Poker Mtt Meaning

MTT is short for “Multi-Table Tournament.” These are like single table tournaments but with a lot more people playing on far more tables. As your stack increases (or dwindles), you will be moved table as people are knocked out. This means MTT players need way more patience than cash games who can their profitability each hour (BB/hr). Large multi-table tournaments such as the UB Sunday $200k Gtd (950 opponents on average) can require several hours of concentration and consistent performance. This makes the mental and physical side of tournaments much greater. MTT What Does It Mean in Poker? MTT stands for Multi-Table Tournament, which is a poker tournament with players filling multiple tables, as opposed to single table tournaments/sit & gos. The World Series of Poker Main Event is perhaps the most famous multi-table tournament in the world. PioSOLVER is a very fast GTO solver for Holdem. It handles postflop spots with arbitrary starting ranges, stack sizes, bet sizes as well as desired accuracy. It's the first in a new generation of tools moving poker from a game based mainly on intuition to a game based on analysis and math. The Poker Ranges You’ll Need. Here are the ranges that you’ll have to devise for the current stakes and games you play: Opening Ranges – Know what hands you’ll open in various positions (cash and MTT/SNG) as well as at different levels of the MTT/SNG (Early Stages, Mid-Stages, Late Stages).

Bear in mind that in choosing to play MTT Poker exclusively you are opting for the highest variant form of poker that exists, and it’s not even close. There are ways to manage our relationship with the peaks and troughs of variance, our reactions to bad beats and the like, which I touched on in my last post. There are ways to manage the variance itself as well, to lower it if we wish to.

It’s important first to understand two things - firstly what variance actually is and secondly what we ourselves actually want or need from poker, this will all help us to make good choices.

Ironing out the Numbers

If you play a tournament of a thousand people, and you’re of average ability for that field of players, you’ll win it outright once in every thousand times you play. If you have a decent skill edge on the field, you’ll win it perhaps once every nine hundred times you play. In one tournament luck plays a profound and dominant role – in 10,000 tournaments it plays an extremely minimal role. It takes many thousands of games to iron out the luck element in these games, simply due to the enormous field sizes.

The Draw

MTTs are not for everyone. They take many hours of endurance and sheer time commitment, and the swings and close calls can be cruelly punishing for even the most congenial and relaxed of personalities. For some people myself included, they possess a curious fascination which cash games lack, due to several of their unique design features.

The first of these is the dynamic nature of MTT tournaments, in which your working stack will shift from anywhere between three hundred down to under five big blinds at different stages of a tournament, where our opponents ranges will likewise shift depending on effective stacks, the stage and buy-in of the tournament, and other structural aspects such as whether the game is a re-buy or a freezeout, a knockout or a shootout.

The very nature of a tournament was always a big draw for me – a game which plays down from thousands of entrants to a single winner, the thrill of reaching and playing that final table. MTTs held my interest in a way which cash games never managed to, although I admire the skill of deep stack cash players and do intend to study cash in the future myself.

Cash games can be dipped in and out of, in MTTs we strap in for a session of perhaps six to twenty hours and burn through the tables all day or all night. I personally have chosen to grind MTTs alongside an active family life with my young daughter and a home-based job writing and teaching / coaching. I choose to limit my full MTT sessions to 3-4 week at the moment, so as to have a good balance with everything else going on in my life. This does mean I am more at the mercy of variance than some high volume grinders, especially as I play a decent proportion of my games on Sundays, when the fields are at their softest and hugest.

A Tough Call

MTT Poker is not a game choice which makes sense for all players. They are not made for those with a volatile temperament, as emotions and energies are stored up and expended over many hours, and critical pots can be lost on a flip of a bad card which took half a day of hard-thought concentration and good decisions to build up. Pressure points can be pretty demanding in these kinds of spots, and it’s no picnic. But if you can take it in your stride and laugh it off, more power to you – you just might be made for MTTs.


These are not a game choice for anyone requiring a weekly or monthly “nut” of income from poker. You will have hot and cold months, and hot and cold quarters playing large field MTTs. The best in the world have losing years, but this shouldn’t be so much the case for a good small or mid stakes player. A losing spread of some months is still very standard though, or of a couple thousand games.

I am ready to take my poker game to the next level!


Controlling the Variance Swings

If you do want to play MTTs yet control the swings, there are ways to do it. You can try to keep your AFS (average field size) under 1000 players, for example. This will mean skipping out on some of the best value events of the week, so there is a variance / value play-off to be considered here. Especially if grinding the micros this can be a tough thing to achieve as many of these have mammoth fields. Aleksey calls it grinding out in the trenches and I remember why!


Mtt Meaning In Poker

You can also skip out on the tougher games where you feel your expected ROI (return on investment) is thin – remember there’s a relationship between expected ROI and variance – if you expect 30% ROI from a certain game / buy-in level, rather than 10%, you’ll be able to weather the buffets of variance’s fortune and the swell of the swings that much more easily.

You can also balance those big games with capped fields, 180-mans or smaller sit and go’s. But do bear in mind that it’s a choice - whether you wish or need to lower variance in your game selection really depends on your bankroll, your character and also your needs or wishes in poker. If you want a more regular income, less stress about the swings of fortune, or you just want to use a more liberal poker bankroll strategy – lower variance is your friend. If you want to play maximum value, maximum variance and don’t mind about the swings you can embrace variance and take the ride.

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Poker Mtt Meaning

Poker Mtt Meaning

Welcome to Confused by some of the poker terminology and lingo? This site is here to help you better understand the talk from opponents. You can find some of the best places to play at, but before you can master the game, you need to get familiar with all the poker terms and poker slang used by Texas Holdem players, both online and live.

Chances are if you’re an online poker player then you’ve heard of online poker sites that allow visitors to play anywhere and anytime you want. Every poker player should take advantage of the free money being given to you, as it will provide a healthy boost to your online poker bankroll which will no doubt come in handy while you’re still learning the game.

This page is a dictionary and glossary of 280+ poker terms and acronyms and counting. If you want to know what was meant by a “three-bet”, “continuation bet”, “donkey”, “squeeze play” or any other expressions used by the global poker playing community, you should browse through the poker dictionary below. Definitions include cross-links, real world examples, and related terms to help you dig deeper into the language of poker. Knowing the main poker terms will make analyzing and discussing poker hands with your friends a much easier task.

Poker Mtt Meaning Definition

Glossary of Poker Terms: Alphabetical Listing

Poker Mtt Meaning Dictionary

  • 6-Max
  • ABC Poker
  • Ace High
  • Ace Rag
  • Action
  • Active Player
  • Add-on
  • Air
  • All In
  • Alligator Blood
  • Angle Shooting
  • Ante
  • ATM
  • Avatar
  • Baby Flush
  • Backdoor
  • Bad Beat
  • Bad Beat Jackpot
  • Badugi
  • Bankroll
  • Barrel
  • BB
  • Bet the Pot
  • Betting Line
  • Betting Pattern
  • Big Bet Poker
  • Big Blind Special
  • Big Pair
  • Big Slick
  • Bitcoin Poker
  • Black Friday
  • Blind
  • Blind Stealing
  • Blocker
  • Blocking Bet
  • Bluff
  • Bluff Catcher
  • Board
  • Bonus Rollover
  • Bonus Whoring
  • Bottom Pair
  • Bounty
  • Brick
  • BRM
  • Broadway Card
  • Bubble
  • Bum Hunting
  • Burn Card
  • Button
  • Buy-In
  • BvB
  • BWCT
  • Call
  • Calling Station
  • Cap
  • Caribbean Stud Poker
  • Cash Game
  • Chase
  • Chat Box
  • Check
  • Check Fold
  • Check in the Dark
  • Check Raise
  • Chip Dumping
  • Chip Leader
  • Coffee Housing
  • Cold Deck
  • Collusion
  • Combo Draw
  • Community Card
  • Computer Hand
  • Continuation Bet
  • Cooler
  • Counterfeiting
  • Cutoff
  • Dead Man’s Hand
  • Dead Money
  • Deal It Twice
  • Dealer
  • Dominated
  • Donk Bet
  • Donkey
  • Double Belly Buster
  • Double Or Nothing
  • Doyle Brunson
  • Draw
  • Draw Poker
  • Drawing Dead
  • Dry Board
  • Early Position
  • Effective Stack
  • EP
  • EPT
  • Equity
  • EV
  • Face Card
  • Face Up
  • Fast Play
  • Final Table
  • Fish
  • Fit or Fold
  • Five of a Kind
  • Float Play
  • Flop
  • Flush
  • Flush Draw
  • Fold
  • Fold Equity
  • Four of a Kind
  • Four-Bet
  • FPS
  • Free Card
  • Freeroll
  • Full House
  • Gambler’s Fallacy
  • Garbage Hand
  • Grinder
  • GTD
  • Gutshot
  • Hand History
  • Hand Odds
  • Hand-for-Hand
  • Heads-Up Poker
  • Heater
  • Hero Call
  • High Card
  • High Stakes Poker
  • Hit and Run
  • Holdem
  • Home Game
  • HU4Rollz
  • HUD
  • ICM
  • Implied Odds
  • Inducing
  • IP
  • Isolation Play
  • ITM
  • Jacks or Better
  • Kicker
  • LAG
  • Late Position
  • Lead
  • Let It Ride Poker
  • Levelling
  • Limit Poker
  • Limp
  • LP
  • Main Pot
  • Maniac
  • Metagame
  • Micro Stakes
  • Middle Pair
  • Middle Position
  • Misclick
  • MP
  • MTT
  • Muck
  • Multi-Accounting
  • Multi-Tabling
  • Nit
  • Nitroll
  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Nosebleeds
  • Nuts
  • Omaha
  • Omaha Hi/Lo
  • One Pair
  • OOP
  • Open Raise
  • Orbit
  • Outs
  • Overbet
  • Overcall
  • Overcard
  • Overlay
  • Overlimp
  • Overrolled
  • Pai Gow Poker
  • Payout Structure
  • PFR
  • Pineapple Poker
  • PLO
  • Pocket Pair
  • Poker Bot
  • Poker Etiquette
  • Poker Face
  • PokerStove
  • PokerTracker
  • Position
  • Postflop
  • Pot Committed
  • Pot Limit Omaha
  • Pot Odds
  • Preflop
  • Preflop Aggressor
  • Protect
  • Rabbit Hunting
  • Rack
  • Ragged
  • Railbird
  • Rainbow Flop
  • Rake
  • Rakeback
  • Range Merging
  • Rank
  • Re-Buy
  • Results Oriented Thinking
  • Ring Game
  • River
  • RNG
  • Royal Flush
  • Runner Runner
  • Satellite
  • SB
  • Scare Card
  • Semi-Bluff
  • Set
  • Shark
  • Shootout
  • Short Stack
  • Short-Handed
  • Showdown
  • Side Pot
  • Sit and Go
  • Sitting Out
  • Slow Play
  • Slowroll
  • Small Ball Poker
  • Snapcall
  • Speed Poker
  • Spew
  • Spin and Go
  • Splash The Pot
  • Split
  • SPR
  • Squeeze Play
  • Stake
  • Staking
  • Starting Hand
  • Steps Tournaments
  • Stone Cold Bluff
  • Straddle
  • Straight
  • Straight Draw
  • Straight Flush
  • String Bet
  • Strip Poker
  • STT
  • Stud Poker
  • Suckout
  • Suited
  • Suited Connectors
  • Super Satellite
  • TAG
  • Tanking
  • Tapping the Glass
  • Tell
  • Three Card Poker
  • Three of a Kind
  • Three-Bet
  • Three-Bet Light
  • Tilt
  • Time Bank
  • Top Pair
  • Top Two
  • Tournament
  • Tournament Director
  • TPTK
  • Turbo
  • Turn
  • Two Pair
  • Underrolled
  • UTG
  • Value Bet
  • Variance
  • Verbal
  • Video Poker
  • VPIP
  • Wait for Big Blind
  • Walk
  • WAWB
  • Weak
  • Wet Board
  • Wild Card
  • Winrate
  • WPT
  • Wrap
  • WSOP

I hope you can put this poker lingo to good use in both speaking to other poker players, and understanding different aspects of the game. Poker lingo is an important tool in helping you to understand what advice others are giving. Additionally, if the other players at the table realize that you are not familiar with the poker terms then they might gauge that you are a new player.

Man can’t survive on poker lingo alone though, so please continue on through this website, and learn more about Texas Hold’em and other poker variants. If you have any questions or would like to submit a phrase request for a poker term that you are not familiar with and is not already on our site, please contact us at info @ – New poker terms and acronyms are added to our site all the time, so check back often!