Peter Griffin Craps His Pants At Work

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Peter Griffin Craps His Pants At Work

With a white button-down shirt, a pair of green pants, round glasses and his spot-on vocal work, Franzese can transform from everyday guy into something right out of a 'Family Guy' episode. Peter Griffin: Must - kill - Lincoln. Who craps inside his pants. Stewie How dare you. Like that new hot chick at work. Tech Guides CUPS Command Reference. Show Printing System Statuslpstat -t Show Queue Statuslpq -Plaser101 Create a PostScript Laser Printer Queuelpadmin -p office-printer-1 -v lpd://office-printer-1/lp -m postscript.ppd.gz -E Create a JetDirect Socket Queuelpadmin -p office-printer-1. Family Guy Peter Griffin poops his pants - which episode? What is the name of the episode of Family Guy where Peter Griffin poops his pants randomly several times and says 'uh-ohhh!' I think one of those occasions was when he was at dinner. 'Holy crap, Lois,' Peter Griffin said to Lois Griffin as they were sitting on their couch. 'This reminds me of the time-' Lois farted loudly as her eyes widened in shock, blushing. 'I think I just crapped my pants!' 'Hey, farting is my shtick!' Peter growled as he pulled out a rifle from his green pants, shooting up Lois as he was pissed.

'Mom's the Word'
Family Guy episode
Episode no.Season 12
Episode 12
Directed byJohn Holmquist
Written byTed Jessup
Production codeBACX11
Original air dateMarch 9, 2014
Guest appearance(s)

Lauren Bacall as Evelyn
Carrie Fisher as Angela
Ariana Grande as Italian Daughter[1]

Episode chronology
'Brian's a Bad Father'
'3 Acts of God'
Family Guy (season 12)
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'Mom's the Word' is the twelfth episode of the twelfth season of the animatedcomedy seriesFamily Guy and the 222nd episode overall. It aired on Fox in the United States on March 9, 2014, and is directed by John Holmquist and written by Ted Jessup.[2] In the episode Peter's mother, Thelma Griffin, dies of a stroke. After the funeral, Thelma's friend Evelyn arrives to support Peter, but ends up kissing him. The episode marked Lauren Bacall's final television role.


Lois gives Peter grief for eating an entire tube of raw cookie dough (which Peter thought was a sausage with raisins). At the Pawtucket Brewery, Peter is bored while sitting through a meeting until his stomach starts to give him trouble (as a result of the raw cookie dough and a taco he found in the parking lot) and he soils himself trying to get to the restroom while evading various people. When in the restroom, Peter is washing his pants with the toilet water. Depressed and exhausted following that incident, Peter (while wearing his shirt as pants) comes home from work to find his friends and family gathered in the living room. After a rant where he thought the incident at work had leaked out to Quahog, Lois tells him that they didn't find out about the incident and explains they found out his mother, Thelma, died of a stroke. After the service, a woman named Evelyn approaches Peter and tells him she was Thelma's closest friend and the two connect after she tells him about her husband, Walter, dying some time ago. The two begin spending much time together and Peter begins seeing her as a surrogate mother.

Peter takes Evelyn to the bar and introduces her to Joe and Quagmire. When they leave upon being obviously disturbed by her (it was also shown that Joe was saving his one time regained walking ability given to him by God for Susie's wedding as he abandons his wheelchair), Evelyn attempts to seduce Peter by kissing him. Later that night, Peter tells Lois what happened and she suggests Peter talk to Evelyn. When he confronts her, Evelyn lies and says her medicine made her act in an uncharacteristic way and the two become friends again. After spending more time with her, Peter realizes she was lying as she continues making advances towards him and immediately ends the friendship. The next day, he visits his mother's grave, where he sees Evelyn. Evelyn apologizes to Peter and explains that Peter's the first man to pay any real attention since her husband died, and she had taken advantage of that fact. Upon hearing this, Peter realizes that what happened between him and Evelyn was also partially his fault—due to missing his mom so much, he had looked to Evelyn as a replacement. Peter and Evelyn reconcile, but while they hug, Peter accidentally cracks Evelyn's spine, thus killing her. He places Evelyn on a nearby bench and immediately leaves her for the groundskeeper to handle.

Meanwhile, Stewie develops a fear of death after Brian explains to him at Thelma's funeral that everyone is going to die at some point, including Stewie himself. Brian attempts to console him by seeking out several religions and showing Stewie their beliefs on the afterlife like visiting a Jewish temple, the Quahog Buddhists Temple, and a Catholic church. Stewie is unsatisfied (even after reading several religious texts) and asks Brian what he believes happens after death. Brian, despite the fact he went to Heaven in Stu and Stewie's Excellent Adventure and has also met Jesus Christ in person multiple times, believes that nothing happens after someone dies (reflecting his atheist views). This leads Stewie to believe that life isn't really worth living, and he then makes several unsuccessful attempts to commit suicide: 1.) He tries hanging himself but fails due his head being too big, 2.) He tries to coerce Joe into shooting him by pretending to be an armed robber, but fails due to Joe also wanting to commit suicide and tries coercing Stewie into shooting him, and 3.) He tries the 'toaster in the bathtub' trick, which gives him toast-making superpowers. During his final attempt by jumping out the window, he's stopped by Brian, who tells him that no one truly knows what happens after death and that he should seek out his reason to live. Stewie tells Brian that he has always wanted to be a singer-songwriter, but when he is about to sing to him, Brian just gives him a gun and tells Stewie to kill himself.

Peter Griffin Craps His Pants At Work Against


Eric Thurm of The A.V. Club gave the episode a C+, saying 'The good parts of 'Mom's The Word' are more than outweighed by how tonally inconsistent it’s almost impossible to pay attention to the episode as a whole, especially when the episode attempts to do something a bit weightier than the show’s normal outings.' Thurm did however praise the sub-plot, saying, 'the better plot spinning off is the Brian and Stewie B-plot (surprise, surprise).'[3]

The episode received a 2.2 rating in the 18- to 49-year-old demographic and was watched by a total of 4.56 million people. This made it the most watched show on Animation Domination that night, beating Bob's Burgers and two episodes of The Simpsons.[4]


Peter Griffin Craps His Pants At Work Boots


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