Lenovo T470 M.2 Slot

Thinkpad T470 WWAN M.2 2242 SSD Drive compatible drives? So I bought a brand spanking new T470. I am a bit confused if the WWAN slot supports both M.2 SATA and/or NVMe? As most 14-inch laptops, the ThinkPad T470 has just one M.2 PCIe NVMe-enabled slot and you can’t insert a 2.5-inch drive. The former obstructs the latter. Anyway, our unit came with a Samsung PM961 512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD. Memory, Wi-Fi, LTE module and battery.

The ThinkPad T470s has a 14-inch touchscreen. This laptop’s screen has outstanding picture quality (1080p), and therefore should be very good for entertainment. 16:9 is the most widely used aspect ratio. This means that for every 16 pixels of width, it has 9 pixels of height. You can calculate this ratio by looking at the 1920 x 1080 resolution.

This laptop is ideal for travel compared to other laptops with displays in the 13-14 inch range, as it is thin and low-weight. The laptop has dimensions of 13.03 x 8.92 x 0.74 cm. The ThinkPad T470s weighs of 2.9 pounds. When compared to other 2-in-1 laptops it’s slightly lighter than the average of 3.08 pounds.


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Lenovo ThinkPad T470s does not have the service cover to access the upgradeable parts. If you want to upgrade the memory and SSD, you need to remove the entire back cover.
The whole bottom panel of the ThinkPad T470 is very easy to remove. You just have to loosen five screws, and there are no annoying plastic clips.
Under the back cover, we can see the batteries, WWAN module, Wi-Fi module, SSD, cooling fan and heat sink.
The laptop comes with an 8GB DDR4-2400 MHz RAM onboard, and also has a spare RAM lost, you can add an 8GB or 16GB RAM, the laptop support up to 24GB RAM.
The WWAN module beside the Wi-Fi card, it is covering by black tape. The 512GB M.2 2280 PCIex4 SSD comes from Toshiba, and you can use the full potential of fast NVMe drives.

The back cover manufactured by Foxconn, there are some graphite heat stickers on the back cover.

Lenovo ThinkPad T470s cooling fan module

11.4V, 24Wh Li-ion battery, Lenovo P/N: 00HW023.

11.46V, 27Wh Li-ion battery, Lenovo P/N: 01AV406.


The WWAN slot of the T470S does not recognize the SSD, which is very regrettable. If you need a large capacity SSD, you can only replace your existing SSD.


Lenovo released new ThinkPad series of products this year, including the ThinkPad T470, T series has been a classic 14-inch business notebook. And the new T470 in the succession of the classic at the same time, but also bring thinner, dual batteries, dual hard drive, and a whole new experience.

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Lenovo T470 M.2 Ssd


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Unlock and remove the battery.

Loosen six screws from the bottom case.

Lenovo T470 M.2 Slot

Flip over the laptop and remove the keyboard.
I have been more like the removable keyboard, replace and clean the keyboard are more convenient.

The keyboard and the internal use the board isolation, both to play the role of heat insulation, but also to prevent dust and water into the fuselage inside.

Use the blade to release the buckle next to the battery compartment.

After removing the bottom case, you can get access to the internal battery, hard drive, SSD, RAM, Wi-Fi card, speaker, cooling fan and motherboard.

Lenovo T470 M.2 Slot Computer

The SSD, RAM, Wi-Fi card is covering with black graphite sticker, and It can rejection of heat, dust prevention, prevent signal interference and so on.

Remove two screws securing the speaker module.

Disconnect the battery connector from the motherboard.

The built-in battery manufactured by Panasonic, 11.55V, 24wh, 2080mAh; external battery is 11.4V, 24wh, 1950mAh.

The interior space looks very compact.

Lenovo T470 M.2 Slot Machine

If you install a M.2 2280 SSD, you need a adapter which is available on ebay.com.