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Recent Kwazulu-Natal tenders Servicing of fire equipment at Hospital, Forensic Mortuary and all 12 clinics Tenders Implementation of Corporate Strategy for KwaZulu-Natal Gambling Board.

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  1. KwaZulu Natal Gambling Board. Information removed as per PoPI Act. Find construction Tenders and Projects within the building, infrastructure, mining.
  2. If you suspect or you are aware of any illegal gambling operations, please call on. All calls received will be treated confidentially and callers may remain anonymous, however, provide adequate details for the Board to be in the position to address all concerns recorded. Report any Fraud and Corruption incidents: 0800 701 701.



Kzn Gambling Board Tenders &


1. In accordance with the provisions of section 10 of the KwaZulu-Natal Gaming and Betting Act, 2010 (Act No. 8 of 2010) (the Act), I hereby invite interested parties within the Province to nominate suitable candidates, who cumulatively have appropriate knowledge or experience, for appointment to the KwaZulu-Natal Gaming and Betting Board (the Board).

2. All written nominations must –

(a) fully describe the nominee’s knowledge and experience to enable the responsible Member of the Executive Council to determine whether the nominee is suitable for appointment to the Board; and

(b) include the name, telephone number, fax number (if applicable) and address of the person who may be contacted with regards to the nomination.

3. Any nominations made must take into account; section 8 of the Act - the composition of the Board and section 9 of the Act - the provisions relating to the disqualification of members and must be accompanied by –

“(i) the full names of the nominee, his or her address and the curriculum vitae of such person;

(ii) an affidavit by the nominee wherein the nominee affirms that he or she is not disqualified in terms of section 9: Provided that if the nominee has been convicted of an offence contemplated in section 9(1)(j), such nominee must furnish an affidavit wherein he or she discloses full details of any conviction and affirms that he or she is not disqualified in terms of any of the other provisions of section 9.”

4. A member of the Board shall be paid such remuneration and allowances out of the funds of the Board as may be determined by the responsible Member of the Executive Council in consultation with the Member of the Executive Council responsible for finance. Such remuneration shall be equivalent to National Treasury benchmarking as updated on a yearly basis. The current benchmark as per circular from National Treasury dated 01/11/2016 for the highest category, Category S is as follows:

2016/17 Remuneration

Comparative full- time per annumPart-time
Meeting fee perBoard fee per annum
Chairperson1 256 3714 98662362 819100 510
Vice-chairperson1 066 2624 23152953 31385 301
Member977 4073 87948548 87078 193

5. All original nominations, together with the documents referred to in paragraph 3 above must be addressed to the Chief Director: Mr NS Mutheiwana, Chief Directorate: Gaming and Betting, Office of the Premier and timeously posted to or hand delivered to:

P O Box 101 or 1st Floor, Room 116, South Tower, Natalia Building

PIETERMARITZBURG, 3200 330 Langalibalele Street - Pietermaritzburg

6. All original nominations in terms of paragraphs 2 and 3 above, must reach the Chief Director: Mr NS Mutheiwana, Chief Directorate: Gaming and Betting, Office of the Premier within 21 days of the date of publication of the said notice in the Government Gazette and newspapers circulating the Province, failing which the nomination will not be considered.

7. The KwaZulu-Natal Gaming and Betting Act, 2010 (Act No. 8 of 2010) may be viewed on the web site –

Member of the Executive Council of the Province of KZN

For additional information please contact

Mr NS Mutheiwana
Tel: 033-3952307/3195

Office Bearers/Management

Dr SG Ngcobo
Deputy Chairperson:
Ms MP Myeni
Board Members:
Mr SN Chetty
Mr LS Gabela
Dr TI Nzimakwe
Prof BS Stobie
Ms ZP Tenza
Adv KP Thango
Mr S Zondi
Ms Portia Baloyi
Mr Vishal Ramdas
Senior Management:
Mr R Bestel (Betting Monitoring and Control)
Mr Sherwin Charles (Manager: ICT)
Mr Richard Goodayle (Gaming Monitoring and Control)
Mr M Ngwenya (Chief Legal Advisor)
Mr Bheki Radebe (Licensing and Registration)
Mrs Jane Stretch (Governance, Risk and Compliance)

Kzn Gambling Board Tenders 2019

Communications Officers:
Ms Clarissa Naidoo (Manager: Communications)

Kzn Gambling Board Tenders South Africa

Kzn gambling board tenders south africaKzn Gambling Board Tenders

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