Laundry Coin Slot Stuck

  1. Jammed laundry coinslot at apt? I have called the management company over and over again to no avail. I need to do laundry desperately because I fogged my apartment today and now I cannot wash. Is there a way to bypass the coin slot?
  2. How to Remove Coins Stuck Inside a Front-Load Washer. If draining problems with your front-loading washing machine coincide with an unexpected lack of change, the coins you're missing are probably.
  3. This trick won't work with the coin sliders (though there are videos for those as well). It's really quite simple. Just put a penny at the bottom of the coin return, hold the coin return button, and with your fingers flick the penny up the slot until it registers.25 cents. Hope this helps someone. Fuck my landlord.

In an ideal world, the stuck coin may fall out of the chute by just pressing the coin return button but you’re reading this so we guess that didn’t work. Use tweezers to reach into the coin slot. See if you can grasp the coin and pull it out. Chances are someone has already slapped the side of the machine where the coin slot is located.

Laundry Coin Slot Stuck
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Laundry Coin Slot Stuck Buttons

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Laundry Coin Slot Stuck Machine

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Commercial Dryer Coin Slot Stuck

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