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Alabama is one of the barest states in the US for poker enthusiasts. The only way for poker players to play poker legally in Alabama is to take part in a home poker game. The state does not offer any other legalized live poker options for its residents. While that is sad news there is a bright online poker rooms for Alabama residents which will be explored further down this page. is devoted to talking about poker laws within the state of Alabama besides sharing expert opinions on why it is legal and certain safe for Alabama residents to play real money poker at online poker sites located outside of Alabama's + the United States' borders. Finally, if you're still in the market after reading what we have to say, we have also listed out a few of the better options that will ensure a top notch experience that will make players want to keep coming back!

Alabama Poker Laws & Statutes

Alabama has a set of strict gambling laws, designed especially to eliminate and penalize operators of illegal gambling establishments within the state’s jurisdiction. The state has imposed restrictions on almost all forms of gambling, although it has permitted a few Indian casinos to operate within its limits. The state also does not have anything against social games as long as they are non-profit games are conducted in the cozy comforts of private places.

If players play poker games for real money in an unregulated, unapproved, and unlicensed environment, they stand guilty of a Class C misdemeanor. Section 13-A-12-21 clearly states that simple gambling is a misdemeanor, but promoting gambling by organizing illegal games is a serious crime; it is a Class A misdemeanor.

Home poker games are perfectly legal in Alabama provided they fit into the state’s definition of “social gambling.” According to the law, social gambling is the act of playing social games in private places. If a player is caught playing real money poker in Alabama, he/she can defend him/herself by saying that he/she was only playing a social game at a friend’s house. A game is considered to be a social game only if it was not advertised and nobody makes a profit out of organizing it.

Is it Legal to Play Online Poker in Alabama?


Alabama does not have any laws that specifically make it illegal for players to play online poker games for real money. No part of Alabama’s law clearly states that it is against the law for residents to register for real money at offshore online poker rooms and play online poker for real money. But residents should remember that existing gambling laws in Alabama are likely to apply to online gambling too.

So far, the state has not prosecuted any of its residents for playing real money poker online. However, the state is definitely against operators running unlicensed and unapproved online poker businesses in its jurisdiction. According to Section 13A-12-50, maintaining wires, signals, bells, and others to communicate with gambling venues is a felony, and the guilty person can get a prison term of up to 5 years. Will I Get into Trouble for Playing Online Poker in Alabama?

Can I Get into Trouble for Playing Online Poker Alabama?

It is impossible for a resident of Alabama to get into trouble with the state’s law-enforcement agencies just because he/she plays real money poker online. Players simply have to steer clear of illegal online poker rooms, if any, operating within Alabama. Since the state has not legalized online poker, it is in no position to license and regulate online poker businesses and anybody running an online poker site in Alabama is doing so in violation of the state’s gambling laws.

Offshore online poker sites accepting Alabama residents, however, are not violating the state’s laws because they are not based in Alabama. The online poker sites we have mentioned on this page are licensed and regulated in offshore gambling jurisdictions. Alabama has absolutely no power over them because they do not come within the state’s jurisdiction. It is safe and legal for Alabama residents to sign up for real money poker play at any of the online poker rooms we have mentioned here.

Legal Poker Sites That Accept Alabama Players

For residents of Alabama where there are no legal poker rooms, poker can feel like a far and distant hobby. This does not have to be the case. Many legal online poker sites can not only offer a means to play poker for US citizens without access to a poker room, but can often be stronger alternatives. The listings below should help and prospective poker players find a home for their hobby in no time.

Bovada Poker - Most Trusted Online Poker Room For Alabama


In the industry of legal online poker rooms, one name stands clearly head and shoulders above the rest. The Bovada online poker room long has stood as a symbol for both quality and legitimacy for over 20 years, and nothing should be changing around that at any point in the near future. Bovada offers hundreds of options for different ways to play, from high stakes tournaments to lower stakes hands at rotating tables, Bovada should cover all poker needs for residents of Alabama.

In order to prove just how devoted Bovada is to not only luring new clients, but keeping them satisfied, consider their deal for new users. Upon the creation of a new Bovada account once money is deposited, new players will find that not only are they able to play with all the money they have funded into their account, but that they are also eligible to receive a full 100% of their deposit back in free bonus money to use anywhere in the Bovada poker room. New users should check the promotions section of the site for details, but suffice to say, this is a deal without equal in the poker industry, online or otherwise.

BetOnline Poker - All Alabama Players 18+ Welcome Here

Another legal poker site Alabama residents are flocking to in droves is BetOnline. This legal poker room taking Alabama residents has worked hard over the past decade to cement its reputation as one of the foremost, customer friendly legal online poker rooms in the business. As account holders, players never have to worry about having a question that will go unanswered as they will be backed all times by the 24/7 customer support team at this legal online poker room. Whether clients prefer to chat via email, live chat or the phone lines running all day for customer support, help is never far away.

The best part for Alabama residents using BetOnline poker room is the fast methods available for withdrawal. No other poker room available online is capable of turning winning from the poker room into a check to deposit into your bank quite as fast as these guys. As one of the only poker sites to offer overnight services for payout checks, BetOnline members should have a wide grin on their faces as their money comes rolling in.

Legal Alabama Poker SitesWelcome BonusWhat To PlaySite Rating
Bovada Poker Play / Sign Up$1,000 FREE - 100% Match Hold'em - Omaha Hi/Lo - Stud Hi/Lo
BetOnline Poker Play / Sign UpMaximum $1K: 200% RateTexas Hold'em - Omaha Hi/Lo
SportsBetting Play / Sign Up200% Match / $1,000 MaxTexas Hold'em - Omaha Hi/Lo
5Dimes Poker Play / Sign UpVary Weekly - Check WebsiteTexas Hold'em - Omaha Hi/Lo

Does Alabama Have Legal Land-Based Poker?

Playing poker is legal in Alabama if a state-approved and state-licensed gambling facility offers poker games for real money. Currently, no licensed gambling establishment in Alabama offers live poker games for real money. The only way for players to play poker legally is to take part in a home poker game.

Alabama considers poker to be a game of chance. The state does not give any importance to arguments that poker is a game of skill and strategy. Playing poker for real money is therefore illegal unless done in state-regulated environments.

Legal Land-Based Poker Rooms For Alabama Players

Currently, Alabama does not offer any licensed and regulated poker gambling facility for its residents. The state is home to a handful of Indian casinos, but none of them run live poker games for real money. As mentioned above, the only way for Alabama residents to get a legal game of poker is to organize and take part in home poker games.

Alternatively, players can sign up at offshore online poker sites that accept Alabama residents. It is safe and legal for players to play online poker for real money at offshore online poker rooms because they are licensed and regulated and give great importance to issues such as responsible gambling, customer care, and fair play. Alabama residents can play real money poker legally at any of the online poker sites we have mentioned on this page.

Future of Poker/Online Poker in Alabama

While neighboring states are making serious attempts to pass online poker laws, Alabama is least bothered. The state, being naturally averse to online gambling, is not interested in legalizing online poker right now. No lawmaker in Alabama has proposed an online poker bill so far.

Poker Room Montgomery Al Homes For Sale

There are also opinions that the state might resist even federal attempts to legalize online poker. Naturally, federal online poker bills will include opt-out provisions for states and Alabama is likely to be one of those states that might choose to opt-out of legalizing online poker in its jurisdiction. But some experts are of the opinion that Alabama will ultimately legalize online poker; it is just a matter of time.