or “ImaLuckSac” as he is known online, winner of EPT Berlin in 2010 and ranked amongst the top online MTT players in the world. I wonder where he cut his teeth at the game. It seems pretty unlikely that it was in his home town, given the strict rules governing any form of real money poker play in Idaho state.

The Letter of the Law

In Idaho, state law doesn’t differentiate between games of skill and of chance. Where a specific form of wagering is not explicitly allowed under state law, it is illegal. Anyone gambling illegally is committing a misdemeanor.

Exceptions allowed under the law include “bona fide contests of skill, speed, strength or endurance”, although before you poker players perk up at the prospect of arguing for poker being a skill game, bear in mind that it is specifically legislated against by name under state law.

Bingo and raffles are allowed under the law, with certain provisions which mean that in practice most of the events permitted are charitable ones. Licenses must be obtained to run such events, and limits are in place regarding maximum fees, prizes and age of participants.

Pari-mutuel racing is allowed on horse racetracks, and dog racing is illegal in Idaho as it is now in most states. The government themselves helpfully provide this list of scheduled horse racing events [3] taking place across the state.
It is a crime to possess a slot machine in Idaho, unless it’s from before 1950 and non-electronic. Exceptions exist within the tribal casinos for pull tab machines.

The state has run a lottery since 1988, now providing a range of games including scratch cards. With record breaking ticket sales in July 2013, this remains the most popular form of gambling in the state. Of course anyone but the state running a lottery is breaking the law.

Laws governing pool and billiards have been repealed, according to this extensive guide from Gaming Law Masters [5], so there may be room for a flutter there.

The lottery website also offers a handy FAQ[6] for those wishing to find out more about running charitable bingo games and raffles.

There is no provision for social gambling under Idaho law, so while it may or may not be tolerated by lawmakers, it is not technically legal to play any kind of game for real money even in the privacy of your own home.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Idao?

There are no specific statutes under Idaho state law regarding online gambling, but this does not indicate that it’s a legal, or even a risk-free venture. Nonetheless the local press has no reports of arrests for anyone gambling online.

In Section 20 of the state code it is stated that it is illegal to “employ any electronic or electromechanical imitation or simulation of any form of casino gambling”, which would seem to apply to most forms of online wagering, on top of which any such activity would violate more general state laws on gambling anyway.

In response to the news that states such as New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware were working to allow online intra-state gambling, the executive director of the Idaho lottery discussed the prospects for such a thing to occur in Idaho, concluding that while he wouldn’t rule it out at some stage in the future, there are no plans to even look into this matter within the state legislature at this time.

For now then, any online gambling within the state of Idaho is very clearly against state law.

What Forms of Gambling Are Legal?

For those of you still seeking a poker game in the state, there’s really not much in the way of legitimate options. This thread on a sports website discusses the possibilities, essentially concluding that the best option is to head to Washington. I can’t even find any free rolls listed in Idaho.

While there are home games listed here and here on the nation’s most popular websites for such gatherings, it’s unclear whether the people posting here realize that in hosting real money games they are breaking state law. We list these links purely for academic purposes, additionally at least some of them are likely free rolls. If your aim is to stay within the letter of the law, you can’t play home games of any sort for real money.

You can of course attend the tribal casinos, which offer a range of games, almost exclusively pull tab machines with a nice fat house edge. The casinos are not allowed to run poker or other table games, although there does seem to be a very quiet movement towards electronic tables.

The Fort Hall Casino is running electronic blackjack tables [8].

The Coeur d’Alene resort apparently installed video poker tables with manned dealers. The tables aren’t even referenced on the casino website, the only online talk of them being an article in the Spokesman Review when they were first proposed in 2007 [9] and a passing mention in this general guide to Idaho’s casinos [10].

This seeming exception to the law bore further investigation, so being the perfectionist that I am I just had to give them a call. And as it turns out, of course, they are cruising within the letter of the law by keeping the game strictly player vs. machine, not player vs. player, and of course thereby player vs. house. The game featured is a form of Stud, and a live dealer runs the game via prompts from the “poker machine”. Unlike table poker itself, these games cannot be worked for a profit, due to the persistent house edge. A slot by any other name…

Recent Developments in Idaho Gambling Laws

In the only positive poker news to hit Idaho for decades, in 2010 a legal review following a bust of elderly citizens for playing a $20 poker game has led to an adjustment in the existing legislation for how the state handle individual cases of breaking the law by gambling socially.

The local criticism which the police faced after busting over twenty retirees mid-game at the Twin Falls Senior Center was so heavy that the House and Senate passed almost unanimous votes supporting a measure to “place discretion for investigating any gambling reports back in the hands of the prosecutors” .


This small but significant victory seems to suggest that a private home game which doesn’t bother any neighbours or other folk would likely go unprosecuted by the law.

Moving in the opposite direction, resistance to existing tribal gambling continues to make itself heard in Idaho. A new legal claim was put forward in March that the existing resorts are violating the Idaho constitution, and the proponents of this bill also claim that the state lottery has its sights set on electronic gaming.

Busts and Arrests

Venues are periodically shut down for playing host to illegal gambling, as happened to various grocery stores, Laundromats and bars in this series of busts of May 2013 [11] which saw 19 machines seized and four people charged.
Busts of home games do happen from time to time usually based on citizens’ complaints, for example in this case from July 2013 [12] in which four people were arrested. A “facilitator” is discussed as exchanging cash for chips, though no mention of a sizeable operation or premises is made.

It emerges that the family who played cards together moved their friendly games from their home to office locations after neighbor complaints. They were later busted and defended themselves to the press [13], claiming they were just playing socially and weren’t aware of any wrongdoing. Technically, they could avoid prosecution under the 2010 ruling discussed above.

Generally, prosecutions for illegal gambling activity covered in the Idaho press are relatively small scale, and few and far between.


If you’re seeking a wager in the Gem State, you’re not exactly short on options, but they are perhaps not the most varied, nor glitzy choices in the United States. You can play the state lottery, bet at the licensed horse racetracks with some pari-mutuel wagering, partake in charitable bingo games and raffles organized by licensed non-profits, and perhaps get away with a wager on pool or billiards.

Aside from that, if you’re after an actual gambling venue you have half a dozen tribal casinos to choose from, which run electronic gaming only, mainly limited to pull tabs and with a couple of player vs. house electronic blackjack and poker tables in the larger venues.

Other than that, you’re best off heading to Washington for your closest games. Of course, you could partake in a prop bet about navigating the Idaho River in winter, except that Amarillo Slim already did it and won over $30,000 doing so.

Slim riled locals back in 1972 by running the river [14] at the least challenging time of year, as it’s actually more difficult in the summer with the higher water levels.


Of course to anyone familiar with prop betting this is clearly the exact reason Slim made the wager, since to the layman winter looks like the toughest time, while to someone in the know it’s actually the ideal moment to take the bet. There’s always an edge, if you’re Slim enough to find one.

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