Max Cultivation Slots Mhw

Is it a side quest/delivery? Ive just started high rank and havent got a 2nd slot. I understand their a quest i have to kill bugs in the rotten vale to be able to farm might seeds etc. It is a side quest, i don't remember if it was an optional quest or a delivery, but both are easy to do lol. Here's a quick guide on how to unlock the extra slots at the Botanical Research Center (the farm) in Monster Hunter World. If you enjoyed the video, don't fo.

Read this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide about the Botanical Research Center - how to unlock cultivated items, fertilizer, slots, harvest box slots & more!

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How To Increase Fertilizer & Its Effects

How To Increase Fertilizer Types & Their Effects

Fertilizer Effect / Duration How To Get
Fertilizer Plant Harvest Up (S)
Duration: 3 quests Unlocked from beginning
Mushroom Substrate Fungi Harvest Up (S)
Duration: 3 quests Unlocked from beginning
Summoner Jelly Bug/Honey Harvest Up (S)
Duration: 3 quests Unlocked from beginning
Catalyst Growth Up (S)
Duration: 4 quests Complete 'Sprouting an Ancient Tree' delivery quest
Mega Fertilizer Plant Harvest Up (L)
Duration: 4 quests Complete 'Grow, Greenery, Grow' delivery quest
Choice Mushroom Substrate Fungi Harvest Up (L)
Duration: 4 quests Complete 'A Mountain of Mushrooms' delivery quest
Thick Summoner Jelly Bug/Honey Harvest Up (L)
Duration: 4 quests Complete 'The Pied Bug Piper' delivery quest
Ancient Catalyst Growth Up (L)
Duration: 4 quests Complete 'Shattering the Grass Ceiling' delivery quest
Soft Soil Extend existing fertilizer duration by 5
Duration: 5 quests Complete 'A Gentle Earthen Bed' delivery quest

Talk To NPC With '!' To Unlock Quests

To get the delivery quest unlocked, talk to any NPC that has '!' on top of its head. This will start the conversation and will unlock the quest you need to complete.

Use Fertilizer To Grow Items Efficiently

Fertilizers are used to boost plant/mushroom growth & bug harvests. It's one of the most important features of the Botanical Research Center so it's best to unlock it as fast as possible.

How To Increase Cultivated Items

How To Expand Cultivated Items List

Expand How To Unlock
1st Expansion Complete 3★ Quest 'Prickly Predicament'
2nd Expansion Complete 4★ Quest 'Gettin' Yolked in the Forest'

Unlock Cultivated Item Types Via Quests & Gathering

Some items you can cultivate can be unlocked by completing some quests. However, most types need to be gathered in the field for you to be able to cultivate them.

How To Unlock Cultivation Slots

How To Increase Cultivation Slots

Slot How To Unlock
1st Slot Unlocked from beginning
2nd Slot Complete 4★ Quest 'Persistent Pests'
3rd Slot Complete 4★ Quest 'Talons of Ire & Ice'

Cultivation Slots Can Go Up To 3

Max cultivation slots mhw no deposit

You can unlock up to 3 cultivation slots in the Botanical Research Center. Be sure to unlock these slots so you can cultivate more items at the same time.

Same Items Can Be Cultivated Simultaneously

You can cultivate the same type of items in the different slots you have available. This makes it easier to get more items in a shorter amount of time.

How To Increase Harvest Box Slots

How To Increase Harvest Box Slots

Box Number How To Unlock
20 Slots Complete 'To Hold a Harvest' delivery quest
30 Slots Complete 'Your Storage Solution' delivery quest

Harvest Box Can Have Up To 30 Slots

Your harvest box will initially only have 10 slots. You can unlock up to 30 slots by completing quests in the game. This is useful when you plan to cultivate a lot of items.

Recommended Items To Cultivate

Item Recommendation Criteria
Used in crafting Mega-Potions & Mega-Nutrients
Used in crafting Flash Pods
Used in crafting Max Potions & Immunizers
Blue Mushroom
Used in crafting Nutrients & Lifepowders
Devil's Blight
Used in crafting Mega Barrel Bomb
Used in crafting Shock Traps
Spider Web
Used in crafting Pitfall Traps
Used in crafting Farcasters
Used in crafting Lifepowders, Demon Powders, & Hardshell Powders

Ranged Weapon Users Should Cultivate Coatings & Ammo

Hunters who use ranged weapons such as the Bow, Light Bowgun, and Heavy Bowgun should always be cultivating items for coatings & ammo.

Cultivate Items For Recovery

The most recommended items to cultivate in the Botanical Research Center are Honey & Mandragora. These are commonly used in creating Potions & Mega-Potions for health recovery.

All Cultivated Items List

Cultivated Items Available From Beginning

Item Harvest No. Growth Time
Herb 2 1
Latchberry 20 1
Needleberry 20 1
Blue Mushroom 2 1
Bitterbug 2 1
Honey 2 1
Ivy 2 1

Cultivated Items After 1st Expansion

Item Harvest No. Growth Time
Nulberry 4 2
Might Seed 4 2
Adamant Seed 4 2
Fire Herb 2 1
Antidote Herb 2 1
Flowfern 2 1
Snow Herb 2 1
Sleep Herb 2 1
Smokenut 2 1
Dragonfell Berry 6 3
Blastnut 5 1
Dragonstrike Nut 8 3
Slashberry 15 1
Bomberry 8 3
Flamenut 20 1
Blazenut 30 2

Cultivated Items After 2nd Expansion

Item Harvest No. Growth Time
Mandragora 4 2
Nitroshroom 2 1
Devil's Blight 4 3
Parashroom 2 1
Toadstool 2 1
Exciteshroom 4 2
Flashbug 4 2
Godbug 8 3
Thunderbug 2 1
Baitbug 4 2
Spider Web 2 1

What Is The Botanical Research Center?

Place To Increase Items For Crafting

The Botanical Research Center is where you can grow plants & mushrooms, harvest bugs & honey, and more. These are items normally used for crafting recovery items, buff consumables, and even ammo coatings.

Things To Remember About Botanical Research Center!

  • Can only cultivate items you've already gathered
  • Complete 1 quest for 1 round of cultivation
  • Items will keep cultivating once assigned to a slot
  • You can change items you're cultivating at any time
  • Cultivation stops went the harvest box is full

Use Fertilizer To Increase Cultivation Efficiency

Max Cultivation Slots Mhw No Deposit

You can unlock different types of fertilizer by completing certain delivery requests. Fertilizer buffs the growth of your cultivated items - increases number of harvest, shortens growth time, and more.

Max Cultivation Slots Mhw 1000

Can Be Upgraded By Certain Conditions

You can upgrade the Botanical Research Center by going through the main story & completing certain requests. Since this feature is very helpful, it's best to upgrade it as fast as you can.