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The winning ticket was drawn at 6:00pm on August 18th at the Charity Poker Run. Draw was conducted by the Milton District Hospital Foundation, Brown’s Harley Davidson and Halton Auto Service & Transmission. Licencse # 741614. View the Rules of Play Pepsi North American Cup 50/50 Raffle: THE WINNING TICKET NUMBER IS A-837441. The Milton District Hospital Foundation (MDHF) is proud to work with the community of Milton to support Milton District Hospital. MDHF raises funds to help purchase essential medical equipment, technology and improve the facilities through annual fundraising initiatives, community events, and a combination of various other programs. Individualized exercise and education program for people who have had a cardiac event including angina, heart attack, heart surgery, congestive heart failure or angioplasty. goal is to improve patient' s cardiovascular fitness and reduce risk factors for coronary artery disease. patients attend twice per week for three months and once per.

  • Nov 16, 2020 It will run from 5:30 p.m. From Sundays to Thursdays; until 10:30 p.m. On Fridays and Saturdays; and, on Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, it will run until 11:00 p.m. The last show will run on Sunday, January 3rd. You’ll be able to watch it at 876 Willow Avenue in Milton.
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Every Year We Are Asked Questions About Our Show So We Thought To Answer Some Common Ones

It is all controlled through a computer with a specialized program. On the outside of the house there are what we call controllers. Some of the controllers have 16 extension cords coming from it which can control 16 different parts of the house … mostly the LED and rope lights. There is also a different controller for what we call RGB lights, which is what you see on the house .. these lights will turn ANY color, through the software.


In total we have 8 controllers. Each of these are joined together using cat5 cable making a network. The software communicates to the controllers and brings the lights to life.

The music goes through a low range FM transmitter which allows us to broadcast the music coming from the computer into your car radio.

Milton District Hospital Poker Run

I can set up all the lights in about 4 – 5 days, with good weather, and an extra 2 – 3 days to run all the wiring.

If we are doing a large build on new items, like we did for 2014, then there are a lot more hours involved.

I work on the construction of props throughout the summer.

Each song that you see may only be 2 – 3 minutes long but it can take 8 – 10 hours to program that song, especially if there is singing and the mouth on the face has to be synchronized.

To animate the face we have to play the song at 1/2 speed marking all the syllables and then determining what mouth position makes that sound.

Milton District Hospital Ontario

It is easy to appreciate that a song with 3 minutes of singing can alone take hours…. but it does look GREAT when it is all done !

Believe it or not .. over 95% of the show in 2014 is either LED lights or 12 volt pixels and the entire power is just over 20 amps .. We barely saw an increase in our hydro for that month.


We start planning next year’s show early in the year.

Milton District Hospital Poker Runs

Light suppliers have sales in the new year, with delivery of the lights in the summer. By February or March, we need to know what we plan on adding for the following season.

100% of the money collected stays locally and is donated to the Milton Hospital Foundation. In our first first years of doing our show we have collected over $20,810 .. Thank-you to you the viewers !!

Each year my wife and I budget money for upgrades to the show. This is our gift back to the community in the spirit of the season. Every single penny that we collect goes to the hospital.

We have a small FM transmitter that will broadcast our music a few blocks on a specific frequency ..

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Raise money for Milton District Hospital Foundation

Milton District Hospital Poker Run

Run for Milton allows participants to donate money to the Milton District Hospital Foundation through the donate now button. All proceeds collected by Run for Milton will be forwarded to the Milton District Hospital Foundation. A registered charity founded in 1980, Milton District Hospital Foundation (MDHF) works to raise funds for Milton District Hospital (MDH), site of Halton Healthcare Services (HHS). As the government does not provide all the funding for hospital equipment needs, MDHF raises funds to help purchase essential medical equipment and improve the facilities through annual fundraising initiatives, community events, and a combination of various other programs.

Over the years MDHF has developed a strong tradition of community support to ensure the people of Milton have access to quality healthcare close to home. You can help to meet the healthcare needs of tomorrow by participating today. MDHF most gratefully acknowledges all those who continue their generous support through individual, community or corporate partnerships with MDHF to benefit the hospital.

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Jun21 Anonymous CA$25.00
May15 Susan Dumencu CA$200.00