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Nearly half of Borgata’s workforce gone

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to inflict its toll on the United States gaming industry, this time in Atlantic City, as MGM Resorts International has announced that it has laid off 2,295 employees of the Borgata Hotel Casino. The employment terminations took effect on Monday, August 31.

42.5% of the Borgata’s workforce

The layoffs represent 42.5% of the Borgata’s workforce, leaving the luxury gambling resort with 3,100 people remaining on staff. In a Friday letter, MGM president and CEO Bill Hornbuckle said that if industry conditions improve, the company would like to rehire as many people that were laid off as possible.


Atlantic City casinos were permitted to reopen July 2, but New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy made a last-minute announcement that indoor dining would still be prohibited. As a result, the Borgata decided to delay its reopening, saying that “guests expect a special experience” and if the resort couldn’t offer that, the best decision was to remain closed. It finally opened three weeks later, even though indoor dining still was not permitted.

Indoor dining will finally be allowed in the Garden State this coming Friday. Many of the workers who lost their jobs were in non-gaming positions like dining and other hotel services; the closure of many indoor amenities has limited the number of people who have been able to return to work.

18,000 layoffs at MGM in US

The Borgata layoffs are part of a larger wave of job losses at MGM Resorts International. On Friday, the company announced 18,000 layoffs across the United States.

“Nothing pains me more than delivering news like this,” said Hornbuckle in a letter to employees.

New slots at borgata

“These decisions are never made lightly, and we deeply regret the hardship it will place on these individuals and their families,” he added.

Many MGM employees still remain furloughed, rather than permanently separated from the company. They will continue to receive health benefits through this month. Those who are hired back to their previous positions by the end of the year will retain their seniority.

Borgata in middle of lawsuit

The Borgata has also been in the news in the last few days because of the loss of two employees, but not as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The casino has filed a lawsuit against Atlantic City competitor Ocean Casino Resort for allegedly “poaching” six key staff members, accusing Ocean of intentionally doing so to “cripple” the Borgata’s business.

customers contributed a minimum of $25m to the Borgata’s bottom line

The primary focus is on William Callahan and Kelly Ashman Burke. Callahan, hired in late July, was tasked with handling Borgata high rollers who would spend between $1.5m and $4.5m per visit. His customers contributed a minimum of $25m to the Borgata’s bottom line each year. Even as recently as a week ago, Callahan allegedly refused to return his company phone to his former employer, which may contain important information and contact information for high rollers.

The Borgata claims that its former executives’ employment by a direct competitor violates their non-competition agreements. At least two of the executives, the MGM casino says, broke the agreement by signing on with Ocean within a year of leaving the Borgata.

You have to figure that one of the great tech jobs available today is coming up with themes for modern slot machines. Today’s slots are graphic heavy with computer and video screens, cool bonus rounds and full system audio.

New slots at borgata atlantic cityNew slots at borgata

It’s got to make the old-school guy who thought of bells and cherries a little jealous.

For example, consider these new slots that have debuted at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa from Aristocrat games – Rhino Charge, Reel Sweet Stacks and Rich, Rich Chocolate. Even the titles of these games make you want to play.

New Slots At Borgata Atlantic City

Of course, slots designers have to keep up with you, the player, and provide new and exciting twists for your slot play. That’s why we’ve hooked up with a creative company like Aristocrat.

New Slots At Borgata 2019

Taking Rhino Charge, for example. This hard hitting video slot is based on one of nature’s most magnificent and powerful creatures and spinners can hope for some magnificent and powerful wins thanks to a wide variety of different bonus games. The game features Dynamic Reels, a new concept where there are multiple sets of reel strips with stacked symbols that are randomly inserted each spin, creating more ways for players to win.

Players also have the chance to win up to 450 free games; they can play out the free games, play a Super Free Games feature or take a credit prize.

New Slots At Borgata

In other words, you get to choose what type of bonus you want.

New Slots At Borgata

Free Games – Play the number of free games won. 8, 10 or 15 free games are awarded for every 3, 4 or 5 of a kind <RHINO> win respectively during free games.

Super Free Games – Play a reduced number of free games (as shown on screen) with larger stacks. 8, 10 or 15 super free games are awarded for every 3, 4 or 5 of a kind <RHINO> win respectively during super free games.

Bonus Prize – Forfeit the free games and receive a credit prize. The credit prize can be any amount between the minimum and the maximum (inclusive) as shown on the screen. The credit prize is between 5 and 225 credits for each free game won, multiplied by the bet multiplier.

Real Sweet Stacks and Rich, Rich Chocolate include:

  • Frequent Jackpot Wins – With a 20 credit ante bet built in to the game and 30% of the RTP designated for jackpots, the Sugar Hit Jackpots family offers frequent jackpot wins.
  • New Animation Feature – Sugar Hit Jackpot also offers a 2D or 3D option which creates an enhanced experience for the player.
  • Sugar Fairy – The Sugar Fairy character drives anticipation by offering some type of big win, jackpots or special events within the game, every time she appears.

Charging rhinos and Sugar Fairies. All three of these new games are already adding to the excitement of Borgata Slots.

What will they think of next?

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