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Gambling in India has become a very large enterprise, and not everything is actually legal to gamble on. It is extremely important for you to know about both sides of the coin, that way you can have fun without worrying about anything. There are even specific court rulings in throughout the different provinces in India that determine what other forms of satta are legal.

On this page, you’ll find out which are the best Indian casinos, the top offers made, the legal situation with regards to online gambling in India, and some very valuable safety instructions regarding online gambling in the country to help you have a better and safer gaming experience. All in all, the legal situation relating to using online gambling sites in India is decidedly unclear. Many of the major gambling sites welcome Indian customers, but because these sites are operated overseas they aren’t necessarily governed by Indian law. As such this does not, by itself, mean that using a gambling site from within India is. Online Rummy Sites and Apps. Good online rummy sites are defined by ease-of-use, useful bonuses, safe deposits & withdrawals and good customer service. You should explore all websites to choose the best rummy sites to play with. Good quality games and high player satisfaction make the best rummy sites in India. Gaming laws are somewhat restrictive on paper in India, but a close look at the reality of the situation shows that all forms of gambling are widespread in India. To begin, it is estimated that Indians wager the equivalent of $60 billion a year both online and in the real world. Faasos is India’s leading online food ordering service which comes in a competition after Foodpanda, Zomato, Swiggy. If you don’t believe, Faasos received daily 10,000 orders all around the cities in India and it still growing at the rate of 20-25% per month.

Definitely Legal Gambling

When traveling through India, you will always run into one form of gambling that is certainly legal. This particular form is by the way of lotteries. This is a very ironic practice on behalf of the country, seeing as how they have made illegal any forms of gambling or betting where the game is based on chance or no skill. Lottery has no skill involved and it is entirely dependent on a chance outcome – unlike sports gambling or other were a degree of analysis is needed. The many different lotteries are sponsored and promoted through India.

Another legal form of gambling is horse race betting. However, there is a catch. You can only bet on a horse race if you go to the province that has the racetrack. This means that you are only allowed to satta on horses where there is a racecourse. Online betting is completely illegal (per se, it is a gray area really; but we are not lawyers and this is just an opinion from our research), but in this case, you are legally allowed to bet on live horse races at authorized tracks in India and only that.

A Gray Area of Gambling


Land based casinos are in a gray area when it comes to legality. There are only two states in India that have and allow casinos to operate; they are Goa and Sikkim. This would make some of the casino games legal, but only when played in those states and those casinos. Everywhere else India is very restricted when it comes to betting and gambling, and that would include sports betting.

There are certain casino card games that are quite popular through the Indian provinces that also fall under this category. For example, we have rummy, poker, or satti pe satti that are highly played, but no one truly knows whether they are legal or not. This is all thanks to the obscure laws that do not define these games as games of skill or chance. Seeing as how poker is not specifically said to be a game of chance, it is not illegal; however, as it is not specifically said to be a game of skill, it is not legal either. This is what leaves many confused.

Illegal but Still Popular

As I mentioned before, sports wagering is illegal in India, but if you take a look at the total amount of revenue that is generated by this, at least half is thanks to illegal gambling. When we start talking about anything online, whether it is online casinos or bookmakers, it has been enforced very strictly in India. There have been two laws that were passed to limit and make online gambling illegal; the Information Technology Act of 2000 and the Federal Information Technology Act of 2011. Each of these laws states that it is illegal to transmit or publish “information that can corrupt people”, which includes gambling. With the law being passed in 2011, it is now up to the Internet Service Providers to stop and block the offshore gambling sites.

Banking Methods Restricted

The main way that India has tried to stop online sports gambling is by restricting the banking methods that you can use. For instance, the Bank of India has blocked the use of the VISA or MasterCard credit cards from being used to deposit money into online bookmakers. However, do not fret, there are many other options that sports bettors like you use to deposit and wager on cricket or football online. They use ewallets, which are online banking services that act as a middle man between you and the bookmaker. We do not condone illegal behavior, but it is already rampant in India and it would be more beneficial to legalize it, rather than restrict it (as a personal opinion).

Reasons to Legalize Gambling in India

There have been many arguments towards legalizing gambling in India, especially when it comes to sports betting.

• Funds attained illegally through illegal sports and other forms of gambling have been tied to the funding and preservation of terrorist acts. In other words, the money that is made due to it being illegal is used to fund terrorism, as well as drugs.

• Legalizing sports betting will reduce the amount of illegal wagers, as well as increase the amount of potential regulation on the industry. If they legalize it, they can actually keep a closer eye on the different activities.

• It will increase the countries revenue. We can even use Sikkim as an example. Neighboring country Nepal has legal casino gambling, and many chose to cross the border for their gambling needs. Sikkim saw this as a waste of potential income, and decided to create a casino in their border city. This has led to a much more prosperity than if they had not done anything.

• It will lower the amount of policing that has to be done to enforce the current laws. This will give their citizens more freedom, as well as helping. When people are free to gamble, they are visible to the government, making it much easier to tackle social problems like addictive gambling.

Trusted And Reliable Casino Information For Indian Players

India is one of the most populated countries in the world with over 1.3 billion inhabitants. With such a dense population, it is no surprise that Legal Indian online casinos have become a highly trafficked market in the country.

Our website helps players in India access valuable information surrounding the nation's gambling industry, including its legal status, the types of casino games available to players, additional online casino features and more.

This guide provides a comprehensive wealth of information that is accurate and up to date. There is also a supplementary FAQ section with additional information about playing real money casino games on the Internet as well as information about other legal forms of online gambling available to Indian players.

Are Online Casinos Legal In India?

Yes and no. This question is somewhat complex given the standing federal laws—not to mention individual state laws. For a basic answer, Indian residents have numerous options for online casino gambling via Indian-based and licensed offshore online casinos.

The latter is probably the safer option and has more games and features available to players. Millions of local Indian players enjoy online gambling without fear of prosecution. You can find more detailed information on the laws in the next section.

Top Online Casinos Accepting Indian Players

Only The Most Trusted Legitimate Casinos Listed

Due to Indian gambling laws (detailed in the next section), most gambling is conducted through licensed offshore websites. Our team of online gambling experts has put together a list of the top-rated online casino sites accepting Indian residents. These offshore operators feature casino games, poker, and sports betting. Players have access to a wide game selection, bonus promotions, live betting capabilities and reliable customer support. We only recommend trusted online casinos that are legally licensed to accept Indian players.

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Laws Applying To Online Gambling In India

In India, there are 3 major federal laws that loosely apply to online gambling. These laws include the Public Gambling Act of 1867, Prize Competition Act (1955) and the Information Technology Act of 2000. As you can probably tell, these laws are quite outdated.

It is a much-debated topic as to whether these laws can even enforce online gambling, as none of them specifically mention online gambling. Our team of online gambling experts has compiled explanations of each law below. Take a look for yourself on how these 3 laws apply to online casino gambling in India.

Public Gambling Act of 1867

It is interesting that law over 150 years old is still the legal precedent in a nation as large as India, especially given the advancements in technology. However, this is the case with the Public Gambling Act of 1867. This law made it illegal to host a gambling venue or to visit one. The vague language defines gaming as playing with dice, cards and other instruments of gaming. This, of course, applies to playing for any sort of wager or stake. Seeing as this law predates the Internet by over 100 years, it is no surprise that debate has sprung up regarding the applicability to online gambling.

An amendment in 1976 replaced the phrase “house, walled enclosure, room or place” with “house, room, tent, enclosure, space, vehicle, vessel or place”. A further debate arose on whether a website counts as a “vehicle, vessel or place”. The lack of a clear definition on gambling also blurs the reach of this law. The closest the law gets to a definition is by making a distinction between games of luck over games of skill, where the former game type is eligible for penalization under the law.

Prize Competition Act (1955)

The Prize Competition Act was passed in 1955 and serves as a specific type of gambling law—only pertaining to gaming in which a prize is awarded. The act bans competitions in which the prize exceeds 1,000 rupees a month. While some have attempted to apply this law to online gambling, the language of the original law defines a prize competition as a puzzle-based game in which the outcome is based upon the “building up, arrangement, combination or permutation of letters, words or figures”. This loose definition could technically be applied to slots, but again, there is no real enforcement of this law. It would take a more clear-cut definition to provide any sort of legal restriction on online gambling.

Information Technology Act of 2000

The Information Technology Act of 2000 is too broad to classify as an online gambling law, but it is mentioned here because some have attempted to do just that. While no specific mention of online gambling is ever made in the law, there is a portion of the language that some have tried sticking to online gambling.

The language has to do with sending messages through electronic means, specifically messaging with malicious intent. If anything, the law seems to apply more to cyberbullying, but anti-gambling advocates will try to make any loose wording apply. To our knowledge, no one has been tried under this law, or any other of the aforementioned laws.

State Laws

Individual states have the authority to regulate gambling in their own way. Goa and Sikkim are 2 examples of Indian states with brick-and-mortar casino venues. Most other states outlaw brick-and-mortar gambling, but do not have any laws against gambling with licensed offshore operators. While India legal horse betting is widely available, punters should consult Indian horse race betting laws as states differ in what they consider legal.

What To Make Of These Laws

Indian federal law is somewhat confusing and severely outdated. It is tough to apply any of the laws to online gambling because these laws were not written at the height of online gambling. As such, millions of Indian residents engage in some form of online gambling, most of which via legally sanctioned and regulated offshore brands. There is a wide array of online options available that feature casino games, poker, sports betting and more. Best of all, these sites can be accessed without fear of prosecution. We go into greater detail on our gambling laws in India page.

What Types Of Games Are Available For Real Money Play?

One of the benefits of online casinos is that they host a more varied selection of casino games. Our suggested online casino brands offer slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette and more. These games are built from reputable online gaming software platforms and feature high-quality 3D renderings and user-friendly gameplay. Responsive design technology is used to keep design and functionality consistent across mobile and web-based devices.


Legal Online Slots In India - This page will provide information relevant to playing real money slot games at licensed online casinos accepting players from India. You'll learn how to legally access premium online slot games that offer a high-quality gaming experience in a safe and secure online casino environment.


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Legal Online Baccarat In India - Playing baccarat online is a great environment for those new to the game as well as experienced players. Our guide provides information on how to play and where to find legally sanctioned online casinos that offer baccarat games and that accept players from India.

Pai Gow


Legal Online Pai Gow Games in India - This Asian inspired game is very popular among the Indian gambling community and draws a lot of players through the convenience of online access. Find out where you can legally play this game online and what kinds of bonus offers apply to Indian online Pai Gow games.

Real Live Dealer Games

Live Dealer Casinos In India - Live dealer games have revolutionized online gambling by combining the convenience of online access with the authenticity that a live dealer brings to casino games. Find out which games are available through legally sanctioned live dealer casinos that accept players from India.

FAQ's About Legal Casino Gambling For Players In India

Are There Satta Matka Games Available?

Satta Matka is an older form of Lottery-style gambling that was played from the 70s to the 90s. It is a game of chance consisting of randomly selecting a series of numbers and betting on the outcome. While the game is now illegal due to the enactment of the Central Lotteries Regulation Act, 1998, there are plenty of other Lottery style gambling options and games of chance available such as legal online Keno for India player.

How Do I Know If An Online Casino Is Legitimate?

The first thing to verify with an Indian-friendly online casino is whether they are legally licensed. All reputable online casino operators will have their licensing information readily available. For example, Bet365, a popular Indian-friendly online casino, is licensed by the UK Gaming Commission. If an online casino is legally licensed, Indian residents are legally allowed to gamble with them. Other signs of legitimacy include compliance certifications for fair gaming practices, a strong security profile, and reliable customer support.

What Kind Of Bonuses And Promotions Are Offered?

Perhaps the greatest advantage afforded to online casino users is their bonus incentive program. Bonuses are rewards given to players for using the site. The most common bonus type is a match bonus, where your deposits are matched by a percentage up to a certain amount. For example, you would see something like this: 200% match bonus up to $1,000 USD.

This means that the casino will match 200% of your deposit up to a maximum of $1000. Other casino-based bonuses give players free spins on slots, additional funds to be used in the casino and more. Bonuses are offered year-round and vary in terms of reward-size and frequency. There are also no-deposit bonuses that reward players without requiring a financial investment.

Do These Casinos Allow Indian Players To Gamble In (INR) Rupees?

Multiple online casinos accept INR (Indian rupees) as legal tender for online transactions. You can also play in USD and Euros at the vast majority of online gambling sites. We offer a list of Rupee online casinos here. You can find the current USD to Rupees conversion rates here.

What Are The Best Banking Options For Players In India?

eWallets, credit cards, debit card and cryptocurrencies make up some of the most popular India online casino banking methods for players from India. The Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) monitors non-INR transactions with online gambling sites, but cryptocurrencies are independent of any government or financial institution.

Are The Sites Mobile Friendly?

With the emergence of smartphone technology, India mobile casinos have begun popping up left and right. Our suggested online casino brands have mobile capabilities and will work across multiple devices (i.e. Apple, Android, Windows, etc.). Responsive design technology is implemented to maintain consistent design and functionality across varied screen-size dimensions.

It also helps with consistency across different leveled software packages. Most online casino operators offer mobile-exclusive bonuses to further incentivize the use of the mobile platform. These mobile suites are accessed via your device’s web browser and do not require any downloads.

Can I Participate In Legal Online Gambling In India?

Yes. Indian federal laws are too shaky to enforce, and none of them specifically mention online gambling. Indian residents are free to use online gambling sites, though should stick to legally sanctioned brands to avoid any foul play.

Do These Online Casinos Update Their Content?

Yes. Our recommended online casino brands frequently update their game selections to align with industry standards and heighten the user experience.


Are Online Casinos Fair?

All of the online casino brands we suggest incorporate RNG (Random Number Generator) technology into their software platforms. This technology uses algorithms to create randomized outcomes with all casino games, ensuring fairness throughout.

The technology is subject to frequent inspection from licensed RNG maintenance providers. To learn more about legal online casinos check out our guide to casino reviews for in-depth details about the casinos we recommend.

What Other Forms Of Online Gambling Are Legal In India?

Gamblers in India also have access to legally sanctioned online poker sites and sportsbooks operating offshore. These types of gambling sites operate very similarly to India friendly online casinos in regards to legalities, deposit methods, bonuses, and the overall experience. If you want to learn more about other online gambling entertainment opportunities you can visit our guide to India legal online poker and our page covering India legal online sports betting.