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Augmentations in Monster Hunter World (MHW) are enhancements that can change the way an equipment build performs by boosting offensive power, survivability, or utility. Upgrades bring an Armor piece or Weapon to the next level or stage, permanently boosting their stats. Both Augmentations and Upgrades can be applied at the Smithy. Slot Upgrade; Health Regen; All augmentation bonuses stack, and some weapons can have multiple augmentation slots. Augmentations can also be stacked — if you choose the same augment twice,. Slot Upgrade – Adds an additional Decorations slot to your weapon Health Regen – You will regenerate health when you land hits Remember: some weapons have more than one augmentation slot, and as explained above, the lower Rarity the weapon is, the more slots it can accommodate.

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Read this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide to learn how to augment Master Rank weapons. Including changes, new features and augment skills, and more.

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How To Augment Master Rank Weapons

Fill Up Master Rank Weapon Augment Slots

The way you can augment weapons & armor has been changed in Iceborne. It will now cost a number of slot & will fill these up when you augment your weapon.

Augmentation Slots Per Weapon Rarity

Rarity No. Of Slots
Rarity 10 5 Slots
Rarity 11 4 Slots
Rarity 12 3 Slots

Only Fully Upgraded Weapons Can Be Augmented

The same way it works in MHW, augmentation on weapons can only be done when they are fully upgraded. This means having the weapon at the end of its weapon tree.

Augmentations Now Have Augment Slot Cost

In Iceborne, all available augmentations will now have slot costs. The more augment slots your weapons have, the more augmentations you can put into it.

Master Rank Weapon Augment Slot Costs

Augment Effects Cost
Extra Slots Adds more augment slots on weapon -
Attack Increase Slightly increases attack power of weapon 3
Health Regen Slightly recovers health when damaging monsters 3
Slot Upgrade Adds a Level 1 slot into weapon 3
Affinity Increase Slightly increases affinity rate of weapon 2
Defense Increase Defense is slightly increased with chance of reducing damage 1
Element/Status Effect Up Slightly increases power of elements & status effects 1

Extra Slots Adds 2 More Augment Slots

When you augment your weapon with Extra Slots, you'll get 2 additional augment slots. This doesn't fill up any augment slot but costs rare materials & some Research Points.

Strengthen Master Rank Weapons With Custom Upgrades

Another new feature of Iceborne, weapons now have custom upgrades. Using specific mods, you can slightly increase specific stats of your weapon & also change their appearance. More mods are unlocked when you keep upgrading a weapon.

Custom Upgrades List

Mod Effect
Kulu-Ya-Ku Mod Slightly increases affinity
Pukei-Pukei Mod Slightly increases elemental or status effect damage
Barroth Mod Slightly increase attack
Hornetaur Mod Slightly increases defense

Recommended Master Rank Weapon Augments

Best Master Rank Weapon Augment Chart

Health Regen
- Recovers health when damaging monsters
- Reduces need to use recovery items, therefore increasing time to attack monsters
Affinity Increase
- Increases affinity by 10%
- 2nd augment increases by 5%
- Best for weapons with low affinity
Attack Increase
- Increases weapon attack power
- Increase depends on weapon type
- Recommended for weapons with high affinity
Slot Upgrade
- Adds 1 decoration slot
- Best for weapons lacking slots
Defense Increase
- Increases defense and has chance to reduce damage
- Low priority augment as defense should be armor-focused

Focus On Health & Affinity Augments

Mhw Slots Explained

It's best to augment weapons with Health Regen & Affinity Increase as these work make hunting more efficient. If your chosen weapon already has a high affinity rate, it's best to use Attack Increase instead.

Choosing Between Attack Or Affinity Increase

Prioritize Weapons With Low Affinity

Having a weapon with high affinity will increase your chance of dealing critical hits & doing heavy damage so it's best to raise the affinity rate of your weapons. However, note that Affinity Increase augments have diminishing returns.

Use Attack Increase With High Affinity Weapons

If your weapon of choice already has a high affinity or cannot be augmented with Health Regen, you can opt to augment it with Attack Increase. This will strengthen your raw attack stat, making each hit more powerful!

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About Iceborne Master Rank Weapon Augmentation

Unlocks After Main Story Of Iceborne

Augmenting Master Rank weapons will be unlocked when you complete Iceborne's main story quests. You'll gain access to the Guiding Lands after, the area where you can find most of the materials for Master Rank weapon upgrading.

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WARNING! High Rank Augments Will Disappear

Mhw Slots Explained

If you've already augmented your weapon in Monster Hunter World and decide to upgrade and augment in Master Rank, your augments will disappear. You'll get your materials back, however, augments from High Rank may be crucial in early game Master Rank.

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Augments Use Monster Materials From Guiding Lands

Mhw Slots Explained Money

Master Rank weapon augments don't use Streamstones anymore, however, they do cost valuable Research Points and need rare materials from the Guiding Lands - the end-game endless hunting area in Iceborne.

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