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By reading the title of this topic; 60% Mechanical Keyboards; let us first understand what is a 60 percent keyboards. A 60% keyboard is the 60 percent of total size of a normal regular sized keyboard. What does this mean? This means that a typical keyboard is reduced by 60 percent when the number pad, navigational keys and some of the function keys are removed. But the key caps are of the same size and shape as that of the normal key board. It is said that normally people do not use all of the keys of a keyboard, so they find the 60% keyboard more use full and handy.

  1. Matrix Poker Keyboard Shortcut
  2. Matrix Poker Keyboard Shortcuts

What is a 60% Mechanical keyboard?

As discussed above, a 60% keyboard mostly lacks the number pad in daily use or weekly used and keys mostly used daily base that are not usually used by the people. It does not have Home screen, Page Up and Scroll lock. It might not have arrows keys. We know that a regular keyboard is designed with b 87 to 104 keys but a 60% keyboard is designed with 60 keys. These normally keyboards do not reduce major gaming any scale in key size big or small, but rather they simply or easily have significantly fewer some simple keys than the other regular size keyboards.

All the keys in normally Quietest Mechanical Keyboards which are missing or not available in normal are indicated on the rest of the included keys and can be applied by pressing a combination of the Fn key and a standard keys with easy understanding in the alphanumeric zone for better used.

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However not to get worried, you will not lose any plus of your typing and can use the 60 percent mechanical keyboard in a regular manner.

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Uses of a top 60% Mechanical Gaming keyboards

Some of the main uses of 60 Percent Mechanical keyboards are:

  • They are handier.
  • They give you more space on the desktop table, and makes the space more clean and neat.
  • The removable mechanical keycaps gives the user a freedom to customize his own design.
  • Some people opt for the 60% keyboard as it looks cool.
  • The keys board is beneficial for those who have small hands. This sounds amazing!!
  • The 60% mechanical keyboards allows the users to give quick commands when it comes to gaming.

List of Best 60% Mechanical Keyboards 2020

KeyboardsAvailable Switches
Akko X DUCKY One 2Cherry Mx Blues, Cherry Mx Reds, Cherry MX browns, Khail Box Brown
Qisan Magicforce 68cherry MX brown keys,OUTEMU Mechanical Switches
Anne Pro 2Gateron Blues, Gateron Browns, Gateron Reds, Khail Box Whites.
Motospeed ck62Outemu Reds,Outemu Blues
Ajazz AK33 Geekback switches, blue switches
Happy Professional Blue, and Red Brown Switches
RK61 MINI MechanicalRed, Brown and blue
Vortex GEAR Pokers 3Mx Browns, Mx Clears, Mx Reds, Mx Silent Reds, Mx Silvers.
DIERYA 60% Mechanical Cherry MX Brown

Choosing one of the best 60%t mechanical keyboard is not an easy task and it can lead to detailed a survey and selection process. These key boards are hard to find. Following below is a detailed of some of the best 60 percent mechanical key boards that caters the needs of a gadget user:

1. Akko X DUCKY One 2

On top of the list is the Akko X Ducky Cheap 60 percent mechanical keyboard. Ducky is one famous brand when it comes to the mechanical keyboards. The key board is black in color with RGB backlights and white base. The keyboard is engraved with the Ducky and Akko logo on the base. This is one of the best choice for those who love to play video games for long hours. You may find the following features:

  • The keyboard is built with three cherry MX switches. The key switches are Cherry Mx Blues, Cherry Mx Reds and Cherry MX browns. The cherry MX keys are mostly used for gaming.
  • A person can choose from the various lighting modes. It comes with nine modes to select from.
  • The keycaps are PBT and of high quality and are printed with double-shot method.
  • The keyboard comes with a keycap puller, with the help of which the person can remove the keycaps and customize his own key caps. In the package, the company has placed some extra keycaps.
  • This gadget has the ability to set the macros through the hardware.

2. Qisan Magicforce 68 – 60% KEYBOARD

Next on our list is the Qisan 60% Mechanical keyboard with some outstanding features. In our opinion, this keyboard is more like 65 percent mechanical. If your work station is of white color and you are looking for a white keyboard, you can consider it. The keyboard is with silver base and white key caps. This keyboard is flat as it doesnot have any borders on the edges. Another good option for serious gamers. Look down at the main features:

  • The keyboard is designed with the arrows keys, home key, delete key, insert key and the end key. This is a compact keyboard in every possible way and these eight keys adds a little to the keyboard.
  • This keyboard is a great balance between the 60 percent and a TKL keyboard, because of the presence of the arrow keys.
  • The key caps of the keyboard are white in color with white LED lights. This makes the person use the keyboard even when the lights are off. The intensity of the lighting can be adjusted.
  • The keyboard is designed with legs. Now can use the laptop by propping it up or just leave it flat.
  • The key board is built with cherry MX brown keys. This brown switch has no audible clicks.

3. Anne Pro 2

The Anne pro 2 is another addition on the list of the best 60% mechanical keyboard which is specifically designed for the needs of the gamers. You can choose the keyboard in black and white color.
Following are some of the salient features:

  • The keyboard is designed with four main switches to choose from. These keys are Gateron Blues, Gateron Browns, Gateron Reds, and Khail Box Whites.
  • The keys of the keyboard are designed with the RGB backlighting color. This back lighting can be controlled and customized with the Obin software. The OLS software allows the user to assign macros to any key on the keyboard.
  • Each key of the keyboard is designed with individual RGB back lighting and this also gives the user a choice of unlimited lighting designs.
  • The device is built with 4.0 Bluetooth and it can be connect wireless ed with other devices too. The device can be connected via Bluetooth for almost eight hours.
  • The user can get a USB-C cable so that it can be wired with PC.
  • This is a flat wireless keyboard and this doesn’t have any legs to accommodate it on the table , if you want to.

4. Motospeed ck62

This is an amazing addition to the list as this 60% mechanical keyboard can be used both for the gaming and official work. It is available in black and white color. This key board is budget friendly with the following features:

  • There are only two key switches to choose from: Outemu Reds and Outemu Blues. The Red switches are the main for playing video games while the blue ones are loud and click. Some people might not like the noise these keys make.
  • This keyboard can be used both wireless and with wire. If we use it wireless, it can be connected via Bluetooth.
  • The keyboard has a 3.0 Built in Bluetooth.
  • When connected wireless, the battery of the keyboard will last for ten hours if active, and if the keyboard is not active, it can spend 480 hours while standby.
  • The keys of the keyboard has full RGB lighting and the user can choose from 18 different lighting modes. As we know, this RGB lighting allows the user to use the keyboard even in dark.
  • The keycaps of this 60% White Mechanical Keyboards are outstanding. How? The keycaps are transparent and allows the light to shine through them. In addition to that these keycaps can not be scratched easily.
  • The shape of this keyboard is flat as it does not have nay edges on the boundaries.

5. Ajazz AK33 Geek

Another on the is the Ajazz AK 33 Geek which is a 60% Mechanical keyboard which is built with some basic keys. The keyboard is back in color and has a silver aluminum back plate.

Read the following features:

  • The keyboard is built with two main switches: back switches and blue switches.
  • The keyboard is built with arrows keys and four utility keys.
  • The aluminum back plate of the keyboard gives the RGB lighting and these lighting can be adjusted at 18 different modes.
  • The lighting designing can be customized for each keys on the keyboard.

6. Happy Hacker Professional 2

This wireless 60% mechanical keyboard is specially designed for programmers. You will be amazed to read that this is the most expensive and luxury key board. You can get this keyboard in white and charcoal color.

Some of the main features are:

  • The keyboard is designed with Topre switches. This kind of keys helps the individual to use the keyboard with ease even for typing or gaming. This is perfect for long hours of typing.
  • The white design has blue keycaps on it.
  • In this kind of 60% mechanical keyboard, you may find keys that are transparent.
  • The ergonomic design makes this keyboard much handier.

7. RK61 MINI Mechanical Wireless keyboards

This 60% mechanical keyboard is built for typist and this is mini in size. The manufacturer Royal Kludge is well known in the production of the computer gadgets. If you are interested you can get this keyboard in black or white color. It depends on your preferences.

Have a look at main features:

Matrix Poker Keyboard
  • The keyboard has three kinds of switches: Red, Brown and blue. These gives the best mechanical feel.
  • If the person wants to activate the arrow keys, he can press the Fn key and shift.
  • The keys backs are designed with the RGB lighting and these can be controlled at 18 different levels. This will help the user to use the keyboard for typing even if the lights are all OFF.
  • The keyboard is featured with 3.0 Bluetooth facility, which allows the user to connect the keyboard either wired or wireless.

8. Vortex GEAR Pokers 3 (POK3R)

At last but not the least we have added the Vortex gear Poker 3 which is built with amazing features. The design of this mechanical keyboard is compact and caters the needs of its users. It is made of aluminum and is built with the following amazing features:

  • The keyboard is made of aluminum which makes it a durable one. So now you shall not be worried about the breakage.
  • The PBT keycaps are less sensible to prolonged uses. These are made of laser etched.
  • The keyboard is built with five different Cherry Mx mechanical switches to choose from. This range makes it form appealing from the list. You can choose from Mx Browns, Mx Clears, Mx Reds, Mx Silent Reds, and Mx Silvers.
  • The Poker keyboard offers the programmers four different levels of programming.
  • The keyboard is designed with four DIP switches on the back allowing you to switch between different keyboard settings.
  • The custom keys are available on the keyboards rather than requiring additional software to access them.
  • However it shall be noted that this Gaming Keypads doesn’t come with legs, and it is almost flat. User can add additional custom legs but that will look odd, in our opinion. The keys give a floating effect as there is no proper edging to the keyboard.
  • The 61 key mechanical keyboard has the ability to program your macros through layers.

9. DIERYA 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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On last , we have the name of Dierya which is the most well known in the market when it comes to the 60 percent mechanical keyboard with arrow keys. This is one of the cheap brand and it comes under Dollars 50. You will be happy to read this.

Following are the main features you might look for:

  • The key board is equipped with Cherry MX Brown switch. This switch is equally good to all other switches when it comes to functions.
  • The keyboard is designed with arrows keys at the bottom. These are used when playing games and giving commands.
  • The best part of this 60 percent mechanical keyboard is that the Bluetooth system is very efficient and a person can connect the keyboard via Bluetooth to three devices at the same time. This is a great news. You can also easily switch among the devices connected.
  • The RGB lighting of the keyboard can be adjusted at seven different levels.
  • The best part is that this mechanical keyboard comes with one-year warranty. So if you are confused regarding the purchase, you can opt for it with out any hesitation.


Matrix Poker Keyboard Shortcuts

From this detailed list now you must have understood that choosing a 60 percent mechanical keyboard is not that easy and one shall make his mind in selecting one. From the above list you can choose one that best cater your needs.

The main factors that are important while selecting one are:

  • Key switches: these allows the users to play games or even typing.
  • RGB lighting: allows the users to use the keyboard even when there is dark in the room.
  • Under Budget: one shall opt for one according to his/her budget.