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Some players see that house edge and think the Iron Cross is a viable bet for periods of longer than one bet. They need to know the overall edge of each craps bet is played to a decision. Under those conditions, the edges on each component are 2.78%on the field, 4%on the place bet on 5 and 1.52% on place bets on 6 and 8. The Iron Cross Betting System. The Iron Cross is a craps betting system that's made a lot of noise in the gambling world. The basis of the system is that it places specific bets so that you win as long as the dice show anything but 7. . Warning – If You Play Craps – You Will Lose. Video: ByMel Lum Ho – Craps Hawaii. Mel is one of my go to guys on how to play Craps, Today we will learn about the Iron Cross. Email for Classes: [email protected] Craps Hawaii — The Iron Cross System.

  1. The Iron Cross system is one of the most popular betting strategies in the game of craps. It definitely can be a lot of fun to use, but as with all betting systems, it is statistically flawed. To learn why, read our article about the failure of craps system. To try to combat these statistical shortcomings, the 'Unbeatable' Iron Cross was invented.
  2. Iron Cross Is An Amazing New Way of Using an Advanced System to Eliminate the House Edge at Craps and Turn It Into a Reliable High-Profit Source for Players!
I have tried a variation on the Iron Cross that I would love some outside input.
On the simulator I use a $5 minimum bet as follows, after the point is established:
Place a $10 bet on the 5
Place a $12 bet on the 6
Place a $12 bet on the 8
And a $5 field bet
I let the point be made then my decision points are:
If I win three straight rolls, I take all my bets down.
If the point is made, I take down the Field bet, if necessary, then start over.
And obviously, if a seven is rolled, I lose and I start over.
Bank roll is $300, if I ever get over $100 profit, take those profits and restart the game.
On a cold run, I sometimes reduce to two straight wins.
I find this to be profitable here, what does anyone think?
On the right track.
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I have tried a variation on the Iron Cross that I would love some outside input.

I expect you will get about the same 'input' as you received for your thread before your Vegas trip in January. Did you bet this Iron Cross in Vegas? Did you bet something else? Did you achieve your win goal frequently enough to pay for your trip expenses?
As you probably know, the Iron Cross works great if shooters have long rolls, but poorly if Red keeps crashing the party. You say you quit after 3 wins, which minimizes Red's opportunity to crush you. But, you miss out when shooters have a long roll. Also, it takes several small wins (as you describe) to recover from just one point-seven out, so it's easy to get way behind quickly. But, win or lose, betting the Iron Cross can sure be a lot of fun.
We may want Red to remain a distant prospect but the simple math says otherwise. The next Red requires only two future tosses to accumulate a 31% probability of occurrence and only four future tosses to accumulate a 52% probability. The analysis of course begins anew as each toss becomes history rather than future.
Here is a suggestion: observe a very long string of tosses and note that Red occurs in bunches, just like cars on a highway and any other random phenomenon involving time. The descriptive math is too complex to discuss here. Simply try to anticipate and dodge those bunches with your Iron Cross.
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Take your shota. Hit n run quickly. Fool the variance.
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'Winners hit n run... Losers stick around'
I did do this when I went to Vegas. I had the smarts to walk away after small losses and play hit and run a bunch of times. I didn't pay for the entire vacation but a large chunk of it - 'too much' quality time with my significant other to spend a lot of time at the tables. And as much as I love her, she is a bit spoiled and rather than using my comp at Excal, for her first trip to Vegas since her dad took her in high school to see his friend Sammy Davis Jr perform, she wanted to stay at the Palazzo. Free went to $1000 real fast!!! BTW, we had a great time, great meals, we saw Love, we visited he ex MIL for some reason. I won net about $600 - that 'system' is a slow grind. The variation I want to use is after hitting my escape amount, I want to let what is on the table ride without replacing the Field bet. I have had a bit of luck here and I plan on hitting the bubble craps here next weekend.
So you can roll your eyes if that makes you feel better but all I was asking was for an opinion.
Next sessions I will keep a log.
pwc, when I felt the table get cold, I reduced to two wins when possible and take down my bets. It is hard seeing too many rolls for numbers - especially after a bunch of 2's and 12's show up, but you get that special smirk when you take down your bets and a 7 shows up in a roll or two.
should somebody should step in and mention when fallacies and canards are prevalent in a certain thread? This happens with Craps and Baccarat threads in particular. We are all used to it, but on the other hand there are people who come to this site to be educated rather than to spread BS, what kind of minority that is I don't know. One thing I have become convinced about, though, is that to some degree it is up to each of us to separate out that which is accurate from that which is not.
Buzzkill of course. I'll just point out some of the dubious elements in this thread and the discerning newbie can take it from there.

Iron Cross Craps Betting System Calculator

Dubious or misleading claims or assumptions:
*hit and run as a viable strategy
*tables that were cold or hot will continue to be so

Iron Cross Craps Betting System Blackjack

*clumping phenomenon of rolled numbers can be predicted

Iron Cross Craps Betting System Free

Free*betting scenarios being 'profitable'
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