Poker Tournament Dunedin

This month we are glad to introduce you our NZ Casino Reviews. Next in line is Dunedin casino, which has also impressed our gambling experts.

The Tournaments Currently Pro Poker is running at Heffs Sports Bar. Supporting this venues is the only way we can continue to run Pro Poker, so get along and play at your local pub, buy a drink, have a feed and play some poker. The way that poker has become a part of mainstream life over the last twenty years or so is remarkable. Once a fairly disreputable pastime, poker is now considered a legitimate sport, with the World Series of Poker and associated tournaments attracting worldwide attention and enormous media coverage, and big winners on the poker tour become international celebrities.

First look

Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club, Manurewa, Auckland. Tue 15 Dec 6:30pm / Poker. The Texas Holdem section meets every Tuesdays for a great night of social, fun, competitive play on the mezzanine end of the club, by the.

The Dunedin Casino welcomes you with open arms. If you are a keen gambler, you must not miss the famous Dunedin Casino which offers a number of slot machines, games, and the entertainment does not end here. When you visit the destination, you feel like you have stepped into another world. It feels unreal, but you have the best time of your life! Here is a post which will cover everything you need to know about the casino. We shall cover everything about the hotels near Dunedin and the best restaurants Dunedin.

Wide Range of Games and Never-Ending Entertainment

Travelling to New Zealand? Looking for a place to relax and win some money? Look no further because Dunedin is one the best! It has a lot to offer to the visitors. There are 12 gaming tables and 180 gaming machines. The technology is highly advanced, and you would get the best of both worlds! The games you can play here are:

  • Poker – live action poker games
  • Baccarat – High roller game for keen gamblers
  • Blackjack – The most popular game in the world!
  • Roulette – American Roulette is popular all over the world.
  • Electronic gaming – A wide variety of enthusiastic gamblers!

It is a stand-alone casino in New Zealand which does not need an introduction. It is open all 7 days of the week! Why would you visit Las Vegas for gambling? If you are living close to NZ, you may visit this place! It is perfect for high rollers as well as low rollers. If you do not wish to play, you can do other activities such as eat the most happening café at the property.
⭐️Our rating: 9,6/10.

Food for thought

If you are hungry, you can catch a bite at Dunedin Casino’s Grand Bar. There is an extensive menu (a-la-carte). The old-fashioned Steak would be the perfect fix for your hunger pangs. The price of the food is decent, and we give it full points in terms of deliciousness. You need to have a great appetite because there is something special for you for desserts!
Do not miss out the Fish and Chip Fridays. The Panko chicken is easy in the pockets. Both the dishes are served with perfect French fries and the yummiest dip. The customers loved the service and ambiance of the restaurant. You can enjoy a fulfilling dinner here! The food at the café is lip-smacking!
⭐️Our rating: 8,8/10.

Where to stay?

If you do not wish to miss out on all the fun, you must stay at one of the properties that we have mentioned in this section. How about living in the casino? It sounds like a brilliant idea! Scenic Hotel Southern Cross is one of the best Dunedin accommodations. Enjoy the finest breakfast Dunedin at this property! The casino is located within the hotel which means you would never miss the happening events and great food! The facilities offered by the hotel are top-notch! If you want a comfortable stay, this should be your den!
Law Courts Hotel is another option! There are budget accommodations, for example, Motel in York, Chapel Apartments, The Brothers Boutique Hotel, and many more. It is easy on the pockets, and you do not have to worry too much about additional costs. The meals are inexpensive, and the hotel rooms are reasonable as well. These hotels have been rated the best on Tripadvisor Dunedin. You can check the ratings before you book the room. It is always wise to check reviews and compare price online on Tripadvisor.
If there are rooms available in Scenic Hotel Southern Cross, then you must choose it!
⭐️Our rating: 9,2/10.

What’s ON?

Never miss the events at the casino! When you are here, you should always check out the schedule on their official webpage. You would always get the latest news about the events. There are weekly poker tournaments which are highly exciting! The fun never ends here. There are other events which take place. You can enjoy the bus tour and Triple Tuesdays.
⭐️Our rating: 9,2/10.


The Dunedin Casinos Charitable Trust has granted a total of $62,900 to 45 recipients in 2019. Major recipients include the Cancer Society and Otago Community Hospice through to Community Kindergartens, sport and recreation organizations, performing arts and volunteer groups.

Things You Need To Know:

Dress to impress

You must be in neat and smart attire! The property takes the dress code criteria seriously. Do not enter the property in flip-flops as you may not be allowed!

Follow the Rules

Your money is safe here! The team does not allow abusive and intoxicated individuals inside the property. Your identification proof is required to enter the property! The rules of the game would be instructed before you start playing!
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Our Summary

In a nutshell, you would have the best time here. Don’t forget to check out the best Dunedin attractions such as the Tunnel beach and Otago Museum. Once you are done with the sightseeing part, you must visit the casino and enjoy gambling. Don’t forget to catch a meal at the café. It has a lot to offer you!




Open Daily 11am - 3am



118 High st, Dunedin, New Zealand

Getting Started


Keep an eye out on our Dunedin Caino Poker Facebook page for up and coming tournaments.

The aim

The aim of the game is for one player to beat all the other players and win the combined wagers or pot, by using their best five-card poker hand. This is achieved by showing either the highest-ranking hand at the showdown or a superior playing strategy (bluffing).

The wagers

Poker Tournament Dunedin

One hand of Poker consists of an initial deal and/or community cards, card draws and a number of betting rounds, depending on the game being played. In each round players bet against each other’s hands.

The round

A player may choose to withdraw from any round of play in poker if they don’t think their cards are good enough – this is known as ‘folding’. By doing so you need not contribute further to the pot but instead forfeit all claim to the pot.

The commission

When you play poker at Dunedin Casino, the role of the Casino is simply one of host. We provide a Dealer, the necessary equipment and a safe, controlled environment. In return for these services, the Casino takes a small amount from the pot at the end of each round of play or during the course of a hand.

Buying In

To play in a cash game, you will need to be seated by a supervisor. If the games are full they will put your name on a list until a seat is available. Once your seat is ready you will now need to buy in for the minimum buy-in amount posted on the table for that particular game. The Dealer will ensure you have the correct amount. You will not be permitted to sit down without at least the minimum buy-in.

Playing The Game

Now that you are seated with your chips, you’ll want the dealer to deal you in. You can usually start playing straight away by posting the big blind, or you can wait until you are required to post.
If you have any questions, please ask the dealer or any of our poker staff.

Cashing Out

Poker Tournament Dunedin 2020

When you’ve finished playing a cash game, give your chips to the dealer to colour up to larger chips, or you can take them with you. They can be used on other gaming tables or changed back into cash at the cash desk.